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  1. I am a Drexler fan He was great....But my mother is a true athlete...she raised 7 kids on her own....Im her biggest fan Kathleen
  2. Love it ..cats Shakespear & Maxine are truly in this story
  3. That song works for me ...I think I will use it on both jobs
  4. Maybe we could put him on smarter than a 2nd grader... see how well he will do
  5. I live in the burbs of Portland and love it. There is a ton to do....but yes we do have some people if you want to call them that, that are out there.....They even film the the show Grimm here... Kathleen
  6. I didnt know Native Americans were a THEM....I thought they were a US.....thats my thought....know one whats to be a THEM...sorry!!!!
  7. Thanks for the laughs ...I needed it on this rainy day Kathleen
  8. It is telling you the world is changing,thats for sure....
  9. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!
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