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  1. if it is true that the value of the dollar is going to plummet why would the iraqis chose to use it..knowing it may fall below the value of the dinar????...I cant figure out their reasoning ....but who can .???
  2. Ever hear of forgiveness.....think about it and try it
  3. I see Diane Feinstein can evade a question like the pro she is..........we know she will be voting for this crap....another way to fleece the middleand lower classes......but 1% fee on all transactions are gonna add up fast for the wealthy
  4. Time to Direct deposit Obama into the unemployment line in HOPING for that CHANGE
  5. it just proves that prejudice THRIVES in all regions of the this case I beleive its handed down from each generation..its sadto see the ignorance of people hating someone for whatever doesnt help when the media fans the flames or racism...what idiots..
  6. Throw the bum out.....we need new blood in there that has a desire for Iraq to succeed for the Allawi no Maliki no Sadr.....someone who has respect through out Iraq
  7. one step near yet so far away starting to beleive in next year.....dont want to but may have to
  8. i think currencies should reflect one countries own wealth and natural resources...GDP and all that economic common currency can get a whole region into trouble..JUST LIKE the Euro...jmo
  9. I love it when the Kuwaitis say things are fruitful to both sides.....and THEY gave some land back too.....pick me up off the floor
  10. I'll beleive it when I see it.....this could be just another fluff piece to stroke us....just like the word "soon"....its not official til its officail...dont want to burst your bubbles....just my uneducated opinion
  11. They need new blood in the more Maliki Allawi or any other schmo who can't move the country forward for the Iraqi People
  12. That statement is such a braintwister Im going to have to take a break and get some more coffee....and slap myself
  13. Obamas been selling us down the river the minute he to the Oath of Office. We have been cheated by the Double Tongues..(The Outlaw Josey Wales)...Obamas policies take effect after the next election and if he wins again...GOOD-BYE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...hello...commieville
  14. wasnt this posted 100 times before....its okies standard rv tommorrow bs...ships at sea my azz...
  15. we live in confusing times
  16. i guess the security in Iraq is as good or better than ....oh...lets say Syria or Egypt or Libiya...or Yemen So i guess its safe to say they might have enough security to RV but how many times have we had the Rv jerked out of our hands (or so we thought ). The ME is used to this crap so why not rv and get it over with, in..
  17. I totally agree there is a double standard....the offenders are using this tactic with great results......they are creating a political prejudice that is at its roots is using politics and racism to demonize people with a conservative veiwpoint . This is pure evil. They even hide behind comedians and hollywood celebrities to make their points. WAKE UP could be next....
  18. 2o11...... ......think happy thoughts til the summit is over
  19. I agree...they will never have this type of security situation again...even though maliki is in charge we can only hope for the best and work with what we have for info
  20. Iraq spends $500m to host Arab summit 24/03/2012 09:54 BAGHDAD, March 24 (AKnews) - Iraq will spend some $500m (583 IQD) to host the upcoming Arab summit in Baghdad on March 29, reports the New York Times. “Iraq is spending about $500m on the meeting, for extensive security and for everything from hotel renovations and overtime to catering, stationery and new palm trees on the road from the airport," said Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari. Zebari described the figure as "an investment for the country". The Office of the Commander General of the Iraqi armed forces announced on Monday the completion of the deployment of security forces charged with protecting the security of Arab leaders. The security forces are under the direct supervision of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces Nouri al-Maliki. According to security sources, Baghdad has deployed some 100,000 security members to protect the summit, with the participation of military forces from nearby provinces. If Maliki is in charge of Security.....i would not feel safe as a guest matter what country I was from ...jmo
  21. error.....will robinson...error ......oops never mind
  22. This here is another reason to clean house in the US goverment....because you and I are left holding the bag on any debt they pile up......i have trouble paying my own bills I DONT NEED TO PAY THEIRS TOO!!!!
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