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  1. Nope ... that's either misdirection or bad news. In what country do they pay cops $455,000? They don't and yes I realize that is 455K IQD or $388/year ... oops that doesn't work either ... see what I mean?! Increasing salaries into a revaluation ... seriously? ... if they calculated salaries correctly earlier in the year it would simply bring them to par on what their actual salary was or if they had subsidized their salaries so that they could at least feed their famalies ... then they would be decreasing their salaries into RV. Have to wait and see but my money is on that this is more f
  2. Too funny my friend! I'm thinking you need to back awaaaaaaaaaaaaay from the keyboard my friend ... "way to excited about this post you are"! ... lol Doc31
  3. Yep ... just doesn't pass the smell test does it ... although there APPARENTLY was a currency auction ... I say apparently because it's not like they haven't lied to us and tried to fake us out with false information. Don't forget when they didn't have an auction for 3 or 4 days then went in and back-posted numbers! ... Uh huh! Bing Bang Boom sounds good to me ... I'll pencil it in on my calendar (no etching of stone with Iraq ... gotta' be able to erase ... lol) ... Just for the record ... the 17th or 18th COULD just as easily be my NEW national holiday! Be expectant but stay grounded
  4. I'm buying. Leave an email on my profile and I will delete once I have it. Peace Doc31
  5. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Very smooth. Thanks and a "+" for you as well! Peace Doc31
  6. I am trying to contact you. I have buyers Doc31
  7. I've contacted you but as of yet have no response I have buyers Doc31
  8. Read this ... BTW ... there is more to it than a horses head water mark! Peace Doc31
  9. I'd love to see a scan of that posted on this thread ... can you help us with that? I left you a message on your profile requesting the same thing ... for some reason I submitted once and it posted twice (not the first time in the last 2 weeks) ... sorry. Peace Doc31
  10. Nooooooooooooooooooo ... here's the scoop ... read this Folks this is an investment ... do you due diligence ... this isn't a pony ride! Follow the steps ... it's easy. Also we did a poll and found that no one ... read that as not a single DV member had seen a counterfeit IQD! Makes you wonder why out of 624,000 google hits for IQD scam 97% say that it is all counterfeit! Not pumpers ... folks actively seeking to keep you from buying!!!!!!!!!!!! Read, become informed about your investment, sleep at night! Peace Doc31
  11. Here's why ... it's not an American machine!!!!!!! ... most banks here have no idea what you are talking about and DONT have one ... they all have counting machines ... most have USD authenticating machines which is vastly more complex. Simply put, DeLaRue is a UK name brand ... and then after the scandal ... what was it ... 2010? ... 2009? ... customers are flocking elsewhere. This is a year old article that I wrote but has some valuable insight to the De La Rue Brandt 8625 (can't remember off the top of my head but it may be the 8625A) Additionally,
  12. It's up now ... 144 total against 2.19 cash ... big drop from Thursday إعلان رقم (1930) تـم افتتــاح عروض لجنة بيع وشراء الدولار اليومـي التسعمائة والثلاثون بعد الالف لبيـع وشــراء العملـة الأجنبية في البنك المركزي العراقـي ليـوم الاحد 3-7-2011 وكانت النتائج كالآتي: التفاصيل الملاحظات عدد المصارف المساهمة في المزاد 15السعر الاساس الذي رسا عليه المزاد بيعا دينار /دولار 1170السعر الذي رسا عليه المزاد شراءاً دينار / دولار -----المبلغ المباع من قبل البنك بسعر المزاد - دولار 144,389,000المبلغ المشترى من قبل البنك بسعر المزاد - دولار -----مجموع عروض الشراء - دولار 144,389,000مجموع عروض البيع
  13. Thanks all ... I just love that little blue guy ... in the past I have been him ... lol Peace Doc31
  14. JUST SAYIN' !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I know that there hasn't been an auction since the 30th of June (but I had a few minutes this morning) ... anyway ... did you really look at the auction? The cash portion (second from right, last line) hasn't been this large since October 5, 2010... subterfuge ... a sign ... panic ... (your choice)?! Let's look at the facts ... that is a significant change ... what's to come of it? Well ... there seems to be only two choices: 1) more clown show 2) delivery of a promise Folks ... we are on the ride and can't influence the outcome except for ourselves (b
  15. Easy there my friend ... most folks will glance at this and think that you are hoping for $.26 ... when in fact I know that you actually mean 1/.26=$3.85! It is a good time for folks to re-aquaint themselves with what an RV will actually look like when presented in IQD/USD format though. Peace Doc31
  16. The sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn is on the verge of collapse as investigators have uncovered major holes in the credibility of the housekeeper who charged that he attacked her in his Manhattan hotel suite in May, according to two well-placed law enforcement officials. Although forensic tests found unambiguous evidence of a sexual encounter between Mr. Strauss-Kahn, a French politician, and the woman, prosecutors now do not believe much of what the accuser has told them about the circumstances or about herself. Since her initial allegation on May 14, the ac
  17. I feel your pain my friend ... I'm a displaced Texan ... lol Mine is what my wife and I love to do ... fly trikes! Peace Doc31
  18. Go Google lunar cycle calendar 2011 ... better yet you'll notice that you can go forward in 2011 ... if we can go back in time thousands or more years at the planetarium I promise we can tell you what phase the moon will be in. In fact punch in June 2025 below the phase calendar and you can see the phases 14 years in advance ... My point is in fact that Warka et al's statement is nonsense Doc31
  19. Ok ... so ... they didn't know that it was coming? No that can't be it. All of the printers in Iraq and throughout the world missed this one ... no ... that can't be it. They just forgot to schedule it? ... no ... that can't be it. I'm sure you get the point Peace Doc31
  20. I've tried contacting Brandon via profile and email. Now I'm wondering if this is a hoax ... newbie ... publishing email address on a post ... I'm still interested ... check your email if this legitimate and contact me Peace Doc31
  21. That is all you need to see to dismiss the entire article ... I don't need a link. MS the minister of propaganda ... the original "lopster" ... whom Shabbibi had to correct every time Saleh made an "appearance" He is bound to be right occasionally because he often takes both sides of an argument on different days ... but I'm not going to believe anything until I've seen it from a credible source. Doc31
  22. I'm interested ... bought a lot from DV members ... always have been great to deal with. Check your email. Peace Doc31
  23. Heather You were excellent to deal with. A very smooth transaction. As I told you I wrote a piece on how great it has been to deal with DV folks. Thank you Peace Doc31
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