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  1. GOOD DAY ALL! Actual update delayed until later or tomorrow. Don't miss your chance to get in the DV Powerball Pool here. If you notice anything goofy going on with the site... I'm just breaking things upgrading features, nothing to worry about. The site might go offline for a few minutes a few times over the next couple days. DON'T PANIC. We are running on multiple redundancies here. All RV texts can still go out at a moment's notice. All VIP benefits are still in place, safe and secure. Should we have an RV announcement while I'm in the middle of breaking things upgrading features (I don't know why autocorrect keeps doing that to me ), an email will go out (it takes about 5 minutes to send the RV message to all 50,000+ members) with the information you need. I'll be back - GO RRRVVVVVV!!!!!
  2. Glad you're getting the emails.
  3. I see you are using an email here that isn't recommended. Did you get a notification about this reply? gmail is the preferred email provider, FYI.
  4. And once you have "a" passport, and you realize how important and useful it is... it doesn't take much thought to determine that a second passport would also be useful.
  5. Yes It's my opinion that we will see an increase in the value of the Dinar first.
  6. 🤡 You could have picked a more appropriate screen name
  7. Happy Wednesday, Dinarvets! I'll preface this update with a simple statement: I'm juggling a lot of things behind the scenes here. The great news (for me anyway!) is the majority of the bugs in the site upgrade have been worked through. I trust you all survived the Trump vs (Biden y Wallace) event last night , and here is the link for the Weekly Powerball Pool. Dinar is still looking very positive, and everything I talked about last week just keeps building on itself and more good stuff is adding to the pile of "amazing" potential for a *soon* RV. Because of this situation, I'm juggling updates on our Post-RV plans - for the VIP members, of course. ALL members of DinarVets will get an email announcement. From me. If you're reading this as a guest, you'll need to create a free account 👉 (here) 👈 to be notified. You *can* always wait for your brother's wife's cousin's mailman's "intel" to feed you the 800 number to call (there won't be any legitimate 800 numbers!!!), but the other option is to just be a member here. VIP members are getting more than an email announcement. I'll be sending a text message (only to VIP members*), with instructions to access our Post-RV site, and that's where the real work is happening right now... we've been busy with re-confirming partnering banks, locations, preferred rates, re-confirming partnering legal and tax advisor commitments to our group, re-working Post RV plans to account for COVID, and a ton more. Some of this I'll be able to release as soon as next week. Some of it will never be released outside of the VIP section, and some of the VIP information is on hold until we have an actual RV announcement, but the point here is that work is being done, and you will be taken care of... ... even if it's just the official notification email for you, as a free member here. With all that said - I'm getting back to work! I'll open this thread up for questions, and I will commit to coming back to answer them OR pulling them all and creating a new thread for them. Go Iraq, GO RVVV!!!!!!! - Adam P.S. You may have noticed the asterisk above, where I mentioned the Text service. Just to clarify how this works - anyone can enter their phone number in their profile, and it's only visible to the staff here. Once the RV is announced, I click a button that starts a process and it pulls the current VIP phone numbers. THOSE numbers will be texted... no others. If your VIP is expired, or if you never had it but-thought-you-could-be-sneaky-and-enter-your-phone-number-anyway... sorry, gang, no dice there. Only VIP members will get the RV text notification.
  8. Also - banks, not bank. The network is global, covering all major cities and more, in most countries.
  9. Click on the “Store” tab here on this site, get the cash in guide. It’s free for members here.
  10. Please let me know - what version ipad, and what browser? I'm guessing safari - please try in chrome and let me know if the same issue is present.
  11. I have people looking into it, sorry there's no solution yet. Working on it!
  12. I can't reproduce the issue myself, sorry about that! Small patch applied - reports?
  13. Yes sir! Connecting the dots is getting so easy a caveman could do it. Shouldn't be long now.
  14. They could lock it in for 3 years at ($1.17) and I'd be all in / directly out at that point. 💥
  15. Ohhhh boy. Send in a support ticket - and I'd suggest either pre-paying a few years or keeping a card on file here. Credit cards are stored on the payment processor's server, they are safer there than in your own wallet.
  16. Some of the formatting / toolbar functions disappear on desktop if the window is too narrow as well.
  17. or simultaneously check out my explanation of how the budget and auctions work
  18. The negativity rubbed me the wrong way. I have no time for it this morning. Have a fantastic day.
  19. Good Morning!!! Do you see the excitement above? Don't worry... if the big letters and extra exclamation points didn't get you excited, what's coming below will! First, the normal stuff... OIL - nothing crazy, just the normal expected good stuff. Stable and steady upward trend = Budget - This may not seem like a big deal, but.. submitting it, then withdrawing it, then returning it, then stating "we need 3 weeks to approve it"... there is some number-crunching, pencil whipping, fiat manipulation going on in the background. By itself, that news would raise some eyebrows, but let's hop right into the stuff that does more than raise eyebrows: ---> THIS. <--- In particular, this part: One more time just in case you missed that: including the oil and gas law. If I had the ability to make 💥 fireworks 💥 jump off of your screen right now, I would consider it - that's how big this kind of news is! If it seems like "all Adam talks about anymore is HCL", that's because things are so smooth and streamlined in Iraq right now... HCL is all we need at this point. HCL is oil and gas law. (See above! 👆 ) That's it. That's all, end of story, all she wrote, finito, 💥 , done. Our man Kazzammie is hands down the best thing to ever happen to this situation. Not because he's a messiah or anything crazy like that - the man has just done so much it's almost unbelievable. Prior to him taking the position, Iraq was torn and confused by riots, revolts, and failure. That short period of time came after much incredible progress, including getting out of Chapter 7 and booting Maliki. There was a time (not too long ago) when it looked like one of the previous Prime Ministers would make some progress, but we have never seen this much HCL action. Ever. I'm excited. These things are why I've been spending the time on the back-end of the site, improving some security and other functions. It's why I've taken extra time to verify our contacts and procedures, make contingency plans for VIPs with relation to the current covid situation, and double checked my own personal situation. VIPs, if you are Platinum - verify that you have your VIP Certificate handy. If you can't find it, for whatever reason, get in touch. (Use the support system.) OSI, be sure your gifting letters are in place. And that you know where that place is. And you have access to it. Everyone - is your dinar accessible? Do you have a plan? Are you ready to execute it? VIP is still open to new members - if there is anything you are unsure about, no matter how trivial it may seem right now or how unlikely it felt a month ago... you still have time to join VIP (right here, right now) and get access to the best options available anywhere. Go Iraq, Go Dinar, Go VIP, GO RRRRVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam
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