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  1. An RV/RI between now and the end of the year could make a nice addition to the Tax coffers for next year and the elections. I bet that would make for some interesting conversations around the water coolers in Washington.
  2. Makes me wonder just how the Fed is ging to react if this is true and they may not get to hold the three zeros for their own plan.
  3. Always something going on behind the scene...most of the iceberg is below the waterline.
  4. It's finally time for roasted possum shanks....break out the pot passers and the meat stabbers......WEEEEE DOGGEEEE!!!!!
  5. Got back yesterday afternoon. I've been trying to catch up on rest. Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. It was so good to see mama at the airport. It was a long trip. Hope to see ya sooon. Peg says hello.
  6. He's on the campaign trail. Granny is running for possum queen and he's the new mascot.
  7. I guess my fears are now confirmed..........I knew they would not be open with the American people. Remember these tactics on voting day.
  8. Well, because of your prayers I have finally made it home. Another long and rough trip made easier because of your wonderful caring spirits. Thanks go out to everyone of you who thought and prayed for me during my trip. It was SOOO GOOD TO SEE MAMA STANDING THERE. Its so wonderful to hear those customs agents say "welcome home". Even on a bad day, this country is still one of the best places in the world to live and most folks all over the world would give anything to be here. Eventhough I know all is not right here we can't forget there are people in service for us all over the world pa
  9. These boots are leaving the ground and headed home to see mama. To Baghdad today then on to Dubai then 16hrs to home. Pray for a safe trip and make this RV happen while I'm in the air. See ya after touchdown!!!
  10. Bank was open but only had one person there so transactions were not being placed into the system as has happened before. Hope this helps.
  11. I rode by there today and saw the door was open around 15:15. I didn't go in. I'll ask some other folks to see if they know anything.
  12. Mongo I couldn't agree more......break out the pot passers and the meat stabbers!!
  13. We still have a few hours left over's only 1:20PM.
  14. Is the big "O"s political push to pass the health care bill on the 18th somehow tied to new tax legislation that will be associated with the RV or future currency trading? Any thoughts.....
  15. I been following the opening of a new money exchange on my base. Yesterday I ask a vendor next to the new exchange if he new when it might open and he told me he thought it was Monday the 15th. Just coincidence maybe???....I don't think so. More boots on the ground....WooooHooo
  16. Pretty powerful....can't help with additional info but could be very interesting. I have posted in the recent past of a money exchange here in Iraq on my base that was recently set up but had not opened yet. I heard from a shop next to it today that they plan to open on the 15th. WoooHoo. More boots on the ground.
  17. Hang in there it gets more interesting everyday.....welcome.
  18. Thanks Adam and we look forward to hearing more later.
  19. IHS

    5/3 Bank

    Also do they have to send the notes off to corporate to be verified....just a thought.
  20. Isn't it good to know that God knows all our different situations.......He's never let me down.
  21. Possum the air is getting thinner the higher you climb in those trees.....
  22. Not for the faint at heart but chance of excellant return on this......listen close to Adam and the Vets you will learn a lot..
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