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  1. Muhammad Ali? Haha. Wants to float it like a butter fly and sting it to other currencies beyond the dollar.
  2. OK then...That be true, but... Who's in charge of CBI? Please don't say Iraq, for it is not. quote name="keepmwlknfny" post="1257295" timestamp="1378662628"] And you are correct sir!!
  3. A+? Give me a break. 95% of the Iraqi folks are sucking on it and they are high camel pumping (our version of a high 5) the CBI. D grade at best.
  4. It must be clear to us all by now...There's a group behind the curtain in charge and it is not the CBI or Iraqi Govt. Who? I have no idea.
  5. Possum. We prefer your non verifiable info. Links are not your thing. Stick to sniffing glue.
  6. That a boy Possum. Sooner or later you will nail it!!!
  7. Because the banks are slimy MoFos. :-( (and like ours are the model to be followed..). Go RV. :-)
  8. Get the tube of camel grease ready. :-).....,,, quote name="Zebra0101" post="1224320" timestamp="1374705415"] "extra ordinary" That gave me shivers, said no one ever. They are going to order pizza and watch broke-back mountain again.
  9. New item about your countries of interest: Country Report No. 13/217: Iraq: 2013 Article IV Consultation
  10. Dude. Puppets of pumpers never stop drinking. It's the only way liars/they can look at themselves in the mirror.
  11. I have bought small notes from eBay dealers and never had an issue.
  12. Dec 27th...,WTH? Meanwhile, well-informed sources revealed to» morning» that Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will travel this week to New York to finalize arrangements to exit Iraq from Chapter VII. sources also indicated that it will be in the Dec. 27 vote by the Security Council on Iraq's exit from Chapter 7 to chapter VI approval of Kuwait and ensure Russia's vote to approve it Read more:
  13. This guy may love his country....But he's without a doubt the all time complainer champ. Trust and politics, give me a break..
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