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  • Birthday 12/19/1942

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    Las Vegas, NV - (Raised in NY City)
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    JESUS, Wife, Family, Friends, Church, Evangelism, Traveling, Flying, Boating, Good Food & Fine Wine, Peaceful Beaches & Sun, More..!


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    Evangelist, Healing Team, Airline Captain, DMin - Biblical Counseling, MS - Areospace Ops Mgmt (USC)
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    Las Vegas, NV - USA
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    Evangelism, Healing, Dinars, Flying, Boating, Investing
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    Evangelist, Chaplain, Retired Delta Captain

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About Me

Born & raised in New York City (Bronx) - Retired Delta Airlines Captain, Retired Major - USAF Pilot (100 Recon Missions - Viet Nam), Entrepreneurial Investor - Graduated from Manhattan College - Went into the US Airforce as an officer and became a military pilot - Flew 100 missions in VietNam - Received my Masters Degree from University of Southern Californis (USC) - Received my Doctor of Ministry Degree (D.Min) from Master's Graduate School of Divinity - I'm an Ordained Minister and an Ordained Evangelist -  Healing Team Lead with the Healing Rooms International - My Degrees are:  DMin - Nouthetic  Counseling (2002), MS - Aerospace Operations & Systems Management (USC - '73), BS - Mathematics ('64), More....

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