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  1. Thanks! We filled our order for last week and are working on another for this week ... I've a few folks in front of you and expect to fill it with them ... but I'll keep you on my list. Thanks to all for your responses ... I've had a lot of nice words and senitments ... Thank you all. Peace to All Doc31
  2. I see lots of talk about bitcoin, etc but nothing about it the sale actually taking place (or did I miss that post?). Now ... I'm a buyer and our group is currently trying to fill an order If you are interested in a quick transaction and influx of cash ... let me know. simply leave your particulars on my profile (preferrably with a cell phone #) ... don't worry it won't show Let me know how much you have, circ or uncirc, and what you are thinking price wise. I've bought from DV members many times in the past and from all over the US ... it's quick, easy, and safe for both of us. Check me out ... I've a good rep. Regardless ... Peace Doc31
  3. I appreciate the kind words ... but you are no slouch yourself my friend ... I told you that when this was finished I wanted us both to have smiles on our faces and say nice things about each other ... and look, that's what happened ... lol Peace Doc31
  4. Contact me by leaving your info on my profile (it won't show) Group buying. We've done this many times from DV folks all over the US ... it's quick, easy, and safe Check me out Peace Doc31
  5. Looking to buy the remainder as per your post on my profile but need contact info to do the deal thx Doc31
  6. Thanks Erebus! A pleasure doing business with you. Peace Doc
  7. Bought some ... but as a general concensus ... Agreed! Willing to be proven wrong though ... Please contact me Doc31 (Bump)
  8. Yep, but WE STILL PAY MORE THAN THAT ... but you have to contact me as described above and on your profile Peace Doc31
  9. Check your email for our group buy. Thanks Doc31
  10. How much do you have? My group is buying and I imagine we can buy all that you have ... depends on the amount. We pay more than that Leave your contact info including a phone # on my profile and I will contact you immediately. (your info will not show up to the public) I have done this lots of times with folks all over the US ... quick, easy, safe. check me out Peace Doc31
  11. Did you sell it? I don't see a note and it hasn't been pulled down I head a group who is buying If you will leave your contact info on my profile (it won't show to the public) then I will contact you and see what we can work out. A phone number will expedite the situation. Check me out ... I've a good reputation and I've bought from lots of folks all over the US Peace Doc31
  12. Hello Still need a phone number to contact you with. Email isn't working Trying to wrap this up today if at all possible. If you'll leave a new post on my profile it will NOT show to the public Thx Doc31
  13. Hello I've answered your emails but had no response. We are interested in 9.5M (if 8M is all you have left we will take that) but the group would like this taken care of by Monday. Please respond if you still want to do this ... or if you don't. Either way please let me know Peace Doc31
  14. I've attempted to contact you by email but nothing so far. Please check junk mail. My email address ends in Doc31 so should be easy to spot. Also ... as of this minute I've been able to post any alert on your profile Peace Doc31 PS Hello to all well wishers!
  15. Hello all ! Nothing new ... We have been buyers all along ... and ... we are still buyers! Peace to all Doc31
  16. Our group is looking to buy 8M-10M IQD circulated or uncirculated. Please leave your info on my profile. (it will not show to the public) Please leave name, amount, circulated/uncirculated, and contact info I've done this many times ... check my reputation. Smooth as silk process. Need to buy within the next 2 days. Peace to all Doc31
  17. Our group needs 10M How much do you have? ... I've done this many times ... you can check my reputation Leave how to contact you on my profile (it won't show) Thx Doc31
  18. I'm interested. Leave ur contact info on my profile. It won't show. I will contact u Its a purchase for some in our group so purchase is time sensitive Thx Doc31
  19. I have a group in SW Florida and we are buying again this week. We have bought many time from members of DV. Our purchase is time sensitive so please contact me ASAP. Peace Doc31 PS Hello and thanks to those who left all the nice comments on my posts and profile. Yep, you guessed it ... we are still buyers!
  20. Please contact me by leaving your phone or email address on my profile ... It will not show. I will contact you to make arrangements Thanks Doc31
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