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  1. it will happen----when and for whom is my ????
  2. I think this about sums it all up..
  3. I have the same feeling---at least the lets get drunk like nothing else matters feeling
  4. i think the ever elusive rv has drawn many to the drink
  5. rarely do term really mean what they imply----hence the term slang... i don't get it either
  6. I rarely blog and have never actually participated in chat- i do like to check now and again for updates now i am required to have at least 10 posts to usetalize here is my pointles entry to try to satisfy this requirment....i would normaly not post anything that i did not feel had to be posted......but now you all get this lame post since with out it i am block from the one thing that broght me to this site....enjoy this tripe....
  7. its a question of value- if the 000 is dropped does not mean that you have lost value. it makes it easier for the banking istitusions. do not frett or panic.
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