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  1. Sounds as if their frustration level is identical to ours. Perhaps this thing is about to happen! Thanks for the post
  2. It sounds mighty suspicious to me ... going to all that trouble and risk for colored toilet paper! Thanks for the post
  3. Well, if Frank26 has it right ... this is step 1 of the 1...2.....3 GO RI/RV! Thanks for the post
  4. Do you think it could have been Robin Hood? ... nah, probably not ... we are still giving them $120B a month that is supposed to run their government and help the people of Iraq ... it apparently is NOT going to the populous ... the politicians and bankers are too busy scamming over it ... silly me! Thanks for the post
  5. Hi there I have a small group in SW Florida. One of it's members is really angry with those of his friends who did not follow his advice and buy IQD. I've used different analogies and allogories in an effort to get him past it but nothing has helped. When I say that he is angry ... his response is WAY OVER THE TOP! Today it occurred to me how to explain it to him though. I called and asked him if he remembered Tom Cruise in the movie "Top Gun" and he did. I asked him if he remembered when Goose was killed and Maverick had a serious confidence problem. He said that he did. I then asked if he r
  6. Read my second post on this thread and you will understand that it was updated mid-day ... which hand though? ... I'm kidding ... it is a pile of money isn't it?
  7. I would love for them to be that transparent ... but I'm thinking NO! Thanks for the post Woody!
  8. Nicely put ... the IQD, is in fact NOT the EURO or the USD for that matter With regard to the original post ... "no sale" ... you seem to be frustrated like the rest of us but the conclusions drawn are not supported by the facts. Take a deep breath ... take the weekend off regarding IQD ... enjoy life. Peace to you and yours
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