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  1. If you want an idea of what the 2014 budget looks like I would check out the info on this page. Gorran notes that "the 2014 budget lacks any economic vision. It contains no initiatives to boost local production, decrease imports, create jobs and improving income for Iraqi citizens."
  2. Am I missing something here? I don't see anything to get excited about in this article.
  3. Sorry, it just dosen't smell right!
  4. I had a bad case of NESARA a few years ago. It was not good!!!!!
  5. I hate to say it, but I think Frank26 called this one two days ago. hum!
  6. It's time for a reality infusion. I want an RV just as much as anybody else, but let's get real. Iraq is a mess!!!! . Do your own research and stop relying on information that is spoon fed day in and day out! Iraq is on the verge of collapse and it is heading in the wrong direction. Don't get me wrong, anything is possible but let's be real, they have a long.... long way to go before they will be ready to do anything with their currency. IMHO I do not believe we will see anything happen in 2013, and I will be vary impressed if anything happens in 2014. I know this may be hard to swallow for some people but lets face it, they are just not ready at this time. One thing I do know is that when the time comes, and if they do decide to do anything with the value of their currency it will be all over the news. You won't have to wait for an email from anybody!!!! Trust me you will know within hours if not minutes. If you are invested in the Dinar and I am assuming you are if your on this site, then just set back and relax. If it happens great!! but if not, oh well at least you can say you took a shot and thats better than being one of those people always saying "I wish I would have"... Please feel free to bash......or prove me wrong, after all this JMO.
  7. Sorry, but this statment "Issuing currency class 100 thousand dinars soon " tells me we are a long ways off yet. JMO
  8. I'll say it again. One hit and one hit only, then pass it down!!!!!!
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