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  1. In mho, I believe it is more a case of Big insurance not wanting to have to pay for people who may enroll who have not had insurance coverage for a long time and therefore will need a lot of medical attention ASAP. Therefore, It would look better if United could say, oh, we don't have the doctors available to serve you, you will have to use another policy than say, we don't want to spend money on you because you are too expensive to maintain. Do I sound like I do not trust insurance companies, well.....
  2. Oh what a buy week our Senate and House had! (WRONG!) SENATE: 1. Voted NOT to repeal a medical devices tax that generates $3billion annually to help fund the Affordable Care Act (OBAMA Care). But they also approved a "clean" continuing resolution (HJ Res 59) to fund our government through Nov. 15 without GOP contingencies. 2. Voted to kill a GOP bid to bar employer contributions to defray the cost of health insurance that members of Congress and their staffs will purchase in Obamacare starting next year. HOUSE: 1. Passed HJ Res. 70 (and sent to the senate) a GPO measure to fund and reopen the National Park Service, Holocaust Museum and Smithsonian Institution during the partial government shutdown. 2. Blocked a bid by democrats for an up-or-down vote on a continuing resolution to fund the entire government without GOP terms such as curbs on Affordable Care Act. 3. Voted to delay the Affordable Care Act mandate for one year. (How many times has this been voted on????) 4. House passed HF Res 73 to fund and reopen the National Institutes of Health (NIH) during the current partial government shut-down. 5. Voted to fund veterans Education employment and disability programs during the partial government shutdown. Following is strictly MHO only. If we are going to continue to fund "selected" spending, why not simply agree to extend the current continuing resolution for at least another month and let us get on with business - Business that SHOULD include a conference on the BUDGET for OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and let us get on with America's business. Oops. just realizing I was using my outside voice here. Surely someone besides me is getting frustrated about this current government. And I thought the Iraqis were bad.....
  3. or a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or is it TOMORROW that it is sure to happen? Patience is a virtue.
  4. Hi all. I have often said we should not complain about Iraq's slowness to accomplish anything. We taught them all they know. As proof of this, I am now again sending you what OUR government has accomplished last week. The Senate: 1. Passed a stop gap budget to fund our government from Oct. 1 through Nov. 15 after having deleted a rider to defuse Obamacare. (Revised HJ Res. 59) 2. They also voted to strip HJ Res 59 - above of House language to block discretionary spending (Obama Care) 3. They also voted to end a filabuster (sp) against HJ 59 and advance the bill to passage in the Senate. and 4. Agreed to move to consideration of HJ 59 after Senator Cruze talked for 21 hours to postpone action on this measure. The House: 1. Defeated a bid to protect water quality and supplies in the event Resolution Copper Mining opens a mine in Southeast Arizona as a result of a land swap bill (HR 351) which is still in the house for debate. (My comment - nice to see them looking ahead!) 2. Passed a bill to avert the planned closure of the federal Helium Reserves on Oct. 1 and keep the facility open through 2021. My Personal Comment only: Iraq - Keep watching as we continue to show you how to make your government work for the people and not for individuals or individual projects. Go RV - please.
  5. If interested, this will tell you what Congress and the House did last week. If you do not agree with the way they voted, please contact YOUR representative or congress person and let them know - Or vote them out next time. Congress: Approved 1 Federal judge - Elaine Kaplan Also voted to keep the Federal Helium Reserve in Texas open 10 more years. House: Voted to cut food stamps by 4 billion dollars - estimated to drop 4 million recipents (sp) disqualified. Voted against continued food stamps for veterans, seniors, pregnant women and minor children should the U.S. Government default on our debt or shut down. Voted to ease environment rules and limit lawsuits in order to speed up applications for federal land use. Voted against prohibiting export of critical minerals to China Voted to fund the government - ON A TOP GAP BASIS between Oct. 1 and Dec. 14 qhile permanently defunding the 2010 "Obamacare" law. My Note: Why are we not seeing someone - anyone - put forth a new budget if they don't like the budgets presented. At least it would be a place to start a talk. Go government!!
  6. LarryK43 - thank you for clarifying for me. i was afraid I was reading the numbers wrong, but.... Hope springs eternal. My thanks to all who helped get me straightened out.
  7. Second note to Dinarian 64. The other site I looked at was At the top of the page I entered Iraq Dinar to US Dollar. For the conversion figure I again used 10,000 (IQD) and the conversion rate was 8.49957. In the next block or section or whatever you want to call it, was listed: Sell 10,000 get 8.49957 and under that, Buy 8.83260 (Mods, sorry,but I hit the wrong key before I finished this. Hope this works anyway. I am not sure if I did this correct. I was hopeing the figures meant that it was for 1 dinar = 8.49xxx but on closer look under oanda,it appeared more to me as thought it was reporting 10,000 IQD for USD 8.499. That is not good news for me. If anyone can clarify - please do. Seems I am getting facts in the way of dreams. Look forward to hearing from you, Dinarian64.
  8. http://economictimes...m/markets/forex Dinarian 64. I tried this address again. The screen indicates Forex Center. Scroll down to currency converter I typed in to change from Iraq Dinar to US Dollar then in the amount box, (on the next line) I typed 10,000 (for IQD) and hit "convert". Again, the figure that popped below that line was Sell @ $8.4992 Buy $8.8332. Please try that again. I assure you I am NOT a pumper. I will have to go back and research the London forex site. I don't recall right now, how I reached it, but the end of my search was Oanda (I think that was the spelling). I will try to follow up on that and get back to you. Sorry you had so much trouble. I just hope this is true. No - I pray this is true. Just wish it would happen.
  9. I just looked at and they listed the dinar at $8.50 and the VND at 4.74. I was quite excited - but being cautious, I also checked the Londontimesforex (have since forgot the website I used - just google it and they listed the Dinar at .0008 and the VND at .47 . As a senior blonde, I do not understand their decimal system. Why is there many zeros after the period on some rates and not on others? I need help from people who are a lot smarter than I am about this. I seem to be able to find data, but just cannot translate it to make sense.
  10. For those interested in how our government is looking after OUR interests - here is how hard they worked to earn their salaries. SENATE: In one week they have: Confirmed the head of ATF, Confirmed the Director of FBI, Confirmed the Ambassador to the UN and confirmed a "member" of the National Labor Relations Board. HOUSE: 1. Blocked money for Transportation, housing and other programs plus blocked the release of money from the Highway Trust Fund for road projects. SR 1242 2 Tabled a bid for the US to send aid to Egypt SR 1243 3 Sent a bill to the president to adjust student loan interest rates - HR1911 4 Gave the Dept. of Energy ability to block or delay proposed Evironmental Protection Administration rules with an impact on jobs, energy prices and US Grid power HR 1582 5 Voted (FOR THE 40TH TIME - my comment) to repeal the 2010 health law HR 2009 6 Refused to kill the Essential Air Service Program by shifting its fiscal money for 2014 in the amount of 100 million dollars to aid the deficit reduction - HR 2610 7 ON VACATION FOR 30 DAYS. Boy, do I have comments on this heavy workload, but... have chosen to allow people to make their own decisions about how hard our elected officials work. Please do your homework. Check out the listed bills and how your representative voted against how you feel prior to voting next year.
  11. I thought the "already loaded" Qi cards were to take care of problems like this.
  12. Sounded like a political speech to me. I thought it was more like a plan C speech actually. I did not even pick up on a "hint" on any great news. Luckily, i was not expecting anything. No offense to the gurus. Just am becoming a bit jaded after this many years.
  13. I love guessing games. My guess is Sept. 15th. My reasons - they may be aiming for end of Ramadan, however, they have never met a goal yet, so I am giving them an extra month.
  14. For the past three months I have also been lurking on other Dinar Guru web-sites. Yes, I still trust this one the most. I do notice that many "inhabitants" of other sites are getting sick and tired of the constant promises - Yes, it will be Sunday, monday, Tuesday, etc. (pick any day or date you want) and nothing happens. I too am curious, where do people acquire their rumors or "knowledge" that this RV will indeed happen at any time? This has whetted my curiosity to the point I am now reading Arabian papers for news out of the midi-east - Iraq in particular - to no avail. I am reading papers from other countries supposedly involved in this - except the US papers who seem not to notice anything except a trial in Sanford, FL. I am becoming more and more around to the idea that this big deal may indeed be a hoax. Not what I wanted, but.... show me the proof! Comments anyone?
  15. TBomb - thank you for your post. You covered the same issues that I found - Slowly and gradually over the next 12 years. Personally, did not find it quite so "delightful" as others did, but.... Who knows. I have been researching Arabic newspapers for some time and am not finding the up-lifting information that others seem to find. Where are you all getting the information that the figures will be "soon", or happened in other parts of the world, etc. etc. etc. I have also been checking foreign bank, foreign currency exchanges, newspapers, etc. and am not seeing what I had hoped to see. Arabs dancing in the streets??? Where? I am losing faith. Happy Ramadan and I still cheer for the R.V.
  16. Years ago I too visited in Thailand. Saw 2 palmists within an hour. One at a temple and one in a street "shop". Wanted them close together so I could not blame it on moon pulls, or whatever. Was I stunned when both said nearly the same thing. I had recently had serious surgery - I had. My husband was ill. He was and that we would lose all our money - we did and that I would die rich! Now I am beginning to wonder how long I get to be rich before I die!!! Am I believer in this stuff = Yes Am a devout christian = YES
  17. Will iraq then reimburse us for soldiers killed, tanks destroyed, trucks, camps, etc etc.?? While we are freeing them Just curious
  18. I am getting too old for this. They might as well have been speaking Iraqi - my poor old tired brain did not understand this at all. Just hopeing for an R.V.
  19. I am betting next scheduled meeting will be next Monday, however, not enough people will show up, so..... cancel until after Ramadan or re-schedule with same results. What's new?
  20. I could say the same thing to the government of the USA. Work together for the good of the people!
  21. Thank you both for your input. Happily, I still have a wee bit of patience - just in case this is not over on Monday!
  22. Question. I just returned from WF bank and asked about opening a multi-currency account. They vowed they knew nothing about such item. The chap even called a main office to see if they could help him with the answer. They could not. What bank has such an account? I also read, I think in the Dodd-Frank Bill that since Dinars were already asset banked, if we placed "them" into a non-interest bearing account, we could then exchange them for asset backed U.S. dollars - I assume in Oct. I admit I goofed and did not specifically ask if the "them" monies placed in the non-interest bearing account was for the Dinars or for dollars - regardless of when the account was opened. Anyone have a bright light to shine on these dim questions? Thanks to all who have contributed to the abundance of information and are willing to continue to do so. Thanks to Adam M. and his "gang". Great job everyone. Most of all, my thanks to the God of my understanding for his blessings. Blondie
  23. That appears to be about the same rate of poverty we have here in the U.S. Perhaps their salvation will also be ours. I hope so.
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