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  1. Welcome to America NETINFO!!! There may be a few things you do not particularly like about the way things go here in this country, but rest assured you will not hear any more morter shells or see any Iranians invading in any way!! That is one issue we take very seriously..I hope you and your community like it here and decide to stay even once your country gets on it's feet. This country is great because of folks like you who have chosen to come here and contrubute to this place we call America. I also applogize for any off comments that may have been made in the chat. Our understanding of you
  2. I have always enjoyed your logic as well as the numerous pieces of intel you have brought to the site both in the chat and here in the forum. I believe your thinking is right on and it has always been a pleasure to see what you have for the day. I will miss that. I hope you decide to come back pretty soon.
  3. I very much hope that the bombing that has gone on in Iraq will subside once the RV/RI happens. The loss of life there is just so heartbreaking...
  4. I have been posting several posts here tonight so I can get back into chat. I'm running out of dinar based things to say..I'll bet i am not the onlt one doing this.,
  5. It's only Monday and we have already heard that China has cancelled 80% oif the debt owed by Iraq, along with other news regarding the possible removal from chapter #7 and more!! It feels like a snowball started on top of a hill that is getting bigger quickly as it is picking up speed rolling downhill. Can our sought after RV/RI be far behind? I am no expert, but from the way things look my guess is that it will happen sooer rahther than later. As far as a rate, I have no intel to tell me anything other what you all have read as well. I just hope it is the right rate for THEM. They NEED a brea
  6. OK, as far as I can tell, we have Frank, Medic, Adam, Phoenix, and probably others all saying they think we have a great chance at seeing the RV/RI this week. As time has gone, it seems that each one of these fine folks have been wrong on at least some of their preditions. It also seems that these folks have all had a different view of when, where, and why the RV/RI was going to take place. Of course the rate has always been form nearly nothing to over $3.00 with really no intel saying anything for sure on anything. Now with all our forecasters seeming to line up and all say "this week just ab
  7. I have been a member if this group for a while and have never bashed anyone. In fact, although I am on "chat" a lot, I rarely actually enter the conversation because I go there to gain knowledge on the dinar, not give out knowledge. I have few other sources so I rely on what I read on the chat, and the "group meetings". I am not interested in flirting, or discussing off topic issues concerning my life or someone else's. A lot of what is talked about on this chat is just that--off topic conversation which is OK to a point as far as I am concerned. But this is why you do not see me actively joi
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