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  1. I didn't even think about that... it was just the first thing that I thought when I read Thug's post, "OhHHHHH yeahhhh!!!!!!" Fun fact, it was actually flavor-aide... not kool aid.
  2. They put a lot of effort, time, and money into protecting a currency that isn't worth much... why would they do that? Answer: Because the current value is not permanent.
  3. I / We are blessed to have people on our team that don't care if they win the lottery - they are still here for us! But yes Some considerations must be made
  4. Good afternoon, DinarVets! Time goes by, and we can be impatient with it... or we can know what is coming. Last week, I ended the Weekly update with a mention of how everything was going great, and there was no bad news. That continues this week... with the exception of OIL. The projected budget is based on $40 OIL, and WTI is currently sitting at $37.98 - but heading north again. Problem? I don't think so. This is the first dip we've seen in months, and it's not likely to last. In fact, the price trend should continue upwards. Not fast or drastic enough to hurt us terribly at the pump, but enough to inspire confidence and not scare anyone away from increasing the value of the dinar. See what happened there? I actually made an effort at making the situation sound bad, but I failed miserably. Then again... it's challenging to make a situation sound bad when this is going on. I'll spare you the reading with a short summary: Budget, and HCL. There is a LOT of information in that thread that is related to HCL. I mean... it's almost ALL HCL. Smothered in Budget sauce. And that is an amazing thing. Possibly even better than Mom's enchiladas, and that is saying a lot! Like I said earlier... wait in frustration, or patiently knowing what's coming. I know what I'm doing! Get in the Weekly Lotto pool here, and if 2020 was an ice cream truck... this sums it up. Iraq can do a lot to change how we remember this Year, though! Here's to that. Have a great rest of your week, and GOOOOOO RRRRRRVVVVV!!!!! - Adam P.S. There was a few hours during the day yesterday where nobody could post or reply to anything... it's all part of the current background work that's going on. Sorry about the technical issues... there will probably be more, but my team is working to make it as seamless as possible.
  5. This is the best GOI we have ever witnessed - one of the reasons I believe that agreement, and the results, are coming. Soon. I don't use that word lightly!
  6. Howdy howdy! Good morning all - date check, September the 2nd 2020... CHECK! So far, so good! As we move through hurricane season, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to all my friends in the Caribbean and those southern portions of the US that are in the path. Stay strong, everyone. As we move through election season, let's all take a moment to remember that the drama comes every single time... and it passes, and we live on. I'm not saying you should be passive about it. I am saying not to let a news article pop your blood pressure meter. Regardless of how much Trump wins by, "this too shall pass". Bitcoin is creeping towards $12,000 - and there is a lot in the works that will push it higher. OIL continues to be solid. What's not to like, if you were Iraq? This is an interesting development... a three year investment plan? When does Iraq do that?! (Hint: the answer is "almost never"!) That one really has me thinking. A three year investment plan. Add that to this opening for some HCL love, and the complete lack of any bad news whatsoever. I could start speculating, but I'll reserve that. Kazzammie just met with Trump recently, and the reports still say it was a productive and successful meeting. The parties that the HCL are most important to are meeting, discussing long term plans (something we have almost never seen on this level). The region is fairly quiet, and things are simply good overall. If we are to be realistic, the best time for Iraq to make a major move is during a quiet time. There is no serious negative news on Iraq at the moment, which puts them in a good situation. The world has no major concerns about Iraq at the moment - they aren't causing problems, there is no major civil unrest (like there was 6 months ago), and the financial side of things is positive (OIL). Nothing in particular says "RV by Friday!", but we all know better than to expect a heads up from Iraq. They will do what they want, when they want. I just took a screenshot for a reply on a bitcoin thread in the VIP section... and if you replace "bitcoin" with "Dinar", and move the dates... the flatline is where we are now. The rest is "soon" - I hope you're ready. Stay safe, stay happy, stay the course! Our Weekly Lotto Pool is here - get in! Go Iraq, and GO RRRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam
  7. I appreciate that. Have you tried other browsers on your phone?
  8. I haven’t been able to figure out what the issue is on that particular post. Nobody else has reported it and you’re not using anything that I can see would cause an issue - I’m baffled, sorry! I mentioned in a recent chat that there are some changes coming to the site. (You may not have seen it ). Some of those changes are core security upgrades that also involve page display functions, that may fix the issue for you. I don’t want to mess with too much while that is in progress. If the issue occurs on any other pages, or if any other members experience a similar issue, please share here.
  9. I will look into this - thank you for the screenshots. Are any other pages doing that to you? And I am guessing you are clicking onto it from the first screen, not from a link outside of dinarvets - correct?
  10. I'm impressed! If we ever had a "pop quiz", I'm putting money on you
  11. I rarely read any of these opinion posts, but sometimes I peak at them just for a giggle. Occasionally there is something good in them This is good advice. I would suggest even the VIP members here do that. IF for any reason they are able to get a better rate without using their VIP (they won't, but IF), that may be the way to go! There are a lot more reasons to have VIP than just a better cash-in rate, but I still want the VIPs to call their local bank and confirm their bottom line anyway. I like happy clients
  12. screenshot? Include the url bar in it if you can.
  13. Good morning all! Wednesday, 26th of August. Kazzammie is back from the US. By all reports, his meeting with President Trump went well. I'm going to share some highlights and interesting articles below, but the feeling is pretty simple - moving on, moving forward, the future is bright. OIL: What's not to like about this, if you're Iraq? Technology: Something from the VIP section - that's a discussion on how blockchain could impact future elections (or voting in general). "Blockchain" would allow for completely transparent voting, with the individual votes and results being verified and secured in a way that would completely eliminate much of the fraud and manipulation that is discussed today. In short, "blockchain" technology is the way of the future. It relates to something @yota691 brought to the news section earlier this week that is certainly worth a thought or two. I know Iraq may seem slow and dated and waiting for them to do something with their currency can be frustrating for us. At the same time, it's important to understand that Iraq is not full of dummies. They are approaching new territory, with a very clean slate, and they can utilize new technology to accomplish something that would have been very difficult before today's technology existed. Check this thread out, and tell me you don't see the possibilities! More on that here. That was just a little "connecting the dots" on my part, but this next one is evidence that Kazzammie is not only back from a potentially important meeting, but he is back and right back to it. (PSA - I've received a little feedback from people having a hard time following my chats when I link to the articles I'm referring to like I did above. It will help you if you "right click - open in new tab", read the article I'm referring to, then return to the Weekly Update to continue.) Overall, we have so much to be positive about - the new PM in Iraq is just cruising along, accomplishing things, crushing it. The riots and protests that came before him are a thing of the past. There is a standing agreement regarding the Budget that is on track to be set in stone, and believe it or not... we're talking about agreements happening ahead of normal schedule. This is like no other time in Iraq's recent history, and it's pretty exciting. SPEAKING OF EXCITING... There are some major website changes coming over the next couple weeks. These are the kinds of changes that usually result in unwanted problems, but I promise to make it as smooth as possible... just the same, we may have some downtime. EVEN IN THE EVENT of an RV before then, these changes and improvements are still happening to the website, so please don't freak out if there are glitches in the near future. They will be temporary. On that note, I am going to get to work and make sure things go as smooth as possible. Get in the Weekly Lotto Pool, enjoy the day, and GOOOO RRRRRRRVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam
  14. Positive sounding. I'd love to have been privy to the stuff that has NOT been released.
  15. The text I will send out will say it's from me and to check your email. That's where you will get further instructions, including the link to logon to (which is a secure website) and you will follow further instructions. Do NOT follow any other instructions! If someone sends you a "fake text" from "me", it should be pretty obvious you are being spoofed. Nobody from my organization will ever ask you to do anything that could compromise you - if it feels fishy, it probably is.
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