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  1. I, therefore, am a Chaldean. The Chaldeans are well known in Biblical times, Abraham, for example, was a Chaldean from the city of Ur (Gen. 11:31). The Chaldeans are Catholic Christians, having converted to Christianity during the first century when St. Thomas the Apostle, and two of his disciples named Sts. Addai and Mari, converted our Mesopotamia, the older name for Iraq, and which we refer to in Aramaic as
  2. Best Air Show I ever saw was the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels together on the beach in Florida near MacDill AFB in 1969...the BEST !!! Thanks.
  3. By the way how much are Capital Gains taxes anyway ??
  4. One of the best and most encouraging posts that I have read !! AMEN SO BE IT !!!
  5. Are you really USNA 67 ? I am USAFA 69 ? Glad to see others on the site and chiming in..
  6. I am from New York and have the same basic do we know which banks will cash in the Dinar after the RV ? Furthermore will the exchange be an electronic funds transfer or bank draft for those who have really invested ???
  7. It seems as yet there is not info about this UN meeting. Any ideas where to look ? Eagle Eye
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