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  1. Has anyone heard of (Spotcoin) I believe it's similar to XRP?
  2. Trident and MD11 appreciate the info. The platform is what I was looking for. I to have TD, Schwab just didn't know a crypto platform. There's over whelming information out there right now. Thank you appreciate the advice.
  3. Good read, just getting my head around crypto currency platforms. Any recommended quantum platforms to purchase is appreciated. Looking for crypto to fiat (gold) currency platforms. Now the naïve question. What trading platforms are used, i.e. TD Ameritrade, Schwab are use to purchase?
  4. Correction, "sing" hadn't had my coffee yet. A rendition yes, National Anthem Nope... sorry didn't happen.
  5. Lady Gag didn't sign the National Anthem! Her rendition you say, is no different than a rendition, similarity or likeness to the American Flag is acceptable. It was nice to see her subserviently curtsy to a dissolved corporate leadership. Be safe. The best is yet to come.
  6. #UNRIG Video (00:26) Could This Be? NG in DC to Support “Peaceful Transition to Military Power”? – Public Intelligence Blog (
  7. Could This Be? NG in DC to Support “Peaceful Transition to Military Power”?
  8. Looks like they are preparing to be part of the Abraham Accord peace agreement. A Treaty of Peace - economic growth, friendly relations, co-operations coupling full normalization for all Mid-East countries with Israel. Taken from the Rodney King's playbook. "Can We All Get Along!"
  9. LMAO, Al-Warka Bank is Jordanian / Sunni family bank. Setup and established in Iraq by the 30th Finance Corp. Time will tell how this all places out, personally not worried about Al-Warka.
  10. This statement clearly explains why in "America" kangaroo courts were replaced with Law and Order in hopes of Justice. Better yet, how about "Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution" “A bedrock principle of the American criminal justice system is that a defendant accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This protection comes from the due process guarantees in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.” Like, we can't prove you didn't commit a crime but we're confident you did. The crime is $32 million spent on "Knowingly" false, misleading, propaganda and charging innocent individuals in an attempt to frame PDJT! The FAKE News is losing their narrative regarding 2020 election. Fun to watch actually, Karma is a B*tch. Trump202Q, can't wait till Christmas!
  11. Synopsis, That's funny stuff right there. When PDJT brings down the house there will be those still talking about bone spurs.
  12. Shabibi, I see you google searched more "terms" to write a reply. You are a fraud, three things jump out in your writing "exceptional MOS", "ASVAB if they still take it", "D.S. Reserve". You my blow smoke up the A$$'s of those whom haven't served. More difficult for someone with 27 years active duty plus 13 more years boots on the ground in Iraq & Afghanistan. I could give a flying flip less what your or anyone's political affiliation might be. The issue of disrespecting PDJT before elected and latter four years is coming to a head. As a real soldier says "pullup your socks n grab your *****" cause sh*t about to get real! Those sucking the false head narratives are going to end up with a really bad taste in their mouth when they choke down the inevitable warm protein throat lozenge Nothing can stop what is coming, enjoy the show.
  13. You "Served two (TERMS) actually" Since when did enlistments become a "Terms". You Shabibi are an oxygen thief and emulate a brick with lips.
  14. I found this article.
  15. LongtimeL, I heard about this do you have any articles? I was listening to NewsMax while cooking dinner and caught something mentioned about a seized server. Any information is great.
  16. Something no one has mentioned is the Abraham Accord and Iraq's future signing. Personally, feel Abraham Accord is the hinge point that brings everything together economically for the Middle-East.
  17. On 15 Oct 2020 marks 17 years. Between 15 October 2003 and 15 January 2004, the Coalition Provisional Authority issued new Iraqi dinar coins and notes. I recall first hand soldiers going to the US Army 30th Finance Corps. office located across the street purchasing 1 million dinar.
  18. Over the years I've not had to much difficulty getting passwords reset. I guess we wait to see what's happening come January 2021. At that point there are enough to organize some type of action. I too have over 48M in Al-Warka plus stock investments.
  19. Everyone trying to get a cut of what is to come. I would venture to say current administration has folks by their testicles applying pressure few short months crushed walnuts.
  20. Anyone have educational information (links) to XRP. I've read several posts referring to XRP would link to understand before leaping. Thanks
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