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  1. However when someone knowlingly lies and makes up sh*& I don't consider that just a rumor. I understand that a rumor may have no validity, but when you are the one who starts it and you made it up that's just a f$%$^ng lie! Maybe we should have a blatent bs lie section, but then there wouldn't be anything to post in any of the other sections
  2. Sounds like good news to me. If you think about it they are basicaly saying that there currency (dinar) will be traded on a more global market and won't be valued like it is today (auctions) at 1170. It will stand on the Forex like other world currencys. They are also talking about taxing there citizens. You can't tax broke citizens. They are trying to develop there internal economy. To do that you have to have exports so money is coming into the country. That money will be spent in Iraq by the Iraqi people. That inturn causes jobs whitch have employees who make an income that is taxed and funds the Iraqi government. If this holds true they will no longer need to borrow money and can stand on there own. That can only be good for the Dinar as a strong internal economy would strengthen it. Also breeds stability. I could be wrong. I AM just a plumber, but that was how I read it. Anyone see something different?
  3. My thoughts exactly, but feel confident about the election. Think we are closer now than we've ever been.
  4. Was just wondering if anyone thought the RV could happen as soon as the votes are counted and the election is officially over..
  5. Anyone else think the RV won't happen untill the votes are tallyed?
  6. Anyone besides me think they will wait untill the election is completely over befor the RV?
  7. I feel like a yoyo of emotions over this
  8. Yeah, we've seen this before, but makes for good
  9. I'm sure he's a real guy, but don't know how real the info I wouldn't complain if it were
  10. That is true. And I have no ideas what the rate would be, but I believe more people in the world are willing and ready to trade with them than ever before in the past. Any thoughts?
  11. That would be awesome. Anyone see the UN meeting at noon?
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