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  1. I have some un-circulated dinars I would like to sell. I have from 2 to 3 million I would be willing to sell. It is un-circulated and in great shape. I thought I would check to see if anyone local to me might be interested. Sorry not willing to ship it anywhere, if I do that I will do it through the broker I purchased it from. Thanks And no I am not giving up totally. I will still have some left but heck I am a woman, I found something I need to spend $$ on.......
  2. You are not the only one. Still not selling my dinar, just not going to hold my breath.....................................although blue is a very pretty color.
  3. I don't know where they are all from since I don't follow them but I like your idea.
  4. I don't see why this is any worse than others radical opinions about anything else. Most of it is garbage IMO, although I believe oil was a factor. If it wasn't then we would be doing something about our own backyard with Mexico and the violence and drug cartels.
  5. Hey Estephan who esteppedon your head? You and Havasue someone really need to chill. I don't know why some of you people feel the need to be jerks when someone is having a bad day or having doubts. It's posters who have their heads in the sand and think it's all roses all the time that get me riled up. This investment is not black and white as some gurus and pumpers might have us believe. I have had some serious doubts about this lately as well, but instead of venting here I just choose to enjoy life and hope for the best. I won't sell either. That's why I haven't posted for a bit though, I just feel it's better to do something positive and productive with my money and time for now. Too many redundant stories and theories floating around and it does get old. "Who's ready to give up on this dream?" ............... In answer to your question....not I. But for now the daydreams over and I had to wake up and go to work. But then my work is caring for my kids, buying cows and enjoying life....
  6. Really Sorry, but you kinda asked for it ya meanie
  7. Smee I have always had that thought in my mind from day one, but I have always been a risk taker when it comes to buying anything. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Someone had mentioned buying dinar from a currency exchange but for people like me, in the country we don't have access to places like that. Knowing what I know now I would still probably buy them them from the same place. We all need to be aware when listening to these gurus and others involved in dinar that they are all making $$ off of us. I am not saying that is a bad thing, I would do the same but we need to be aware that they not only make a profit off outright selling dinar but selling services seem to be very lucrative as well. Being a livestock trader I am aware there is usually a middle man, in my case a middle woman , but there is nothing wrong with a person providing services to others that they might not have the time or knowledge to get themselves. As long as I know what I am selling is what I claim it to be, then we all profit. I would never sell anything knowing it was going to die the next day, although I know some people that absolutely would. As long as I am not being purposely misled then I am good with anything that happens with this RV adventure. For some that say if I question this then I should sell, I would say if that were the case then I would be living paycheck to paycheck, afraid to take a risk and afraid to ask questions. I believe anyone who is willing to take risk's of any kind, should ask questions And then question the answers given to them over and over again. ALWAYS be informed and ready for whatever can happen.
  8. I'll gladly take an RV Tuesday instead of an RV today Who is Athena anyways, Wimpys mother?
  9. I don't know if were lazy as much as we just can't get along long enough to get anything accomplished. I know that a lot of Americans are lazy but I don't think the majority of us are. We just can't get along long enough to get organized and do anything. Everyone has an agenda of their own and has to always make sure they cover their own azz first. It really irks me because I think the majority of Americans really know what's best for ourselves but we will never see it happen.
  10. Yeah those darn liberals, I think they learned to do that from the republicans though Republicans, Liberals....Tomatoes, Tomotoes....either way you look at it they are the same...........POLITICANS. Either way, they only care about winning and not what's really best for the people.
  11. Thanks Lonzworth, I for one, appreciate your post's and the dose of reality you try to bring to this forum. I can where a Petrodollar could be used instead of currency with some countries. But I wouldn't think it would be as valuable to other countries, not all countries are as desperate for oil as we are. I think the dinar will RV eventually but there have been a few indicators recently that make me believe we have a lot longer to go that we were led to believe. Still not selling my dinar, just not putting my life on hold anymore.
  12. Why am I here? You really have to ask? If you have read any of my post's you would see that I am here to learn what I can about my investment. I am also here to give support and the best advice possible when I can. Why am I here to learn? Because I can admit I don't know everything like apparently you think you do. I can say " I think this or that might happen" , but until it's over NO ONE KNOWS Easy, not even you. Hope you can handle the truth. "Shat or get off the pot" Isn't that kinda like your "Step Up" ?? Why don't you follow your own advice.... Your so sure of this investment and anyone who questions it is an idiot in your eyes, why don't you take me up on my offer and by my dinars? Since you seem to be so sure why don't you Step Up? Yeah....that's what I thought. Easy you really are a jerk
  13. I agree with you WOH. Did you read the story about Baghdad demanding the US have to pay them back for damages? I am trying to make sense of this but IMO it really doesn't look good if we thought they were planning on RVing anytime soon.
  14. You need to pull your head out of the sand dude. No one has a split anything. Some of us are just being realistic and keeping an open mind. If your so sure it's going to re-value then I'll sell you 2 mil for $'s that work for ya? Otherwise stop being a jerk to anyone who doesn't agree with how you think think this RV is going to happen. I want this RV to happen as bad as anyone but I need to hear everyone's opinion, even if it isn't what I really want to hear.
  15. I am wondering if he is as well. Looking at his post's they are all super positive, a little too positive. Either a Pumper or Cheerleader at a Dinar Pep Rally
  16. Of course your first tomorrow post was yesterday and now it's today so I think this tomorrow post should really say today.
  17. I just saw a post 2 below this one you made asking the same thing. I think the answer is going to be the matter how bad you want it. No RV tomorrow.
  18. Doesn't make the prospect of an RV anytime soon realistic IMO. Doesn't matter how you try and spin it. Also the fact of the matter is WE did destroy or allow to be destroyed priceless artifacts. I remember watching the news and seeing the museums destroyed and the looting going on while no one even gave a thought to protect it. We made mistakes over there. I still don't know if we owe them anything financially though. They do have their freedom but at what price. It's not black and white for me.
  19. Thanks Munsch, I saw the link was still working but I gave up waiting for it to load. I did see some other post's about it that were locked though. Just seemed weird to have them locked, but that's me. I do hope they post a chat/transcript of some kind.
  20. I am trying to understand why most of the post's/threads about Adams guest appearance on the blog spot are locked up? The only one I see that is still live has a link to another site. I really don't like going to other sites plus with dial up it takes forever to get it loaded. I don't get why we are even having to go to another site and why it can't be posted here as a chat. Why would Adam not approve it being posted? If anyone has a short version as to what was discussed I would appreciate it.
  21. Well Welcome Newbie But I have to add IMO I think this is why Adam should have some type of rule for newbies starting threads. I guess after reading the other thread where the word "deceived" is being thrown around so much I think post's like this are irresponsible because someone coming here for the first time might read this and buy dinar based on a post like this. Yes....I know people should make informed decisions. Lets face it not everyone does this and some people are easily deceived or led. Throw out the minus's if you must but I just hate the thought of someone potentially buying more dinar based on a post like this.
  22. Having an opinion like that can get you in a lot of trouble. I promise I am not trying to be mean but really don't depend on the government to protect us from anything. They had ample warning about Madoff and looks what happened. Just be careful and look out for yourself.
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