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  1. Ok ... that's funny! I do like the new tab suggestion though ... quickly categorized and banished to the WHINERS section ... yep, I like it. And someone gave you a "-" so I evened it up with a "+" ... good luck Peace Doc31
  2. I emailed you at *********************** to buy ... if there is a better email let me know Peace Doc31
  3. Hello my friend ... DT got theirs out of Dubai and GID Associates got theirs out of Syria ... CBI not involved to my knowledge At first blush this article reads like my favorite minister of propaganda ... Mohamed Salih/Saleh ... he only makes appearances; don't you know! ... lol ... also, he has been known to be the Chancellor ... a position the CBI doesn't seem to have according to their website. Did I miss it or is "he" the only reference to where they got the info for this? You know my rule ... if it's Saleh/Salih ... stop reading and don't consider anything until it's been corroborated by 2-3 extraneous sources! Peace my friend Doc31 PS Easyrider is right ... do you due diligence and authenticate your investment ... all of this money laundering concerns me most of all ... it's crap but could be used to whack us ... all you can do is be sure that yours IS authentic. Although we've not seen a bogus bill!
  4. I'd say that's better than an even bet ... but now ... they can have one either way! However, two years of Iraqi press has taught me at least one very important point ... folks in that region posture incredibly more than they ever act. After all ... aren't we still waiting on an RI/RV? Sadr ... a Iranian Ayatolla student has a blood line of Ayatollas in his family that have been "martyred" ... father, uncle, father-in-law ... still odd that the Iraqis give this guy a podium ... you'd have to be as dumb as a donkey not to understand which side this guy pitches for. Ah, well ... RI/RV and we'll move on and they can argue over Iranian/Iraqi borders for another 1000 years if they like. Peace Doc31
  5. British law is unknown to all who have answered you. US law says you can't take more than 10K out of the country without declaring it on a Fincen 105. If it RV's prior to flight ... you have a problem (fill out the Fincen 105 and present it to the TSA) ... if it RV's after the flight and it's worth something less than $2500 ... Visible on X-ray! ... what a bunch of nonsense! Here's you form http://www.fincen.go...fin105_cmir.pdf ... check British law Peace Doc31
  6. Smooth transaction ... straightforward and honest ... thank you ... and a "+" to add to your newbie status as well ... lol Peace Doc31
  7. OTFLMAO ... OMGosh ... you mince words my friend! Nah ... it didn't track for me either ... I checked with 5th third more than a year ago and found that the TREASURY's rate was 17% on either side of the "buy-actual-sell" prices of KWD ... phrased more succinctly ... a 34% spread on KWD I know I've heard all sorts of reports that "NO CURRENCY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN MORE THAN 10%" ... Bollocks! is it my English friend? At the same time I asked about an all time favorite the EUR ... 10.5% on either side of the "buy-actual-sell" price ... read that as 21% spread on EUR. Folks ... shop around ... that's the answer ... sales people ... bank managers ... yes they are trying to sell you on their services ... are trying to get their piece of the pie ... from your piece of the pie ... regardless of the fact that they didn't invest in any pie! "SHOP AROUND" Again, thanks Zantac ... got a good chuckle from your very British understated post ... lol ... I gave you a "+" but they are already on you my friend! Peace Doc31
  8. 1) we don't pay that much per million 2) we've already bought this week but gearing up again ... doesn't look to be 2.5M (yet) 3) I wouldn't buy a kazoo with paypal ... all seller benefits ... buyers left out in the cold (yep, more than one personal experience) But Dude ... go read something in the LOP section to understand a LOP ... try keepmwlknfny I've spent so much time responding to you ... I feel bad for you ... and as I said before ... the best to you. Peace Doc31
  9. Well ... it is not a published national holiday nor a bank holiday according to internet sources. Nothing listed on their website at this hour and nothing under news and announcements. Just before you go doing cartwheels though ... remember a couple of weeks back where there were no auctions ... then after 3 or 4 days they came back and said, "oh, what do you mean ... of course there were currency auctions" and then posted them. Obviously either a campaign to confuse or phony baloney stats ... your call Peace Doc31
  10. Well ... it is not a published national holiday nor a bank holiday according to internet sources. Nothing listed on their website at this hour and nothing under news and announcements. Just before you go doing cartwheels though ... remember a couple of weeks back where there were no auctions ... then after 3 or 4 days they came back and said, "oh, what do you mean ... of course there were currency auctions" and then posted them. Obviously either a campaign to confuse or phony baloney stats ... your call Peace Doc31
  11. Not really ... unless that belongs to a lopster who is selling COMPLETELY OUT ... and perhaps we hear a last goodbye from them ... never to be heard from again ... I still don't get it. I do understand that it could be you ... but the pseudonyms don't match althought the "G" in JG167 could be galloway. If it is ... I do get it ... but is it because you've gone to the dark side ... lol (lopstering) ... or because you've given up? See those two things could go together ... but the long road has caused just as many to sell vs. fear of not recovering ones investment. Regardless, I wish you the best ... "no regrets" Peace Doc31
  12. OK ... that's weird ... it truncated my post! My friend caz1104 saved the day though. Thanks and peace! Doc31
  13. If you look at the odds ... you would expect to see one parting post about how they've seen the light and that they've divested ... you should too ... and then they are gone . Yet, that isn't the case. I understand what you are trying to do Sonny1 ... but still ... I'm going to pass on this one ... I can calculate odds well enough to know that I'M STILL A BUYER ... again ... why aren't they sellers?! Yep ... I do understand! Peace Doc31
  14. Ditto ... once his name is mentioned in an article I stop as well. Peace Doc31
  15. I left a message on your profile for you Peace Doc31
  16. You get any proof of that thing (picture/scan/in the news/or actual note) ... let my good friend Drox know ... please! He's here on DV ... he's a wordsmith! Thanks Doc31
  17. Don't be so sure about that ... Percy Harvin said that he learned more and in an incredibly small time frame from Favre. I'm not saying Favre should be suited up ... just that he isn't done in the NFL. And yes, I understand that Vick is a QB and Harvin a WR ... Harvin newbie ... Vick less so ... but Vick is trying to find his way and could use a "short cut" via advanced info to regain star status. Peace Doc31
  18. Of Course the link is factual ... but show me where I said "lie or false" ... uh huh ... and here's the info from your link ... Please explain to me how that works ... I mean where it costs you $3.22 and you sell it on the black market for $1.86. Yep ... without coffee this morning I said $.86 prefaced with "IF MEMORY SERVES" ... so it was $1.86 ... the point is exactly the same. Saddam "ARTIFICIALLY" held the price of the dinar at $3.22. Here's the scoop ... I'm not arguing that it sat at $3.22 FOR YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ... merely that the rate du joir (lol) isn't supported by the article ... AGAIN ... find the IMF article that supports it and the premise is locked ... don't and you have a he said she said crap shoot! Geez ... you folks need to take a deep breath ... then read and re-read Peace Doc31
  19. Go read my post again ... this time pay attention ... your opionion of how it will come out is merely your opinion ... I simply said that that URL page gave each of the different camps a name and proceedure to support their claims ... I didn't pick a side. And you want me to read the CBI website ... that makes me laugh ... and by the way a central bank is not "the country's official bank representing them worldwide" ... go read about our Fed ... it's a trust ... not run by the government ... not for the people ... not for the country Geez ... Doc31
  20. Unless I've missed something ... only half a cup of coffee ... and those of you that know me ... know not to trust me with that little caffeine in me ... lol ... I don't see $3.22 anywhere! IF that is so then you've taken some liberties here. If memory serves Saddam (pre-war of course ... not December 31, 2004) was insisting that the Saddam/Swiss printed Iraqi Dinar were worth $3.22 but everyone else recognized it as $.86 and below (depending on the timing of your search) when the Tomahawk missiles were launched. HOWEVER, I saw this web page years ago. I have been looking for it and asking everyone for the URL to re-read for at least 10 months. So THANK YOU for the excellent find. I didn't remember that it was an IMF post. For the "come out low and then increase steadily" crowd ... this lists the possible mechanisms. For the "beat the Forex whales" crowd ... this lists that mechanism as well. Etc. Again, nice find. If I missed the $3.22 number forgive me ... ya' gotta circle it or highlight it for me when I'm caffeine deficient. There is a possibility your premise is correct ... this just isn't irrefutable proof (for the reasons that I stated). Post the de juris rate (of $3.22) from an IMF source and you've got your premise nailed. We will have to see what the "clown show" does though! Peace Doc31
  21. OMGosh that is funny my friend ... still wiping tears from my eyes ... as is my wife! It's a shame when a member has to part with their IQD but sometimes it's a necessity. I know you personally and I thank you for attempting to add some humor to the situation ... twisted though your version may be ... lol! I hope that wiley-one chuckled as well Peace Doc31 PS While I was posting I see that wiley-one has decided to wait a few days ... excellent!
  22. Read this: and you'll know more than your banker. Banks have centralized hubs ... South Florida's is in Orlando I believe ... I'm told that you would receive an "unconfirmed" digital deposit until the IQD has been shipped there and confirmed to be authentic. Ask yourself though ... 1) if not ... do they return them to you 2) how would you know what yours look like from the next guys 3) are you at peace with "unconfirmed" part 4) shouldn't you scan the serial numbers in case "push comes to shove" Due diligence: 1) authentication 2) preparation Peace Doc31
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