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  1. On October 14, 2010 (YES...2010!!!!), I told all of you on this board that my source told me that there would be NO possible RV until the fall of 2012. Then, my source went on to tell me late fall 2010. For those of you that have been here since that time, you may remember that I have traded currencies for over36 years so unlike other who claim to be "experts," I know a thing or two about currency trading and the workings of the currency world. My news flipped the dinar world on it's ear to say the least. I was blasted six ways from Sunday. Well...guess what folks? It's May 18, 2012 and there is STILL no RV even though all of the pumpers and gurus have been telling you that it is "just around the corner." In my opinion, the latest pumper is right here on this site and he/she goes by the name of Randlln. These clowns have been telling you the same lies for years and you all just suck it up because..."it makes you feel good" or "it allows you to dream." Ah...that's wonderful but if the IQD falls flat on it's face I highly DOUBT that you will be "feeling good" or "dreaming!" From day one, I have told all of you...DO NOT PURCHASE MORE DINAR THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE!!! Yet, many of you are so far in over your head that if the IQD that if it does go south, you are in a world of HURT!!!! That is called GREED and in the currency world, GREED KILLS!!!!! Many of you would rather listen to idiot pumpers and gurus (yes, that is my opinion, they are IDIOTS!!) instead of using common sense. Again, you do so because of greed.'s where the "gettin'" gets good...really good... I have new information on the IQD, IMO, powerful information but I will be danged if I am EVER going to share the information again! I am done with this site and any other site out there. Ban me if you wish there mods because I don't give a crap...I AM DONE SHARING! Dr. J
  2. Interesting...when I stated on October 14, 2010 that my source said there is nothing happening until the fall of 2012, I am roasted. When Breitling says it in May's great news. Dr. J
  3. Agreed, let's just call it what it is....Randalln = pumper...and let's move on. NEXT! Dr. J
  4. EXACTLY! Anyone that knows anything about currency trading will tell you the same thing. Just for the record, I have been trading currencies for over 35 years. And Randalln was calling me an "idiot" and a "moron." Hmmmmm....where are the same mods that removed a couple of my posts? Dr. J
  5. Agreed! Dr. J Why should he (or she for that matter), he is hiding behind a fictitious name, he just keeps rambling. Dr. J I agree! Dr. J
  6. Radalln, You need to re-read your initial post. You clearly stated that it would be 1-10 cents in two weeks time NOT 1160!!! Again, who are you calling an "idiot" and a "moron?" THAT is why I am calling you out and all you can do is call me names. Dr. J
  7. Seriously? You are calling me an "idiot" and a "moron." So you're in junior high? To say that you are pathetic is to say the least. Yes, I did call you out and you refuse to admit that you are pathetically wrong and you have been wrong all along! Dr. J P.S. You don't need to brag about your "investment" as there are many on this board with just as much "invested" or more.
  8. No, it's not 1160 and no, it's not moving. I called you out on your crap so own up to it already. Dr. J
  9. Randalln, It's been over 4 weeks since your initial post and....nothing. You were extremely confident, perhaps to the point of being cocky, and there has been no change. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will give it to the end of the month but I am not holding my breath. Dr. J P.S. I AM listening!!!
  10. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be two weeks to the day that you posted about your "secret source" and still no news. You seemed extremely confident to the point of being cocky (IMHO)...nothing yet....hmmmmm... I am still willing to give you to the end of the month and then... Dr. J P.S. It's thread not tread. This is what I meant by "confident" to the point of being cocky. Dr. J P.S. It's themselves not "their self." I honestly have had a great two weeks but I am STILL waiting... Dr. J
  11. Darn straight that this is "good for us!" This is a great article! Dr. J
  12. It's been a week and nothing...any update there Randlln? I know that he/she stated two weeks and I am even willing to give him/her the benefit of the doubt and go the end of the month. Time will tell... Dr. J
  13. It's April 2nd, let's see if ol' Randalln is correct...I'll give it to the end of the month...let the games begin. Dr. J
  14. I like it and I hope that you are correct. If you are....pass the crow, please. Dr. J
  15. Nice find DV! Thanks, Dr. J P.S. Keep the head....level.
  16. "Way to rain on a guy's parade! I want to believe him too but you are correct. He has "cried wolf" a few times that I can recall." Yes, he has "cried wolf" more than a few times. Too many times for me so I'll take a pass. Geesh...he can't even get "there," "their," and "they're" straight and he's got the "inside scoop?" Don't get your hopes too high and keep a level head. Dr. J
  17. No lop. For those of you that have not read my explanations as to why the no lop, just go back and read my old posts. Dr. J I have covered it on a number of posts, please go back and read my old posts. Dr. J I've held to it since 10/14/10, thanks. Dr. J In all sincerity Carrello, I hope that you and Rod are correct and my source is flat-out wrong! Go Carrello! Go Rod! Go RV! Dr. J
  18. All that I can say is that my sources have told me that NOTHING is happening next week related to the RV. You can neg me all that you want because I KNOW that no one wants to hear it but I am simply sharing what I know to be true. We will see who is correct after April 1, 2012. The only reason I am even bothering to post is to tell you not to get your hopes too high only to be let down again. Dr. J P.S. Late fall 2012!
  19. Sorry, NONE of what is posted above jives with what I have been hearing and if you will source was the first person to ever mentioned anything about the China connection. This poster is correct on one account..."This is only in rumorville..." Pure bolderdash!!! Dr. J P.S. The USD goes up or down against other currency pairs, it doesn't "devalue." I am amazed at some of the stuff that is post on dinar forums. UGH! P.P.S. As my source has been stating since Oct 2010, nothing is happening until this fall. Perhaps once we get through March some of you will start believing him.
  20. Excellent find, Yota, thanks! Looks like my source could be wrong about this fall, I HOPE SO! Dr. J
  21. This is typical of what you will see before a country changes value in it's currency...MASS CONFUSION! Trust me, the more confusion, the better! Hang in there! Dr. J
  22. I will speak frankly, as I ALWAYS do.... I am tired of people saying that it HAS to RV by such and such a date because of (fill in the blank). These people have NO CLUE what is happening in the world of currencies. I have been trading currencies for over 35 years, longer than many on this site were even born and I have taught others how to successfully trade currencies for the past 4 years. All along, when I have stated that "you will not see an RV by a certain date," it is not based on my "opinion" like some of these other "experts" but it is based on YEARS of experience in trading currencies AND more importantly, my good friends that trade currencies for a living on Wall Street. These guys are HEAVILY invested and they are privy to things that MANY are not. I am tired of auto mechanics, flower shop owners, bus drivers, etc. posting what is going to happen when they are clueless and at the very best are merely guessing. I am not trying to be mean or belittle anyone, I am simply telling you that take what everyone says with a grain of salt....EVEN ME! Dr. J
  23. Rockinrich, I hope that I am wrong and you are correct BUT go back on this post and look at all of the other similar predications others have made in the past. It HAD TO GET DONE BECAUSE....(fill in the blank.). Time will tell. Dr. J
  24., you're wrong. It is Mike, Michele is my wife and I use her account because I was booted off of this site a couple of years ago. Because of the bashing I took on this site, I don't post any news that I receive which will most likely get me booted again. So be it, I'm too busy to play games. Dr. J Thanks Carrello, I appreciate all of your hard work bringing news to DV. Like I said, I hope that my source is wrong but he has been spot on up to this goes on. Mike No, you are incorrect, my source has been spot on to date You need to go back and read through everything a bit more carefully. Dr. J No, you are incorrect, my source has been spot on to date You need to go back and read through everything a bit more carefully. Dr. J
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