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  1. Got it figured, Tony - - -FINALLY! The REASON all the politicians and 3-letter agencies (and of course their families) got to "cash out" since last Sunday and yet all the dinar distributors are STILL selling for less than a thousand $US per million dinar, and why we cannot cash out is because all the politicians and the 3-letter agency friends of TONY showed up at unknown banks in BUSSES! This started the 30-day countdown, and we "LITTLE PEOPLE" won't therefore be allowed in until 5:45 PM on December 31st. But all the politicians and 3-letter agency people were NOT required to sign an NDA because no bank has ever yet HEARD of such a thing! AMAZING, isn't it? Dinars still being exchanged all over Iraq at 1166 dinar to the US Dollar ANY bank, the multiple International banks participating in currency auctions are STILL unloading at 1166 dinar to the dollar with HUNDREDS of million of dollars involved in the exchanges, yet NOBODY who is called in Iraq is aware of dinar being valued at $3.44 0r $3.87! What's WRONG with these people? Haven't they been listening to and been properly informed by Tony? WORSE. . .the two US Congressmen and the 3 State Department people I know who ALL own a substantial quantity of dinar have YET to hear about this "special" opportunity for politicians, 3-letter agencies (and of course, their families), NOR has the local Regional Foreign Exchange Bank manager for either Wells Fargo OR Chase heard that dinars are either yet ACCEPTABLE or at any rate other than the official exchange rate of 1166 dinar to the dollar! HOW do all these uninformed people manage to even keep their jobs when Tony has TRIED to tell everyone? GIVE IT A BREAK, TONY! Enough of Tony's BS to fill every Dubai Poop Truck for 10 miles.
  2. Man, it keeps getting more DRUG ADDICTED and crazy by the HOUR! Now TNT Tony's "excuse" is that politicians and 3-letter agencies (and of course their FAMILIES) are taking-up the banks' time so we "LITTLE PEOPLE" haven't had OUR opportunity yet! What absolute DRIVEL! Isn't it ODD that certain US congressmen who are FULLY acquainted with dinars and actually OWN some know NOTHING about such "PRIVILEDGED" opportunity, nor do their colleagues. NO such "special" pre-announcement "CHECK-OUT" exists, folks! This is just ANOTHER of TNT Tony's malicious and made-up lies to fill-in the GAP for why NOTHING he ever says happens. There is ALWAYS an excuse or a "NEW" and previously unknown problem! As if we "LITTLE PEOPLE" couldn't be turning-in while the "PRIVILEDGED" are accomodated privately! Give it a rest, Tony! The lying has become malicious.
  3. Well it looks like the repeated lies of TNT Tony are about to finally catch up to him! Now even his own zombies are bailing-out on his continuous garbage. He can no longer simply claim that he "trusts" his intel sources. It is begining to look like all those were RIGHT who begged everybody to listen last Springtime and last summer time when they said LOUD and CLEAR that an RV wouldn't happen until sometime in 2014. But the Tony's and Mountain Goats and the Jed Clampet Okie Oil Men prevailed until everybody has finally been SATURATED with their day-after-day GARBAGE reports that Pay Cards were already filled-out at $3.44 and $3.87 in Iraq and that all the banks (who know NOTHING of such reports) are all supposed to have had the 800 numbers for weeks! NOW, as Thanksgiving has passed and all the REDICULOUS excuses of IMF "taking-over" if nothing was done by Tuesday of 3 weeks ago, and then of Chase bank being the cause and more recently because "mysterious" bussloads of supposed unknown dinar holders have invaded various bank parking losts which no bank seems to be aware of - - -after all these CHILDISH and WILD claims, even TNT Tony followers are bailing-out on him! It is certainly LONG PAST being ABOUT TIME! I just wonder when some of those of his former zombies he had misled over-and-over-and-over again will seek revenge upon him and justice for what he and his co-offenders have inflicted upon them. Even though some still see fit to reproduce his outlandish garbage on this site and still pretend to call it "RUMOR," most EVERYBODY now knows him for the fraud that he is.
  4. This Tony has gone WAY TOO FAR!!! Now the current delay "excuse" for why the "IT CAN'T BE STOPPED" has been delayed is because DOZENS of his ZOMBIES have inundated BANKS?? Mind you, TONY has said EVERY DAY that it has happened, has said the banks have some supposed 800 numbers (but can't disclose them), yet he accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for WHY any of his ZOMBIE-CLOWNS who listen and hang onto his every garbage, made-up lie would POSSIBLY check-out what he says?? Surely someday soon one or more of TNT Tony's ZOMBIE-CLOWNS will get it right amd the light of day will dawn upon them and REALIZE what FOOLS they have been! When several of them FINALLY see how they have been fed CONTINUOUS "BULL_ _ _ _" day-after-day, they will no doubt become VERY PISSED OFF with their former guru. One can only hope that the TAR and FEATHERS are as far as they go! The NEWEST excuse: Some of Tony's ZOMBIES are FINALLY checking-out his lies??? and LO, THAT has taken the place of Chase banks and bad computers as the CURRENT delay?? C'mon, Tony! You can RUN. . .but you CANNOT hide! Your Zombie followers will FINALLY turn on you and there will be NO PLACE on this planet where you can hide!
  5. Well folks, Tony's got his back against his LAST real "BACK WALL" of LAST Sunday (not his NEW Back Wall of December 1st, nor his NEXT new real Back Wall after that of December 23rd. . .nor even his REALLY, real final and LAST really real Back Wall of January 1st). His many 3-letter agencies that speak with HIM, so HE can then speak to Okie who in-turn speaks with W in the K, who speaks with Mountain Goat while they shop together in the New Jersey Mall, have got the REALLY real news THIS time (as opposed to the "kind-of" real news he had last Friday). Tony's REALLY real news is that he is so full of CRAP that his EYES are brown and he truthfully doesn't even know what day of the week TUESDAY falls on! But he has LOTS of zombie koolaid drinkers who fall on EVERY one of his lying words as though there were some simblance of TRUTH to any of what he says! P.T. Barnum MUST have been thinking of Tony Renfrow when he spoke those famous words! There has been absolutely NO BASIS of FACT in ANY of the many FALSE CALLS and the dozens of RV's that Tony has repeatedly alled over-and-over, almost DAILY since August! It is now Thanksgiving eve, and if the readers here at DV haven't 100% all gotten this down and can witness that Tony Renfrow delivers MORE BULL than a Texas feedlot. . .then there is NO HOPE! Tony's followers are sheep being led to the slaughter! Then there are the latter-day Okies, like Mountain Goat and wife-in-the-know. There is a DIFFERENCE, thank heaven. They at least have have a vocabulary better than a 3rd grade 1st year English-speaking student! ('NUFF SAID?). If there is an Oklahoma version of the movie DELIVERENCE, Okie would be the star! No teeth. . .no shoes. . .no vocaublary or knowledge of the English language or anything he ever talks about! But then again. . .Mountain Goat and WITK haven't yet been "hijacked" or caught by "sunspots" But Tony is one "SET-APART." He is both DANGEROUS and HARMFUL. His "make-it-up" as you go lies actually have otherwise intelligent human beings throwing out ALL their common sense and DESPITE his proving over-and-over that he is a CON MAN, his crap CONTINUES to be on the front of so many tongues to be repeated! At least SOME people are finally begining to RESPOND to this snake-in-the-grass and as Tony's lies begin to show themselves, the OTHER, latter-day Okies will finally also be castigated just as openly An RV will eventually emerge, but when it does. . . .it will be DESPITE Tony and Goat and WITK and certainly despite the lying 747 guy with the Jed Clampet vocabulary!
  6. Fully understanding that NOBODY dares believe ANYTHING TNT TONY comes out with, he DESPERATELY needed a "Spin Lie" to be loaded on the net BEFORE Sunday, so he could avoid the hellish responses to his LATEST lies of late last week. Now it is the "last-minute" assumed and SUPPOSED statement that Iran (of all places) MIGHT be spared further world-economic sanctions, IF they "play nice" and sign a commitment regarding the cessation of their nuclear program, and THAT is the reason TNT TONY has to give for the WHOLE WORLD being held up from his announced (IT CANNOT BE STOPPED) Late Saturday or Sunday RV??? REALLY??? And this is the fabricated excuse? This is the best TNT can do??? Okie was better two years ago with his "SUN SPOTS" and "I HAVE BEEN HACKED" excuses. C'mon Tony - - -how about something better than a MAYBE lifting of sanctions on Iran???
  7. This guy Tony, is simply AMAZING! Does he think EVERYBODY is unable or unwilling to "check-out" his stories? As of 1000 hours, Wednesday Baghdad time, the exchange rate is (SURPRIZE - - -surprize) STILL only 1166 dinar to the dollar. Two Iraqi security police officers trained by us went AGAIN into their bank this morning (JUST LIKE YESTERDAY) and exchanged $100 in US Dollars for local Dinar. The rate is STILL 1166 dinar to the dollar - - -NOT $3.44 or $3.86! It is STILL 1166, just like YESTERDAY, Tony's crap remains STILL being Tony's MADE-UP crap! NOBODY got "CALLED-IN" at any banks! The main Regional WF ForeignExchange bank for this area OPENED as usual at 0900, and the head Foerign Exchange teller didn't even ARRIVE until after 9:00!!! When is somebody going to finally say "ENOUGH is ENOUGH" concerning the outrageous lies from this idiot?
  8. Here is a new and incredibly interesting and honest post! It agrees 100% with the same information i received from 2 personal calls I made this morning direct to three good Iraqi cops, who spoke bluntly with me about the exchange they did TODAY of dollars into dinar. Absolutely INCREDIBLE lies being vomited on everyone by Tony and Mtn.Goat and WTK. 11-19-2013 Intel Guru TD Checked with my contact who is bewildered at these weekly announcements of an in country RV to be followed by a worldwide announcement. There is no such thing. If and when the IQD goes internationally it will do so at the same time otherwise people can and will double dip. If you check articles you'll also see laws needed to be passed, implemented , etc are still not done. Someone did say check the CBI website, that is good advice. Again I repeat, there has been no RV, no change in rates.
  9. Let's see - - - - Today is the 19th. H-M-M-m-m-m. 19 International banks exchanged TODAY for 1166. Must be STUPID banks, RIGHT?? But - - - -in Baghdad at 1345 Baghdad time TODAY, three Iraqi policement trained by our guys went in to their bank and guess what????? Their exchange rate was 1166 dinars to the US Dollar and the 19 banks exchanged $181.5 MILLION dollars for dinars at the same old Toilet Paper rate of 1166 Dinar to the US Dollar!! NOT $3.44 to the dinar! NO cards are "loaded." They are all STILL waiting! Now you don't think just POSSIBLY that TNT Tony and Wife-in-the-know, and Mountain Goat might be - - - A. LYING outright??? or B. Continuing to spread lies from their so-called "INTEL" sources which make the 3 Stooges seem like Einstein by comparison??? Tell you what, Tony!!! You can have ALL my Dinar for the $3.44, much LESS $3.87 later in the day, and keep it for yourself for Yesterday's/Today's $38!!! How about putting your little billfold where your BIG mouth is? In any event. . .they are (JUST AS ALWAYS) dead wrong (AGAIN)! Call it what you WANT. . .but if it LOOKS, WALKS and QUACKS like a LIE, it just MIGHT be a LIE!!!
  10. This guy Tony is SO FULL of crap that his eyes are brown! He just "makes-it-up" as he goes. NO TALE is too wild: "MORE THAN $36!!" - - - -"SCHEDULED FOR 7 PM TONIGHT!" etc, etc. Then. . . ."OH, THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT CARDS HAD BEEN MADE-OUT FOR DIFFERENT AMOUNTS, SO THE WHOLE WORLD HAS TO BE DELAYED What an absolute crock of unadulterated CRAP! And so many of his ZOMBIE followers hang on every word and actually BELIEVE what this bozo says! INCREDIBLE!
  11. Checked again today at 7 Currency Exchange branches of 4 different major banks in 3 different cities. NOBODY was "called-in," and NOBODY was told to "EXPECT" anything for today OR tomorrow! Just in case more lies are posted late today (Thursday) or early tomorrow continuing to say currency exchange branches are all supposed to be "on-alert" or "called-in." I have personally checked with currency exchange branches within several major cities of Texas and California. NOTHING of what has been vomited by TNT Tony or his copy-cat gurus has occurred. Those kind of lies are easily exposed, so recognize them as crap when they are reposted here.
  12. If all this invented and made-up CRAP wasn't so SICK it would be funny! But it's NOT funny! Real people who haven't anything better to do actually BELIEVE these idiots! I personally contacted several currency exchange branches of three of the top banks in 4 different large city locations. NONE of them have had "PEOPLE CALLED IN" and who are "IN-PLACE." What a CROCK of crap!
  13. It is now the 5th of November. Anybody know what happened to TNT TONY's "BACK-WALL" of Oct 31st? DON'T tell me he was WRONG!!! (again)!!! Maybe he should have STAYED in Reno with the other SCAMMERS. Do you suppose by NOW at least some of his zombie followers will STOP re-posting his made-up crap over here??? We can only hope. . . .
  14. Does anybody actually think that Maliki (or Iraq, for that matter) is going to PAY for the F-16's he is getting from the United States? The "GREAT GIVE AWAY" (courtesy of the Taxpayers of the United States) will find that these aircraft are PAID for by cancelable ZERO-interest loans! Come on, people. . .Iraq can't even afford SEWAGE plants for Bagdad. . .much LESS multiple MILLIONS for F-16 fighters! The secterian ethnic violence in Iraq has escalated to horrefic proportions! If anyone were to watch BBC news (UNlike ABC with Dianne Sawyer), you would have seen MULTIPLE reports of the ever worstening violence throughout Iraq which is about to break into FULL-BLOWN Civil War! Arab Spring in the rest of the Middle East from LAST YEAR is about to become Arab Winter in Iraq - RIGHT NOW!
  15. Like "HUMPTY-DUMPTY," Tony Renfrow sat on his "BACK WALL" of 1 November. And like Humpty-Dumpty, TONY had a GREAT FALL!! But UNlike Humpty-Dumpty, we are condemned to CONTINUE to see his crap reproduced ALL OVER the Internet, and all the king's horses and all the king's men can't keep him SHUT UP!
  16. FINALLY, some good sense is begining to get posted here!
  17. Skybear


    Of all the nonsense, impossible-to-enforce and idiotic garbage put out about the revaluation of the currency of Iraq. . .THIS is quite possibly the most absurd! I thought TNT Tony was approacing "rubber-room" time after his calling the RV every 45-minutes, over-and-OVER-and- OVER for the past 8 weeks, and now after his "BACK WALL" was trashed (just like everything ELSE that has dribbled out of his mouth), but a "Non-Disclosure-Agreement"??????? And by "Homeland(s) Security"??? (Do you suppose he meant Homeland Security - without the 's')??? Let's see. . .with 5 to 6 MILLION participants in the US, alone, the RV is supposed to be kept a SECRET??? REALLY??? SOMEBODY has smoked some VERY BAD stuff! Now along with Two-Ton-Crapster, TONY, we have BRAD NEW idiots with even MORE absurd garbage to read! AMAZING. . .absolutely amazing! Even Tony's ZOMBIES are starting to wonder if he hasn't parked all his marbles in a dumpster someplace. So from this point, as he slips into the mode of, "I ONLY TELL WHAT I HEAR" and is too embarassed to come out and admit that he knows absolutely NOTHING about the garbage he spouts as easily as a drunken sailor. . .NEW and even MORE "off-the-wall" idiots post garbage like this NDA nonsence and it will be REPRODUCED here just like TNT TONY, and Okie, the Odd-Man.
  18. Final comment about Tony. After his UTTER Bull- - - - about all these banks calling-in their people, I had ENOUGH!\ This morning, I PERSONALLY visited the Regional HQ for WF, BoA. Chase and CitiBank. NOBODY was "CALLED-IN" at 7AM or before! Nobody showed up until REGULAR showtimes for a REGULAR day. I also asked three friends who are pretty heavily invested in Dinar and live in NY, one in Atlanta and one in Chicago to do the same in THEIR cities. The SAME results!!! In the one case of Chicago, the HQ branch of 5th 3rd, had ALSO not called ANYONE in early. My Nephew in San Francisco checked the main branches of WF, BofA and Chase with the SAME finding, and his wife who WORKS for WF and is presently in Reno, Nev on business ALSO confirmed that NONE of the branches there had ANYONE called-in or came in on their own EARLY! Basically, this is CLEAR and NON-ARGUABLE evidence that Tony has BEEN and CONTINUES to be telling INTENTIONALLY MADE-UP BOLD FACE LIES! NO ONE was "called-in" in at ANY of these banks in Atlanta, Dallas, NY, Chicago, San Francisco or Reno.
  19. B one - You have spoken a GREAT TRUTH, but one which has ALWAYS been, CONTINUES to be, and WILL FOREVER be ignored by the Mods and Admins here on DV They have collectively deemed that reposting of LIES known to be LIEWS is "OK" and that they somehow BELONG here in the RUMOR section, as if there is some kind of "relationship" between a "RUMOR" and a known LIE. The hurt, damage and spreading of more fuel on the fires of these lies, caused by allowing their "re-posting" here seems to slip over their heads completely in their tragic belief they are doing no additional harm by posting them and that "everybody can simply sift them for themselves." I gave you a +, and I would hope by this point this continued practice would begin to bring a growing "stench" both to the paying VIP members and to the "regular readers," as well, such that EVERYBODY who is disgusted with the intentional RE-POSTING of this crap will make an effort to post their feelings. Maybe it might eventually GET THROUGH to Mr. Montana.
  20. NCA stands for National Command Authority (i.e. the president). You know. . .the guy who if he doesn't get what he WANTS from congress just passes an "EXECUTIVE ORDER." This is SAME guy who exercises the authority to force National Park Service personnel to "MAKE THINGS AS MISERABLE AS POSSIBLE" on people who cannot get access to normally UN-MANNED national monuments.
  21. I'm 99.999% sure this idiot is so full of s_ _ _T that his EYES are brown!
  22. Interesting post. I wonder WHICH villiages are doing this dancing? I called my Nephew who is working in Bagdad (not that it is considered a VILLIAGE), and he said for a change, it is a fairly QUIET evening! Maybe the villiages where they are "dancing" are ones he doesn't know about.
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