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  1. There are terrorists occupying our country. Doesn't seem to matter. Not a good reason. Isis is being driven out and security is better. Great? maybe not but better. Abadi is way ahead of Maliki ever thought of being. More has been accomplished in 3 months than in 10 years. Nothing will ever be "perfect" but life goes on and Iraq has ALWAYS had a more valuable currency. It has only been the last 10 years that it is garbage. Even under Saddam it had value that other countries recognized even if the US didn't. I don't like Tony or any of the other gurus bs but I don't pay attention to th
  2. Might as well throw my 2 dinars into the pot. There is not 88 Trillion dinars in the marketplace. Whatever dinars other countries hold they are not going to cash them in for USD. They will stay in their respective central banks and be used for other political purchasing power. If you believe that you have read way too much Tony, DC and the other guru BS. They know exactly how much dinar is in the market and whatever we minor investors hold is chump change. Prove me wrong. There are many scenarios as to what deleting the zeros mean. The rate, the currency, or just plain removing the 3 zero note
  3. It's the perfect excuse for the guru's. There is no Cabal and no one can prove that there is. It's kinda like "they say" or "they said" when no one knows who "they" is. The "republic" was suppose to have been announced when O was on vacation and they were arresting senators, bankers, and corrupt politicians and the White House was empty. Same kind of garbage. You can't prove either exist so therefore you can't prove they don't exist so it makes for a perfect excuse for the guru's.
  4. I had first heard they wanted 2 weeks - must be Maliki's group. Then heard that Abadi would not give them 2 weeks and gave them until Saturday - yesterday - to get it done. Now I have heard that tomorrow - Monday - that they are suppose to be announced. Basically no one knows. Just like everything else - no one knows.
  5. Gee - there's always a lot of planes at an airport. Just sayin.
  6. On top of all the other reasons posted I have never since 9-11 been able to open an account at a bank without proof of citizenship or without depositing any money. Last one I did it was $100 to open an account. Never will anyone open one for zero money. You also can't find IQN listed anywhere but on Tony and DC sites and anyone who reads their BS. There is no such call letters on any viable site. I declare this total BS. Also, no one gives a rats arse if you open up a separate account for each currency - USD is USD and also you can't ask for TRN money instead of FRN money - that's anothe
  7. I think they do know this but they can't stop him from flapping his gums. If they are keeping him around or that he just won't leave, either way he will not be a part of the new government. He is hoping and trying to get this government failure to extend beyond the constitutional limit but no one over there wants Maliki back in office. I hope they keep him near so they can shoot, hang, electrocute, decapitate, dismember and drag his body thru the streets of Iraq right after the new government is seated. Was that too harsh? Na, I didn't think so.
  8. I know how it feels DJ, I would get so worked up over the Goo Roos blatant lying. But I have learned to just scroll right by them. The DC, Tony, Okie stuff is sooooo bad you just want to slap them with a really heavy 2X4. They don't care what kind of BS they put out. I am more amazed at the number of people who praise them for their "hard work" - It's hard to come up with such fantasies such as they do. Read the articles, respond to the articles, and be encouraged by the articles. I'm not saying all the articles are true or current - some change dates and re post old articles - but that
  9. Really? I can't believe you are serious! You must not read any articles or anything other than GooRoo garbage. I've been in this 8 years and have never seen so much get done in Iraq as in the last few weeks. Never have I seen so many articles about the change in value of the dinar. I really don't know why you would feel this way after all this time. Maliki never did squat, for the first time the HCL is settled, the government will actually be seated in the next week and not delayed for 8 years. The Kurds are coming to parliament meetings, no one is walking out, they have more members sho
  10. He tried to assassinate the new Prime Minister and he is just drooling over the thought of him not being able to form the new government. Unfortunately Maliki doesn't read his own newspapers. He will never be in the Iraqi government again. He will be lucky if he can avoid the gallows.
  11. I'm sorry but I didn't vote for the guy and I think everyone in Washington should be put out to pasture. But give me a break - some photographer gets a picture of O laughing and then the shredding starts. Haven't you seen people laughing at funerals - I have . I really call it like it is and people need to curb their hatred of this man. He is not alone in this. Our Senators and Congressman are just as bad. They all suck at their jobs. However, do you really think he sits around all day playing golf? Do you really think he gets a vacation? I don't mean just this current president I'm t
  12. Sorry but I can't watch 13 minutes of this. I have a hard time watching his parents crying, with overwhelming grief, over the death of their son as a hoax.
  13. I don't think it's a rumor. I do think that those are the people that are up for vote by parliament on Monday. Pretty much a given deal. They will or should approve all the appointees as a matter of routine. The cabinet is picked but it is not official until it is voted on. They are picked but not seated. Either way - isn't it great? In a matter of a few weeks they have done more than Maliki did in 8 plus years. I do believe that the other countries of the world feel they have picked their GOI hence the support from the British, French, etc.. Everything really looks good, or at least
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