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  1. And this is the difference between a law and something included in the budget law. He is saying these taxes need a stand alone law because the budget law gets redone every year and it is a waste of resources to argue about these things every year. This is why there will be a hcl that needs to pass instead of patch work oil agreements in the budget law.
  2. I think you missed his point. He is saying that porn is not real but entertainment. Kids are watching it to learn thinking it is really like that in real life. That is why he is saying they need sex education.
  3. I think it is a holiday. I thought I remembered an article about banks closing today for the prophets birthday
  4. We've heard every excuse the gurus could dream up over the years. Finally we know why the rv has been delayed. Fuad spilled his coffee on himself.
  5. Hmmm, any idea what this is saying? Seems like it could be very telling? Something about how to mediate companies from 12-13 to 12-17? Considering the news has told us that tariffs will start during that time, and the budget will be passed during that time this really has my interest piqued, missed it yesterday.
  6. Really? You have the new 50k in your hands already? Thats interesting I didnt think it was due out until next month.
  7. They should just come out with two 20 trillion dinar notes. Recall all the other dinar. Claim a note count of two. Revalue at five dollars per dinar, then give the two notes worth a 100 trillion dollars to Abadi and Shabibi as a thank you.
  8. Haha, wish I knew Tex. It doesnt make much sense to me. On one hand it sure looks like a standard redenomination where they are coming out with a 50k which will eventually be a 50. On the other hand why not just get that over with now then and come out with the lower denoms now. If they arent ready with the lower denoms and they really have a liquidity issue bringing out more of the already in print dinar makes more sense to me then printing a new higher note which will only be valid for a short while if its going to lose 3 0's soon. It costs too much to print this new currency as just a
  9. And tell me please what bearing the note count statistic has on a currencies value as a stand alone stat, not in reference to how much value is out there. If I owe you a 100 dollar bill or 100 singles I still owe you 100 bucks. I want the same thing everyone else wants but I feel this note count stuff is way off base. Breitling has been pushing this theory with holes imo. The note count is around 4 billion and according to the cbi website has been since Ive been following this in 2009. Breitling always glosses over where he is getting the 9 billion count from but claims it was once 9 bill
  10. How does turning two 25k notes into one 50k note equal less dinar in circulation? The note count theory only holds any truth if it involves less dinar in circulation. In general adding higher denoms does the opposite of this.
  11. Yes for the year. Which is why these articles saying they are "renewing" the oil agreement in the budget, there was an agreement in the 2015 budget as well. The hydro carbon law is a stand alone piece of legislation which is more comprehensive and wont need to be revoted on every year.
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