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  1. I am confused ,follow the conversation please. 10 dollars worth of Iraqi Dinar please? Sir that will be 41 dollars. Oh of course how silly of me I should have known that when I order 10 dollars worth I should expect to pay 41 dollars . There is something drastically wrong with the logic
  2. Hmmmmm a tough one but NO!! Although I have sources who I cannot reveal that tell me there will be a tomorrow after tomorrow but then again they could be wrong
  3. I saw this post earlier today ,I think it originally came from Honeypaws or someone with a name much like that. I live in Australia (Brisbane) and I can tell you I have not seen anything like that on the news
  4. Great news , on the ground info is the best
  5. I am just wondering ,if someone is told information ,very important information and then spills most of it to a chatroom,is that breaching a confidence? If it is why would you not tell the rest ? lol Just seems crazy to me.
  6. Do these people who are threatening to sell think they are hurting Adam or anyone else by selling their dinar? IMO self inflicted injury is really something you wouldn't want to be telling anyone about . If they want to sell ...sell .No need to cry about it
  7. hypr , the aroha (love) of my family goes to you and your family
  8. Possum, whether or not your contacts come to fruition ,thank you very much for the upbeat and entertaining way you present your information As a matter of interest possum's are protected in the country I live in (Australia) So you are good in my book
  9. Interesting and I hope that you are right but it is in direct contradiction to what the gemtleman from the UN said this morning on webcast saying that they will be working to release Chp 7 after the elections
  10. Bad case of sour grapes if you ask me. Just a point from someone who neither has any sources nor has any intel to share, I appreciate the man's logic and his research and his "attempt" to make some sort of sense out of this . When someone is castigated for sharing their researched opinions to hopefully benefit the group there is definitely something wrong.
  11. Possum I like the sound of your sources. Especially the rate part..lol
  12. Kent I really hope that you are wrong ,but the logic of it makes sense. The only thing that I think will make this currency revalue is if the Superpowers have the ability to make huge amounts of revenue from it . We investors are minute by comparison and the thought that we are any part of the consideration is IMO ridiculous
  13. Really appreciate the work you do Adam ...Thanx
  14. post number nine, I don't know what else to say really, this is rather entertaining
  15. post number six - I wonder what they are talking about in the chat room
  16. post number three follows that yet again waiting for the 30 second delay
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