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  1. Where's your sense of humor...don't you know by now it's all done in fun? Possum means no harm......Just laugh and roll with the flow.
  2. Where's your sense of humor...don't you know by now it's all done in fun? Possum means no harm......Just laugh and roll with the flow.
  4. I believe that would be $10,170,000 This was taken off of Dinar Trade website. Potential Value increase of a 1 Million Iraqi Dinar holding If the value of Iraqi Dinar increases to: The resulting value of your 1,000,000 Dinar would be: $0.01 $10,000 $0.10 $100,000 $0.20 $200,000 $0.50 $500,000 $1.00/Iraqi Dinar $1,000,000
  5. When I first got on this forum the popular thing to do, at that time was a major bashing of this medic person. I never knew what that was all about. But I can honestly say out of all the posts I've read, this is the first time I've had a good understanding of what was causing all of the delays. Sure makes better sense to me now. From what I'm reading here, it looks like we may still be a month or two away. Thanks for taking the time to post this for us.
  6. Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated.
  7. With the new tax laws that were hidden in the Health Care Bill, increasing in capital gains taxes and adding to that your state tax, I'd say it will be very close to 50%
  8. So sorry for your loss. Be comforted in knowing that Christ's healing covenant he made with us does not only include physical healing but emotional healing as well. "Jesus said by my stripes you are healed." I am praying for our Lord to give you peace and comfort. I will be praying for you and the family of the lady that died in the snowmobile accident.
  9. The dollar will never stabilize, it's over. We are coming to the end of a very long, well thought out plan. We are now facing the one world order take over, where there will be a one world currency. They are collapsing the dollar on purpose. I know some will say I'm crazy, but within 18 months they will be saying wow that crazy person in the forum was right. The dollar is done, it's seen it's better days, it will not stabilize . If you really want to survive what is about to happen, get out of the cities, move to as remote a place in the country as you can find. Buy gold, silver, lots of ca
  10. Clarion, I know that everybody else said that they couldn't PM you because you didn't have your PM set up, but I can't even figure out how to e-mail you either. I would like to know more. Can you put me on your list? thanks lynnkit
  11. cgbrown is referring to Adam M. CBI contact that suggested it may RV within the next 10 days. (That was reported on the 14th)
  12. That may or may not be an accurate time-lime....but do notice that it said within 10 days...............Not necessarily that it would take the whole 10 days.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that you have had experiences of people not having answered prayer. I was going to write a reply to you from my heart, but I see that keylime once again ( lol lol lol ) was reading my mind and he wrote exactly what I was thinking, so I'm not going to repeat it. I have had miracle healing' s in my own family right in front of my eyes, so you got to me too late to try to convince me that healing's don't happen. Or that prayers don't get answered. My Son and Daughter-In-law got back together a few months ago after breaking up and filing for divorce and I give all the Glory to
  14. Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine what the Iraqi people have been through and how this will bless their lives.
  15. Try to tell that to Abrahan when he was reasoning with God to save Sodom if he could find just 50 righteous people, how about 40 God would you save the city for 40, and so on and so on. clear down to 10. Those of us that has a close relationship with God knows that he cares about our needs our desires and he loves blessing his children, that is his will. The Lord blesses those that will be a blessing to others.
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