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  1. Could you elaborate a little? If you are using this report as the BASIS for your knowing with confidence, does the "start in 2014" equate to IN A VERY SHORT TIME?
  2. I'm a little curious, Ms. newbie. Since you "joined" this blog just last month, who's name have you been using to have "lurked" here for the last several years? While my several posts are relatively few since January of 2010 when I joined, they have only about a year ago become "focused" on the obvious lies and the make-up-as-you-go "hoop-la" which is hurting so many people who have shared their shock and loss and hurt because of BELIEVING the likes of okie and frank and jester and tony and even possum when he falls of the wagon. The "woo-hoo-hoo'ers" only add to their misery. I believe in the investment in dinars, Ms. newbie with two children. But it is a REALISTIC belief and one that takes into account that there are NO GET RICH QUICK schemes here. The dinar "may" take a sudden increase, but to come-out and say that it has HAPPENED when the guilty guru knows FULLY WELL that it HASN'T is almost a crime! If you don't LIKE the responses I make about these fake guru's and their lying "intel" rumors. . .go back to LURKING. This forum is and has always been designed and built around the freedom to RESPOND to the so-called "intel" rumors posted here. Some of the older heads are both kinder and gentler than I am. I am grateful for them. They give these slime-ball so-called "guru's" second and third chances. Troops like keepmwlknfny and coorslite21 and many OTHERS in the senior member category are of the gentleman and lady breed that I am mentioning . . .and I appreciate them. They are much kinder than I. But it has been my sad experience of having personally watched retired friends and a NUMBER of single moms risk their very limited assets which they really could ill afford to lose, based upon the sheer GARBAGE put-out by the likes of these lying rumor-mongers who not only usually charge for the membership in their rags, but are the instant cause of hurting people who are STONG in the trust department yet WEAK in the caution area. If you will, consider me a voice of one crying-out in the wilderness, "hang the lying SOB's" When people get PICKED-ON and and trust is abused by rumor mongers, it is just about the same as being picked on by a BULLY! The so-called "guru's" don't call what they do BULLYING. . .instead they call it "INTEL," but with the use of such convincing terms as "WE HAVE IT CONFIRMED," and "IT HAS BEEN SETTLED." For every false and made-up lie these disgusting rumor-monger, scumbag slimeballs put out, they incur and desperately deserve getting it pu it back in heir face in public so that EVENTUALLY even some REAL newbies (not those who USE the name on one side but out of the other side of their mouth claim to have "lurked" for years) might catch-on before they swallow ONE MORE PIECE of garbage from these criminals and rush-out to buy more "BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE." Can't you see the constantly repeated cycle of their diatribe? "Take them into a FRENZY with a false report of imminent RV, and crescendo- - -lay low- - -build back to a frenzy--crescendo again- - -law low again for a week." Over-and-over-and-over, ad nausium. It repeats OVER-and-over-and-over again and very few people strongly hold these lying scumbags to task. I risk doing so. Again. . .if as a "newbie" who joined this blog less than a month ago, it OFFENDS you when their scumbag, lying, dirtball make-it-up-as-you-go garbage so-called "intel" is thrown on the floor here at DV. . .I suggest you go back to quietly "LURKING." As Frank has so often said from the comfort of his Blue Couch, "Let me sing to you;" or as your friend okie has so often stated from his 747 flying around always about to land, "NUFF SAID."
  3. Well, it's September 2. NOTHING has happened (as usual). The Currency auctions CONTINUE at an ever brisk rate of 1166 dinars to the US Dollar. Okie has nothing to say (can you believe that???). Tony pretends he NEVER said what he did and is now saying all he speaks is the truth!!!. Frank (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa tries to play, "I TOLD YOU SO," pretending that he called these "FALSE RUMORS" before anyone else, NO Missles have been fired and STILL there is NO SIGN that ANYTHING ever happened. NO cards have been filled in Iraq, Tony. No Iraqis are "shopping," all over Europe with their new FILLED cards at $3.43,Tony!!! And "Wife-in-the-Know" doesn't know - - - -ANYTHING! Possum is still recovering from his last "hit" of LSD. And the ONLY truth you have gotten so far has come from Adam. Okie and Tony are BACK to "I've BEEN HACKED" or "It was SUNSPOTS" as their excuse for putting out REAMS of false hope, GARBAGE reports of trhe RV and of ficticious rates. Even Jester has faced his obvious loss of anyone listening. All-in-all, the lack of "new" updates on DV speaks VOLUMES if people - ESPECIALLY the newbies - would just listen!
  4. Well, it's September 2. NOTHING has happened (as usual). The Currency auctions CONTINUE at an ever brisk rate of 1166 dinars to the US Dollar. Okie has nothing to say (can you believe that???). Tony pretends he NEVER said what he did and is now saying all he speaks is the truth!!!. Frank (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa tries to play, "I TOLD YOU SO," pretending that he called these "FALSE RUMORS" before anyone else, NO Missles have been fired and STILL there is NO SIGN that ANYTHING ever happened. NO cards have been filled in Iraq, Tony. No Iraqis are "shopping," all over Europe with their new FILLED cards at $3.43,Tony!!! And "Wife-in-the-Know" doesn't know - - - -ANYTHING! Possum is still recovering from his last "hit" of LSD. And the ONLY truth you have gotten so far has come from Adam. Okie and Tony are BACK to "I've BEEN HACKED" or "It was SUNSPOTS" as their excuse for putting out REAMS of false hope, GARBAGE reports of trhe RV and of ficticious rates. Even Jester has faced his obvious loss of anyone listening. All-in-all, the lack of "new" updates on DV speaks VOLUMES if people - ESPECIALLY the newbies - would just listen!
  5. Tonight is the Annual great , "OKIE LIES AGAIN" celebration. It was on THIS night, two years ago that okie announced in LARGE CAPITAL letters that the RV had happened the NIGHT BEFORE and that EVERYBODY should go in an QUIT THEIR JOBS! In his best "Jed Clampet" vocabulary and 3rd-Grade use of English, he blasted ALL ABOUT his 747 being at 17,000 ft., claiming $17 per dinar and began his terrible slide into infamy and becomining the GREAT Okie-Pumpkin. With his parting shot of, "NUFF SAID," he set-the-bar VERY HIGH for all future blog bafoons. NOW Jester and Bluwolf and MtnGoat and ESPECIALLY Tony "HANGING THEIR POSTS" with their made-up fiction based upon what they FEED on each-other's garbage, and they have DESPERATELY looked for a "Scape Goat" to back out of their claims which NEVER HAPPEN! It was happening every night this week when nothing of the sort was even CLOSE to being true. NOW the "impending" war with Syria is their "universal" cry for why their loud claims didn't happen! If the missles actually fly, they'll be SAVED and HAVE an excuse which no one can refute. THAT is their excuse for why the RV has now been delayed! CERTAINLY they can "SPIN" that - ESPECIALLY if all the guru's GET-TOGETHER on this perfect "escape" story! Well - - when next MONDAY comes and Labor Day passes with NO MISSLES, and STILL with NO SIGN of an RV and the CBI still conducting currency auctions in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars for dinars being sold by International Banks (who are only TOO GLAD to be rid of them) for the CONTINUING TRASH sum of 1166 dinars to the US Dollar, and should the US NOT attack Syria. . .WHAT, o pray, WHAT, will the poor gurus have to say THEN? They'll have to go back to "been HACKED? Sunspots?" Anybody notice the "WOO-HOO-HOO'ers" haven't "WOO-HOO-HOO'd" lately? Especially our lady Real Estate Salewoman from North Carolina? Frank (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa and his used car salesman helper, Delta, haven't stepped too deeply into Tony's and Okie's mess this time. The "BLUE COUCH" must have warned him to be wary. WHAT will the poor likes of Tony and Jester and the others have to say next Monday? I almost feel SORRY for them. . .but they never FAIL to find NEW listeners willing to swallow their garbage. Sales of "last-minute" dinars must have been FANTASTIC this week! "OH," you say, "But they only report what they HEAR." Too bad they don't OCCASSIONALLY try to CHECK-OUT the garbage that they just blindly accept and repeat and post, which garbage CONSTANTLY gets SOMEHOW dragged over here. Tonight at about 1:30 a.m., Central Daylight Savings time, the GREAT Okie-Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch and spreads malicious and made-up rumors all over Dinar Land. And many newbies will actually BELIEVE him and FOLLOW his every word, as if he were telling the truth! Then Bluewolf and Jester and TNT will READ and JOIN-IN what the great okie-pumpkin said and will SEE and read MORE into it and finally embellish upon the words of the great Okie-Pumpkin. But then Saturday and Sunday and even MONDAY will come-and-go ONCE AGAIN without ONE THING of what the guru crowd all but SWORE was happening turning out ONCE AGAIN not to be true. The FIRST week of September will "roll-around" and the guru's will slink back under the rocks and slime from which they came to conjur up their ever NEW pontifications and as usual without any basis in fact OR substance OR justifiable, printable source and generally will just start ANOTHER and NEW series of made-up lies and NEW garbage. It will be SEPTEMBER in 3 days, folks! ONLY 3 MORE MONTHS to the NEW YEAR! ACCEPT it - - -they LIED!
  6. C'mon guys! LOOK at today's currency auctions! 23 International banks and more than a quarter $BILLION$ USD buying dinars at GARBAGE rates (which remain UNCHANGED)! Does anybody REALLY think Okie has ANY basis for such drivel when even the BANKS selling their dinars are selling them TODAY (supposedly within 48-hours of an RV) at 1166 dinars to the Dollar? Does anybody REALLY think they would lose such a thing.
  7. GET READY FOR THE NEXT EXCUSE!!! The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!! e-r-r-r That is we have JUST NOW discovered that Syria is using poison gas!! NOBODY knew about the "RED LINE" being crossed in the Obama administration until John Kerry discovered it ALL BY HIMSELF! Maybe Mr. Kerry can fly OVER there amidst the fighting and somehow inflict a wound to his elbow or foot and seek the President's Medal for heroism under fire! NOW the U.S. is expected to once again, "LEAD THE CHARGE!!!" Then we can be blaimed by EVERYONE (just like in Iraq)~! How about THIS time we invite the MIDDLE EAST countries to do their OWN cleaning-up job! That way we can't be damed by ONE side for going in. . .or damned by the other for NOT going in. It's kind of like in Egypt! We were BLACKMAILED by Egypt to pay HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars for EACH overflight to carry airlift supplied into Iraq for our troops (cash money which found in the hands of HAMAS during raids by Israel), and MILLIONS in military aid to the Egyptions so now somehow WE are responsible for the outcries of the "peaceful" Muslim Brotherhood (who's members are with impunity burning Christian churches ALL OVER EGYPT). NOW it's Syria! How about letting TURKEY do the invading and bleeding for a change! They have been quoted as saying they will "support" a military action by the U.S. And why NOT?? What does it cost THEM? How many young TURKISH men and women die and be blamed by every two-bit country in the world? Yep . . .the NEXT excuse for a delay in the RV is being set-up right before our eyes! THERE's your "scape goat" jester! There's your "way-out," Tony! Not necessary to use "SUN SPOTS" or "I'VE BEEN HACKED" as an excuse for just being flat-out WRONG.
  8. Okie has MESSED-AROUND with his annual call! He was EARlY! He wasn't supposed to make this call until August 28th - the celebrated anniversary of his SAME call on August 28, TWO YEARAS AGO! Then he said it had "HAPPENED LAST NIGHT AT 1:00am! AND EVERYBODY GO IN AND QUIT YOUR JOBS!" This time it was MUCH less loud and FAR LESS dramatic! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OKIE??? Is he getting too timid to lie as loudly?
  9. This SUPPOSED to be okie's line! And he is not supposed to say this until the 28th, which is the ANNIVERSARY date of his FIRST RV LIE, of 2 years ago when he told everybody to go in and QUIT their jobs because it had "RV'd" the night before! Now POSSUM is trying to steal that thunder?? Do drugs and alcohol addiction make Possum try to emulate Okie?
  10. I am flabberghasted! You mean you guys don't BELIEVE Okie and Eagle1? You don't BUY Jester's "gospel"? You believe they LIE??? INTENTIONALLY?? SURELY not!!! After all. . .they POSTED it on the Internet, so it MUST be true. . .RIGHT?? I believe FINALLY the dinarians here at DV and watching are now reading all these BULLSHOOTERS with jaundiced eyes - FINALLY! If the trades had not closed down. . .they would have been forced to resort again to "SUN SPOTS" as the reason, like they did two years ago when after their LOUD proclamations THEN that it had RV'd and it proved (as it did THIS time, as well) that they simply had LIED to "pump" more "last-minute" dinar sales. But the "freeze" of the trade computers is such a SWEETER fabrication than just the old explanation of "SUN SPOTS." So. . .RANT ON Eagle 1. . .RAVE like a MANIAC, Mountaingoat- - -NOBODY BELIEVES YOU ANYMORE!
  11. SURELY you don't mean to imply that Frankie (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa is "occassionally" WRONG!!! NOT Frank and his Blue Couch!! Now THERE goes the neighborhood! Frank is wrong!
  12. What if a "lead" bank was chosen for a good REASON? Let's pretend it was Wells Fargo. What if the REASON it was chosen was because it were owned partially by the Chinese under cleverly covered-investment disguise, not at all unlike what Ferdinand Marcos did to HIDE the Philippine gold in the US for so many years on ranches and farms owned under the guise of 275 different US corporate names? What if that "lead" bank was "supposed" to send a PORTION of the collected dinars (say about a THIRD) NOT to the UST. . .but instead to CHINA? ESPECIALLY if China were to pay in US Dollars??? What if China was then supposed to send BACK those US Dollars they hold as debt on the old US of A in EXCHANGE for the Dinars? THEN, what if China suddenly BALKED last week at DOING it this way and BACKED-OUT? What if they surprizingly and suddenly BACKED-OUT at the very LAST MINUTE? Would THIS scenerio explain the "back-stepping" everybody has watched since last week?
  13. What you have said is so OBVIOUS! But people seem to just IGNORE this IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE and CLEAR and TRUE indicator of the value of the dinar. It is, in fact, the ONLY clear message available to everyone, but gurus try DESPERATELY to get people to pretend it isn't really telling the truth about where the RV is (or ISN'T)!.
  14. Tough call -- Last 3 months, clearly it would be Tony. Who ELSE had Iraqis running all-over (including in Europe) and BUYING cars and TV sets with their Qi Cards set at $3.43?? Terry K. and jester have read each-other's lies and built upon what the other one makes-up. . .but they can't hold a CANDLE to the LONG-TERM, ALL-TIME, NUMBER ONE "gag a maggot" winner, which must go either to okie or Frank (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa. August 28th is only a short week away. THAT is the celebration day of the GREATEST HURT done by anyone in Dinar Investment history, when two years ago Okie blatently told everyone "IT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT! I'M AT 17,000 FEET. EVERYONE GO IN TOMORROW AND QUIT YOUR JOBS!!" Possum doesn't qualify for the finals, because he is legally insane, being a drug and alcohol addict. So the KING of idiot guru's award has to be held out for okie. Who else could POSSIBLY have accomplished so much damage with so much intentionally made-up mis-information and outright lies? Hail king okie. . . .king of idiots!
  15. Is anybody TIRED of the gurus chant:"IT IS COMING SOON." "BE QUIET AND DON'T CALL ANYONE."??? Or the Islamic Garbage line of, "IN THE COMING DAYS"? A BREAK from having TNT'snd OOM' lying and made-up gatbage dragged over here would be appreciated. It's bad enough that POSSUM hasn't been put in mandatory drug rehab, but for Jester and Bluwolf to made IDIOT statements and then LATER pretend they had never MADE THEM?? And NEVER is there any SOURCE given for their garbage! INSANITY! I'd get more accurate "RUMOR" from supermarket tabloids!
  16. Sarg, There is a song about monkies and their tails (or rather their lack of them) in Zamboanga, which a gentleman of your seniority should certainly remember and was sung to you in the days of your single stripe youth by older heads. NOW I can ASSURE you that there are no possums in Siam or in neighboring Cambodia, Vietnam or Laos (as you ALSO should personally remember). But insofar as Siam is concerned, you probably remember your friends who helped the BNSF as they worked on the railroad and sang their happy song.
  17. The day that everybody need to watch is August 28th. That is the annual, "Okie Lies Again" day. I know last weekend kind of took all the wind out of okie's sails a little early- - -but his BIG day will be August 28th when we celebrate his BIG LIE from 3 years ago. THAT was when he FIRST announced all over the internet that it had RV'd in the wee hours of that morning and BLASTED all over the internet, "EVERYBODY GO IN TOMORROW AND QUIT YOUR JOBS!!" Since he was the FIRST to lie about it RV'ing. . .SO many others have followed suit. EXOGEN doesn't even spark an INTEREST in the face of REAL dinar liars. EXOGEN has a LONG way to go compared to okie, Tony, Frank (let-me-sing-to-you) Villa, Jester, Bluwolf, Debtarheels (WOO-HOO-HOO-etc) and even our own drug and alcohol-busted Possum! Yup! Okie deserves his day. August 28! Okie WHOPPER Day!
  18. Don't you forget = = = = Possum supposedly had his "LITTLE" Possum serving him as his personal "Boots-on-the-Ground," in a neighboring country and was saying the SAME THING as okie. Since Possum is an apostle of Timothy Leary, we can assume he was acid-tripped when he said "IT IS DONE."
  19. Okie is HONEST??? Barf, giggle, snigger, cough, choke, wheeze. Pathological lying is NOT the same as honest. Intentionally made-up lies and deliberately misleading people is ALSO not RUMORS. DV hasn't figured that out yet and begun a new and seperate blog for people like okie and tony titled, "KNOWN TO BE MADE-UP LIES," but we're all in hopes that after the INCREDIBLE damage they've done this past week that they WILL, and FORCE anyone who drags their GARBAGE over here to DV to put their drivel into THAT group and keep it OUT of the RUMORS section. This last week, OKIE and TONY and JESTER and BLUWOLF have finally reached a NEW LOW, somewhere below WHALE DUNG. RUMORS are RUMORS! LIES are LIES/ They are NOT the same thing, nor do they belong together.
  20. Is there ANYONE out there who doesn't by NOW get the message? IGNORE anything said by OKIE, TNT Group (ESPECIALLY Tony), Jester, Bluwolf and every ONE of the lying idiots who drove this last week's insanity! NO SUCH THING HAPPENED on August 7th as pumped by Tony and the others. By now everybody should KNOW that! This last week was the WORST CASE of lying yet foisted by these criminals and there should NO LONGER be ANYONE left who doesn't CLEARLY KNOW IT! Those who follow EVERY WORD that Tony or OKIE vomits and is brought over here. . .do you LIKE being lied to? Do you LIKE being deceived and having your hopes RIPPED? 'Nuff said. When/as/if Mr. Montana speaks with HIS assurances and you receive a confirming e-mail from HIM, you might start to get excited. What's the MATTER, Tony??? Cat got your tongue?
  21. There evidently was some kind of a major hiccup in the Dinar "waiting game" back on 13 August which hiccup drove all the lying gurus to make all their outlandish and rediculous claims which they are now trying to "squirm" out of and demand they are NOT responsible for. The CBI Currency auctions were for reasons unknown set into a stasis-hold from that date until TODAY, when they once again resumed at FULL STRENGTH and FULL SWING. WHATEVER that "hiccup" may have been on the 13th, it wasn't something we can see or likely will EVER be told. . .but you can bet your respective dinars that since the currency auctions are now once again going strong that contrary to the continued shouts of the embarrased gurus there won't be any RV soon. The "clue" to everyone on THIS blog as to what's TRUE and what isn't is to see what ADAM MONTANA is saying! While Adam may not always be 100% correct. . .you can BET that when he doesn't post loud announcements that the RV has happened (as opposed to Okie and Tony who do it repeatedly), it probably HASN'T happened! When Adam comes-out, he usually covers his bets 300%, and you will LIKELY see it on other venues besides DINAR forums. By the way. . .a quick call to any English-speaking bank officer at any of the Western Banks in Bagdad, Iraq will confirm to ANYONE that the falsly reported $3.43 value to dinars on the CBI-issued Master Cards supposedly going back to the 7th of August is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY balogny. So THANKS AGAIN, TNT and Tony and Bluwolf and Okie and Jester and Possum! It is a REAL service (NOT) you provide the public out here in Dinarland.
  22. WOW! This is a MUCH better excuse than the one used last year when Okie lied about the RV having happened the LAST time when he claimed, "SOMEBODY HACKED MY COMPUTER." Let's blame Wells Fargo! It must be the crowds camping in their parking lots (NOT).
  23. Notice how all the shouting garbage-guru's have gone QUIET? I hope this most recent rage of gulu BS - each lying guru feeding on the lies of the next - will ONCE and FOR ALL close-down all the people even LISTENING to Industrial-Strengtgh BS from TNT, Tony, Jester, Bluewolf and Okie! Maybe then people will stop DRAGGING this non-rumors over to this site and PRETEND they are rumors!
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