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  1. Forgot the link
  2. SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012 Iraq and UN Security Council Meeting Tuesday, June 19th 2012 ... Thank you to cpflug for passing on TeriHodge's information on Iraq and the UN Security Council Meeting .. Tuesday, June 19th ... June 15, 2012 - Iraq/DFI report was due ... June 19, 2012 - Consultations (P.M.)- Iraq/Kuwait Briefing (A.M.) - Middle East Consultations (A.M.) - Middle East__ Consultations (P.M.) - Iraq/Kuwait - Sudan Sanctions Cttee source Hope it happens and in favour of us. go rvrvrvrvrvrvrv
  3. Iraq ..Urgent .. Saturday .. National Alliance decides to hold an important meeting him on Saturday Thursday, April 19, 2012 Urgent .. National Alliance decides to hold an important meeting him on Saturday Baghdad, The political body of the National Alliance held its meeting on Saturday. A source at the National Alliance, told all of Iraq [where] that "the meeting of the political body of the National Alliance will hold an important meeting on Saturday at seven minutes and 30 pm at the home of President Ibrahim al-Jaafari coalition and the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki." "The
  4. Iraq and Kuwait Monday ~ External specifies Monday as the date for convening the Supreme Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee Thursday, 19-04-2012 Iraq and Kuwait ~ External specifies Monday as the date for convening the Supreme Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee Baghdad, Next Monday's Foreign Ministry identified the date of the Committee meeting Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint, which was scheduled last week. He said a high-level source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (News Agency news) on Thursday: Ministry in agreement with the Kuwaiti side, select Monday 23/4, a date for a meeting of the Committee of Iraqi-Kuwaiti joi
  5. Kuwait will of the Security Council agreed to lift the sanctions on Baghdad after a meeting April 15 Tuesday April 3, 2012 - the second year - Issue 550 Members of the parliamentary Foreign optimistic about the salvation of Iraq from Chapter VII Advisor to the owners: Kuwait will of the Security Council agreed to lift the sanctions on Baghdad after a meeting April 15 بغداد - مصطفى ناصر Baghdad - Mustafa Nasser Revealed adviser to Prime Minister of the existence of a crucial meeting between Iraq and Kuwait, leading to a report to the Security Council, including the approval of Kuwait to li
  6. BREAKING NEWS.. Saad: NA meets this evening 10/04/2012 14:58:00 Baghdad (NINA) – Leader in Fadheela party, Suzan Al Saad, declared that the National Alliance will hold a meeting this evening at the NA chairman’s house, Ibrahim Al Jaafari. She said, in a statement to NINA today, that the meeting will include all members of the NA will discuss the political crisis and ways to come out with results that contribute in the development of the political process for the better." Saad did not give more details about this meeting, which comes amid claims from the Iraqiya Slate to the NA for the re
  7. Shabibi .. Is it enough to replace the Iraqi currency to save it from collapse? Coming up ... August 25, 2011 ~ Jackson Hole Economic Meeting - Shabibi 2010, hopeful on economy, Jackson Hole ... Saturday, August 6, 2011 PM - 6th September 1432 - Issue: 8455 Shabibi .. Is it enough to replace the Iraqi currency to save it from collapse? In the past years have fallen Iraqi dinar value due to inflation and deterioration caused by economic sanctions imposed on Iraq after the Kuwait war, through the fall of Baghdad in 2003, to turn into a semi massacres day All these factors made the value
  8. *This is Awesome! ~ Iraq - UN - Kuwait ~ Iraq's Permanent Representative in Geneva, headed the Iraqi delegation to the meetings of the UN Compensation remain bumped ~ Note: I was looking for this yesterday to back up another tidbit of information that I had about the 21 billion owed to Kuwait and .. The UN Security council said to get this done ASAP ~ kel ~ Press release link ~ Iraq and Kuwait ~ At present, $21 billion remains owing to Kuwait for distribution to nine successful claimants ... (read pdf @ 2011-04-17 Iraq's Permanent Representat
  9. Iraq ~ Bankers Association commends the experience of the smart card April 12, 2011 Bankers Association commends the experience of the smart card BAGHDAD - morning Chief executive of the Association of Iraqi banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, a success rate of the experience of the smart card containing high, despite the mistakes were the result of simple negligence. Hassoun said in a press statement: that the entry of the experience of the smart card into Iraq from experiments that have achieved a high success rate although they contain a few problems in dealing with the devices because they n
  10. US must tackle government deficit, says IMF report By Andrew Walker Economics correspondent, BBC World Service The IMF says the US should tackle the federal deficit Continue reading the main story Global EconomySurprise fall in UK inflation to 4% IMF eyes recovery as risks remain China in quarterly trade deficit UK and Netherlands to sue Iceland There is an urgent need for the US to tackle the deficit in the government's finances, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The organisation has warned that the size of the deficit risks creating instability in the financi
  11. I come from Dubai, I was born in Bahrain. I want u all to know that all this rumors from kuwait, jordan or dubai are all false & carry no meaning whatsoever. My whole family lives in and around the middle east. I'm so tired & so disturbed about the whole rumor section, when people post , without even thinking of the impact people will have. There are so many stories of the people who have invested & they are all so anxious & wishing . So plz this is my humble request to all (terry, Possum) . Stay away from the rumors & watch the real news. If u cant watch the real n
  12. Al-Maliki calls for immediate meetings of Iraq and the United States ... Thursday 13-01-2011 Al-Maliki calls for immediate meetings of Iraq and the United States Baghdad (News) ... Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki instant meetings of Joint Committee between Iraq and the USA to pursue bilateral cooperation. Statement by the Prime Minister's Office (Agency news News) Thursday: Maliki invited talks with Vice President Joe Biden today to start instant meetings of joint higher Committee to move forward on bilateral cooperation, "stressing the importance of face-to-face meetings between Ministers
  13. *National Alliance: Iraq Seeks to Cancel the Debts Incurred by Companies, Individuals and Countries ... Thursday, January 13, 2011 National Alliance: Iraq seeks to cancel the debts incurred by companies, individuals and countries Alsumaria News / Baghdad MP for the National Alliance on Falh, Thursday, that Iraq is seeking to cancel debt for quite a few companies and individuals and nations, noting that some lawmakers have made presentations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the seventh item. Falh said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Iraq is seeking to cancel the debt owed him
  14. Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq ... Thursday 13-01-2011 Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq Baghdad (News) ...Search President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad on Thursday, with u.s. Vice President Joseph Biden and his entourage, bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, where President Talabani stressed the need to consolidate and strengthen the common interests of the two friendly countries. He President highlights the phases of the political process and the resulting from the agreements between parliamentary blocs led to a
  15. MY favourite date is 1/1/11 just my guess
  16. 3 RV Myths ... 3 RV Myths Myth #1. The RV rate has already been set. You probably hear numbers thrown out every day. $3.45, $1, $5.60! However, no one can predict what rate the dinar will revalue at and no one can time it. It is important to keep your ear to the ground to get a feel for the dinar, but stick to official statements when it comes to exact rates. Has the CBI announced it? Has the Government of Iraq announced it? These are the official sources who have the power to make those decisions, if the CBI and GOI hasn’t explicitly announced it, chances are, those rates you hear are gue
  17. Message from Phoenix ~ A novel solution to a novel situation ... I would like to explain a couple of things. First the removal of zeros. This is NOT a standard LOP! This is a novel solution to a novel situation. When they say "remove the 3 zeros" They are talking about the removal of the larger denominations the 25,000 the 10,000, the 5,000, the 1,000. Now at the exact same time that they introduce the new currency which is nothing more than the lower denominations that they have had printed for years and in storage they will also revalue the Iraqi Dinar to at or just above the dollar.
  18. Saw this happening on the iraq tv as well. Can't understand the language but at least by the pictures
  19. Maliki and Alawi finalise Iraqi government ... Sunday 19 Dec 2010 Maliki and Alawi finalise Iraqi government Source confirms to Al-Ahram online that political deadlock has been brought to an end Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the largest bloc in the parliament, Iyad Allawi, met yesterday to agree on the final shape of the country’s new government to be announced on Monday, a source told Al-Ahram Online. The meeting took place in the prime minister’s office and was attended by the former prime minister and leader of the National Reform movement bloc, Ibrahim El Jaf
  20. Monday July 19, 2010 Allawi seeks Sadr's support to become Iraqi PM Damascus - Pro-Western Iraqi politician Iyad Allawi sought support on Monday to form a government from Iranian-backed cleric Sayyed Moqtada al-Sadr, in the first meeting between the once bitter rivals. Sadr, an anti-U.S. figure who has emerged as a kingmaker in Iraqi politics, did not endorse Allawi but said Allawi had shown more willingness to compromise than Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki, who is trying to cling to power after an inconclusive election in March. Sadr and Allawi met at a hotel in the Syrian capital after t
  21. February 28, 2010 - 04:36:11 PM: Iraqi dinar re-evaluation has to do with economic conditions BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said on Sunday that the process to re-evaluate the Iraqi dinar has to do with economic conditions that have to be strengthened. “The Iraqi dinar has all the reasons to grow stronger thanks to an increase in revenues and development of the economy,” Maliki said in response to some questions through the National Information Center. “The government would not rush matters but would rather work on finding all the guarantees to render this measur
  22. Hopefully we could see the brightest day tomorrow. According to the ECO gurus it could RV, so i'll keep my fingers crossed & pray. By the way guys, i'm fasting, because of the demand of the religion & i have also thought of keeping all of u in my mind, so all of u can also get blessed.
  23. Can anybody check this out iqd 1 = us$3.10
  24. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS April 1, 2010 The government agrees to accede to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material Dabbagh: Approval came in the context of the obligations of Iraq to emerge from Chapter VII بغداد
  25. my question to all is why the imf chief would say something like this. he has also mentioned three times these lines... RAPID GROWTH SOON I read this article couple of days ago but i overlooked it & suddenly it hit me, while i was reading something about the chapter 7 Tuesday, March 30, 2010 US set to see rapid growth soon The US economy looks set to return to relatively rapid growth soon, said International Monetary Fund Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn yesterday. "The US economy, while it has been hard hit by the crisis, may recover rather rapidly," Strauss-Kahn said in a speech at the War
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