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  1. Muhammad Ali? Haha. Wants to float it like a butter fly and sting it to other currencies beyond the dollar.
  2. OK then...That be true, but... Who's in charge of CBI? Please don't say Iraq, for it is not. quote name="keepmwlknfny" post="1257295" timestamp="1378662628"] And you are correct sir!!
  3. A+? Give me a break. 95% of the Iraqi folks are sucking on it and they are high camel pumping (our version of a high 5) the CBI. D grade at best.
  4. It must be clear to us all by now...There's a group behind the curtain in charge and it is not the CBI or Iraqi Govt. Who? I have no idea.
  5. Possum. We prefer your non verifiable info. Links are not your thing. Stick to sniffing glue.
  6. That a boy Possum. Sooner or later you will nail it!!!
  7. Because the banks are slimy MoFos. :-( (and like ours are the model to be followed..). Go RV. :-)
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