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  1. Okay, I am now more confused than ever. I was going to buy more Dinar this month but its pointless when nobody really know's if, how, when this currency will trade in the future. I for one will not be looking at these forums anymore because everyone is in the same boat as me and you may say people on here have contacts etc but at the end of the day the only people who know anything about this is the person making the decision.
  2. So the BIG punch against the west! Tehran - Iran has succeeded in producing its first batch of uranium enriched to 20 per cent, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday. "I herewith tell you that we have succeeded in producing the first batch of the 20-per-cent uranium enrichment at the Natanz site and have delivered it to our scientists," Ahmadinejad said in a ceremony in Tehran marking the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The higher enriched uranium is to be turn into fuel rods in the neighbouring Isfahan plant and eventually be used for the Tehran medical reactor. Iran b
  3. Yes, It does. Some countries don't have capital gains laws so some of us will be lucky!!
  4. I have had an account now for about 2 months and not had any problems with them. I have transferred funds to the account and they have deposited within 5 working days so not that bad. However, they are pretty slow on coming back to you if you have questions etc. If you apply online they normally get back to with account number within 10 working days I think they must spend most of the working day on the beach sunning themselves! I did't read the terms as I think overall its a gamble and you have to take everything with dealing in Iraq on face value so in answer to your question NO.
  5. Have Iran promised to give us Double the amount of cash when the Iraqi Dinar revalues?
  6. Okay, so we have read and understood that something is going to happen tomorrow. If it does happen tomorrow at what point will it happen, first thingin the morning when markets open or at the end of the day when all markets are closed. I am not counting my chickens just yet!
  7. Have you set-up online access for yourself? If so, Send Mr I an email. I have full access to my account. However, you can't transfer funds externally because there is no facility to do so which I am waiting for Mr I to get back to me on.
  8. People like that make me sick!!!! Money doesn't make you happy! Whatever, it's probably because the wife is out all the time shopping and he's getting no action in the sack.
  9. Why would we need to give him questions to ask? Apparently, we will see a an RV this week! YAWN....................... Just ask him does he think the Dinar will RV in the next two years.
  10. Does anyone know how to set-up an external beneficiary and actually make the transfer by way of step by step instructions. eg. Warka - USD account to USA bank - USD account There are some old instruction on various websites but the e-remittance does not now appear in the drop down menu. Thanks
  11. Hi, Can someone please advise me on the following:- 1. I currently have 1.5 million dinar in a Warka account when and if a LOP happens they have indicated dropping the 000's of the larger notes does that affect my deposit? 2. Does the LOP only affect those holding CASH? 3. I am well confused I know you can't help with this but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez CONFUSED!!!!!!! Thanks Ben.
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