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    Bank rumor

    i dont bother my bank with this investment...they charge me too much for my business account so they wont see me come rv time....or my money
  2. EXACTLY........i think he needs to adjust his tin foil hat to get better reception from the planet this info is coming from
  3. AndieZ1 (Jonnywg Update): 3S’s 2/13/12 February 13th, 2012 10:48 am · Posted in DOOZIES 9:10 AM CST [jonnywg] WELL GROUP I AM FULLY EXPECTING THE CBI TO POST A NEW RATE BY MIDNIGHT …….. I AM EXPECTING LOTS OF INFO FROM IRAQ ……. I AM EXPECTING THIS DAY TO TELL US EXACTLY WHERE WE STAND[jda] Their midnight or ours? [jonnywg] jda – MIDNIGHT SOMEWHERE [shalala] Do you expect the new rate to be THE rate, RV’d rate? Thanks [jonnywg] shalala – ANY RATE CHANGE IS AN RV [aussiesue] Thank you 11.20 in Oz. I am going to bed soon, too many late nights. I hope I wake to good news [jonnywg] aussiesue HOPE TO BE THERE NEXT WEEK …… POST RV [rjg] So you think CBI first? [jonnywg] rjg – NO, IT COULD BE BANKS 1ST – WHO CARES? [kalki1] jonnywg There is no Erbil…no GOI no RV….where do you come up with midnight? …you had 24 hours yesterday …did you extend that? [kalki1] tenenbaums All I know is no rv…we have heard bells whistles, 24 hrs windows…asn NSA shut downs…on and on….What’s constant?…no Erbil no GOI no rv…thats what I see…jwg does not respond so be it [jonnywg] KALKI 1 – BY THE WAY I AM STILL WAITING FOR THIS THIS AM …. THERE ARE NO REASONS FOR THIS NOT TO SHOW. ALREADY ….. I AM NOT EXTENDING IT….. THE RV PEOPLE JUST ARE NOT ON TIME ….. AS USUAL …… The * AndieZ1 (Jonnywg Update): 3S’s 2/13/12 by another site's Tidbits, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. $3.95 Stock Trades at OptionsHouse. Why Pay More? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: no tags Comments Comments are closed.
  4. if this is as close as we have ever been then we RAN INTO A BRICK WALL....cuz at the moment I dont see much change in the situation.....but all the GOOROOS talk a good game
  5. all kuwait issues resolved..border demarcations...the return of missing kuwaiti bodys and artifacts PLUS the payment of some 20 BILLION US ministers in the GOI appointed..article 140 being passed and the Erbil agreement signed....and maybe a wholelot more STUFF to be finished....
  6. the way i see it is that more POTENTAIL US jobs are going overseas.......i give up on the US government being FOR THE PEOPLE...
  7. Cant we have a "do over" and pick another PM ...this one seems to be an azz whole
  8. That certainly sends a message to all would-be somali pirates....."we are not taking anymore S&!% from you!!"...way to go Boris
  9. i love it when Chuck kicks asz.........those kittens are lucky...Chuck could have tornado kicked em
  10. Idont know what to beleive anymore (or anyless),,,the whole process is dragging on and on and on......but im in it til the fat lady sings....
  11. good find BUT....he says implementation to coincide with the financail year......when is that...ANYONE.....i am also starting to dislike this 2 year timeframe in every article
  12. just hang in their everyone....times are tough for everyone (or almost everyone)......maybe their waiting til after the 2012 elections...who knows...maybe its another reason or two but i feel this investment will pay off in time.....we all know this is out of our control .....lets stay together and support each other.......we will win in the end (I HOPE)......
  13. we need a NEW group of old ones have lost their marbles......WAIT.....that might be a bad idea.......we might get some really crazy statements from the new ones
  14. man i hope this dude is right
  15. it sounds reasonable enough..we know they have to have a smooth transition to the rv and by using the dollar as a interim currency I think they got it figured lets see this go down SOON....
  16. than it WILL BE a SUPER sunday...
  17. long lost relative maybe????/
  18. come on 7 ...or ....come on 11....thats a gambling doesnt pretain to this article......but 1 shake of the dice and we could have a RV...
  19. rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggghhhhhhtttttttttttt...... .....when is this cloak and dagger bs gonna stop... i think ill go look at the sun....tommorrow
  20. this guy still has time to rebuy if he changes his mind.......or he can smash his head against the wall post rv saying to himself "im such an idiot"
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