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  1. No indication whether this sold or not. I'm interested. Please leave your info on my profile ... it will not show. I will contact you to complete the sale Thanks Doc31
  2. Hello I'm interested and have bought many times off DV from members needing to sell. Please leave your contact info on my profile (it will not show unless I approve it) and I will contact you. I found an email address for you and sent to that. You might want to check that first Peace Doc31
  3. I'm on my cell and apparently I can't leave anything on ur profile. I am interested. I need 1.25M Pls leave ur contact info on my profile. It will NOT appear as I have to approve it to publish. I am no rookie regarding buying IQD from members. I also wrote the authentication post pinned in this section. Peace Doc31
  4. I'm interested in it. Pls leave ur contact info on my profile. It will NOT show. Thx Doc31
  5. I left a message on your profile. I'll take it all. Peace Doc31
  6. I'm great thanks ... I hope all is well with you and yours Doc31
  7. Thanks, a pleasure doing business with you as well! Peace Doc31
  8. I'm interested. Check your profile Peace Doc31
  9. Thank you all! We've acquired enough for our recent group buy. We have a few names should we have another group buy soon. Again, thanks and moderators if you would shut this thread down I would appreciate it. Peace Doc31
  10. I sent you the info you requested to the email address that you provided. I have not received a response from you yet. Looking forward to talking with you. Peace Doc31
  11. Thanks ... I appreciate it Catch the Knife ... I didn't receive anything on how to contact you ... please leave on profile ... it won't show ups.higgs ... email sent to you this morning Peace to all Doc31
  12. Small group (not a currency dealer) in SWFL is looking to buy IQD Prefer to buy in larger quantities but will look at other situations We have bought off DV members dozens of times ... always a good experience. Leave your email on my profile (click the eagle to get there) with the amount of IQD you are looking to sell Not to worry, your info won't show until I approve it ... I will delete it before it is viewable by the public Peace Doc31
  13. Agreed! As a buyer I waste a lot of time going through junk from last August (or whatever). This can be accomplished by the buyer as well. I always go back to the original thread and post on how well the deal went! Many times the originator re-posts and thanks me. Symbolic but not closed ... right?! I never considered it my right to request an administrator to close the thread though ... seems that would be at the request of the thread originator. I don't know ... perhaps I will from now on. the administrator can always check with the originator prior to killing it ... Regardless ... Peace Doc31
  14. Got it thx ... good to talk with you. Peace Doc31
  15. You should have an email from me. Thx Doc31
  16. SOLD!! Smooth as silk ... easy transaction ... easy to deal with. Thx Romad ... I put a "+" on your post. Peace Doc31
  17. I got a bunch of personal emails, calls, texts, posts here and a few comments on my profile so I thought that I would just say ... thanks to all ... I'm fine ... I didn't get mad ... not an issue of "thicker skin" (it's quite obvious that guy didn't bother reading anything that I wrote ... isn't it?!) ... staying off the rollercoaster ... living life. Peace to all. Doc31
  18. Thanks folks ... and I do peek in every once in a while ... enough to see that the administrator of this site removed my rating which was nearly equal to the sum of my posts! (Not cool) Detroitjazzman nailed it ... I highlighted in red just where he did Some time back a hilarious thing happened ... a guy with about 50 posts, posted the CBI auction and stated some things incorrectly so I posted a couple of notes trying to help him. He called me out!!!!! "What makes me think that I know more than him about it?" etc! Too funny!! Now a couple of old veterans posted to explain it to him ... he still wasn't contrite though ... and the number of "I don't understand what's going on/ what's the problem" comments were a huge number compared to the vets that actually knew things ... the entire makeup of DV had changed drastically ... there were dozens of posts on that single day where new would-be gurus were oblivious to any history regarding the IQD what-so-ever! ... espousing total nonsense. It was right there that I decided to cease posting anything informational ... Additionally ... since about June 1 2011 ... I haven't really seen anything worth commenting on with a post ... things are in place ... things have been done ... propaganda is rampant ... we are just sitting tight. About the only thing that me posting would do, would be to get others on the rollercoaster that I have told them for years to avoid ... so ... what I learn ... I usually keep to myself or share tidbits with my group. As always ... Peace Doc31 PS We are still buyers ... that should tell you all that you need to know ... lol
  19. Thanks ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well. Everyone is fine thanks and thanks for the kind words. Peace Doc31
  20. I've tried contacting you but with no success look in junk mail Peace Doc31
  21. The quote above (obviously from another site) isn't sound math. Since I've had so many calls about it I thought that I'd write something very short. OK, let's assume that Talabani did actually say that about increasing the annual income per capita ... well the math falls short. Let me show you ... $8000/$2200 =3.636 ... did you see that? Not $3.63! Dollars divided by dollars equals 1 and cancels out. Therefore 3.63 times the current value $.000855 (1USD/1170IQD) is $.003+ ... nope I'm not giving it a rate ... just doing the math Okay ... another quote ... this one is right ... but let's put our thinking caps on and see if the rate being increased by 3.636 is the only way the per capita income could be raised ... exactly ... it's not! Saudi Arabia ... a virtual welfare state sends citizens a check, wire transfer, card, etc ... in actuality the Iraqis could give their citizens LESS IQD if the rate is high enough! While I am not telling you that it CAN NOT come out or go to $3.63 ... I am saying that this is junk math. No reflexion on the original poster ... just a bit excited I expect. In fact the real reason that I chose to write something this morning is to simply say ... take a deep breath ... get off the roller coaster ... live your life ... keep an eye on the Iraqis and the IQD ... but don't let your butt get waffled sitting in front of your computer keeping track of it ... in other words ... sit tight (just not glued to your computer)! Peace to all Doc31
  22. What am I going to do with you two? I take a day (or 3) off and you two ... well, good to see neither of you has lost a step ... lol! Peace Doc31
  23. Smooth transaction. A "+" for you Peace Doc31
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