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  1. If it is true and it did RV why would dinar dealers still be selling. I would think they would have the most contacts. Just checked a certain dealer and you can still buy.
  2. I am new to owning dinar and have been watching this site for a few weeks. I have seen many proposed RV dates and all of them produced nothing. Yet I see the points of all the members on this site with all the events going on in Iraq. I have seen that many people have had dinar for sometime now and was wondering if this type of speculation has happened in the past.
  3. I am new but think I have seen this before.
  4. Was also wondering if the Chat room is a good place to get information from?
  5. I am new to dinar and just trying to get a understanding of what is going on. I have been watching post for a couple of weeks and have seen MANY dates that it was going to RV. Was just wondering if this happens every week?
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