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  1. 3 hours ago, 10 YEARS LATER said:


    Agree GP,  but when ? Seems these folks are ALL Teflon Coated. They have a very deep apparatus and plenty of cronies to run interference for them:bagofmoney: :bagofmoney::bagofmoney::bagofmoney::bagofmoney:It’s so bloody obvious these “ people “ conduct Big Time Criminality - I’d better not jump on that Soap Box - we’d be here for a while. Perhaps some day just not this day. . . Damn it ! Have a good one GP  :salute:


    Agreed my friend. I can’t say what I really feel, I’d be in prison. May the Lord and justice prevail.  Barack and Mike aren’t worth it.  Let them spoon into the sunset!!! 😂😂

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