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  1. every time someone has info from another site someone brings it to DV and all u people do is bash the person that said it. what info do u bring to the table? at least they r looking for intel might be crazy at times.we all want the same thing right.
  2. hello all i don't say much just watch what people bring to the sights that i watch. some sights r always positive and others r negative some people have nothing but neg stuff and i wounder why they r so negative about this investment and yet stay on these sights? nobody know when this is going to happen.and i mean NOBODY. we'll wake up one day and it will be done but i know it has a good chance too. alot of stuff is happening these day good and thing i have learned about this is timing is everything.I'm just saying if u think something is not going to happen keep it to with that said i would like to thank every person that brings info to this sight.and all the other sights. lets pray the Iraqi people will finally get what they need to live happy and safe and watch their children and grandchildren grow up.thanks cronik and GO RI/RV
  3. yes lived in maitland near winterpark for sometime why?
  4. u should just shut ur comp off or leave the RUMOR Side of dv or just keep ur negative s''it talk to ur self every time someone has a rumor somebody has to bash them WTF!!!!!!!!
  5. it has been said that they can support at least a 3.00 rate it is in the 2010 budget
  6. i have asked myself that for about 2 years now and can't help but wounder r we getting played with the VIP room,it going to happen soon,it has to happen just hang in there don't get me wrong i need this just like everybody else. i also need to ask this. does anybody truly know Adam m, scooter, sonny1? i know they have more knowledge than i do just asking because it seem they are the ones we are following here.i been invested for 6 years know and hear so many dates& rates it just got me my book,get in the VIP room if u want more investment ideas. $$$ not calling them out or anything just my thinking. sorry if this offend anybody that may know them just thinking. like i said before they have more knowledge than i do and i do appreciate their Intel and hard work to keep full of Intel like i said just thinking
  7. don't forget it is also about iraqi people
  8. i uderstand just look at the pics and see how wounderful the world is forget all the bs and take it in GOD BLESS THE WORLD!
  10. please do tell if u have a answer if not i guess we all will have to hang on alittel longer.
  11. welcome put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride
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