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  1. I am actually considering that one. Feel free to put it to a vote in VIP
  2. i would have said something like “the annoying turd was booted by a mod with less patience than Adam” or something like that Close enough
  3. I'm not the one who banned him. Regarding the rest - I spend my time in the VIP section and the Iraqi News forums. Which is probably why I don't see a majority of what many many people here see. I believe Shabs commented somewhere earlier that he planned to tone it down. I'm not about to start putting people on mod review, or ban multiple people, over political issues. I did not see those, but the mods here do a great job of looking at things. The Team here has also been around long enough, and had enough intimate conversations with me on this matter, to understand where I stand on it, and they usually intervene when it's necessary. I'm sorry, but I haven't taken the time to study this entire issue, nor do I plan to take more time on it than I already have here.
  4. thank you for reading. The markers that are displayed are labeled under “random examples”
  5. I don’t doubt that you have a Gmail account. but the account you have HERE on is NOT a Gmail account - it’s an email provider that is notorious for blocking legitimate emails. Your support requests have been answered as I confirmed earlier. You can see the responses in the support system - if you need additional help navigating that, I will provide assistance, but I will not continue to discuss your private matters in the open like this.
  6. At the moment, there are only two times a text will be sent. 1. When you verify your number in the new VIP text system (currently here). 2. When the RV is announced. That may change, but that's what it is for now. The "App" is the live chat page. It will open up at specific times, stay closed otherwise. One specific time it will open (for VIP only!) is when the RV is announced. You can bookmark it if you wish, but just going to as a VIP member will give you the option to view it. I can see that all of your support requests have been answered. Most likely, the problem lies in your email provider - you are using an email provider that is known (for many years) to block legitimate incoming emails. We cannot control what they do with your emails - and most likely, it's a waste of your time to ask them to change it. You can view your support tickets, and the responses, by navigating to your support account here. I would highly recommend moving to a gmail account for important communications, and just keep the old (current) email as a junk account.
  7. I spend most of my time In VIP as well. For the record, this nonsense will never be tolerated in VIP. I will turn a blind eye most of the time out here, but in there... no way.
  8. Hey hey, good afternoon! P.S.A. No face masks are required to read this update. It is COVID-FREE. This week's weekly update is brought to you by the letters "GO", "R", and "V". In that order. Why? I'll get to the dinar news in a minute. For those of you who attended the "Return of the Chat" event on Monday - thank you for joining me! I appreciate the help working through the bugs. Many have been requesting a "transcript". That's something that used to happen when we did regular live chats. This was just a "test chat", and the intention was only to work out the kinks in the software. (It went off very well!) There is no transcript available. However, I will give a short recap of notable items that made the live chat: 1. The latest chart topper is located here - it must have gotten buried under the slew of news that's been released this week! (I'll get to some of that in a minute). 2. ALL VIPs, if you have not validated your phone number yet - please see this thread. When the RV is here, I will send a text message to all VIP members who have followed the instructions. Do not respond to this portion in this "Weekly Update" thread. Please direct your attention (and any responses) to THIS thread. 3. Also covered in the live chat was information about the "Community Map". I will restate some of what was said... this is going to be one of our VIP tools for locating prefered cash in locations, service providers, and more. Currently you will NOT see your marker on the map. ONLY I WILL SEE it, for privacy reasons. Nonetheless, I would like all VIP/OSI members to enter their location on it. (Note - some other groups *may* be able to enter a location. You will not get any benefit from that, but feel free ) 4. Also covered in the chat - the "Announcement" feature. I changed the announcement in real time to test it out. Before you cash in, you can pop that open on your mobile device and you'll see a notice (like "current VIP cash in rate $x.xx"). This will take you 2-3 seconds, you can do it before you hand over the cash, to make sure you're getting the "live VIP rate". Good stuff 5. This was not in the chat, because it didn't come out until Tuesday, but this should sum up the dinar news portion of today's update... THIS IS HCL: What more do I need to say?! The good news just keeps piling up! Thug you very much for visiting today's update. GO RRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!!! - Adam
  9. Not sure which post you're referring to, but I assure you that my reaction was certainly something in the comment, not about the content matter itself. JD f/k/a BA for example has been put on mod review and I promise nobody is in a hurry to approve their postings. I decided to turn a blind eye to the person, thinking perhaps they would have learned... anything? It's looking like I was wrong.
  10. Still getting caught up after the holiday weekend. See you in the morning!
  11. This was a TEST chat, no transcript will be posted. We will do another one soon.
  12. You missed it. For future reference, this is where to look:
  13. This whole "time on a golf course" subject is just ridiculous - I've personally signed deals on a golf course that would not have happened if I tried to do every business transaction "at my desk". Business happens on golf courses. Business happens on yachts. Business happens at a desk. From what I understand, Obama is a decent golfer. Trump owns golf courses. Business deals get done on golf courses. You'd think everyone who didn't have an aunt who was killed by an errant golf ball would love anything associated with golf.
  14. But then you did get in! Was good chatting with you
  15. I can't express my gratitude enough for the amazing members of DinarVets, including (but not limited to) the talent that produces and inspires stuff like this!!! Therefore... I won't even try. I won't gush my adoration for the effort put into this. I won't talk endlessly about how big of a smile this puts on my face. I won't go on and on and on about how many times I've jammed this in my car, and office, and... well, you get the picture. Without further ado... Click the link and enjoy! YOU VERY MUCH.mp3 THUG YOU VERY MUCH.mp3
  16. VIP only in the chat room. It opens at 8PM If you're not VIP, get Platinum Lifetime at a Cyber Monday discount here: Or a discounted 5 month VIP here: See you in the chat! edit: For future reference, this is how you find the chat room:
  17. Does it (the mental handicap) of the country get better or worse? I feel like we could have a deep conversation about the whole thing in private and probably learn from each other. I don't always agree with you, but I do raise a respectful eyebrow at times Have you ever seen the movie "Idiocracy"? I don't even know how to continue now
  18. I was pretty surprised to see you engage here! AHEM - @TexasGranny IS human, we now have verifiable proof I'm going to take a chance here and read between the lines, aka make an assumption on what you're not saying... and I think I agree. At least, I agree with the logic, if you're saying you won't take the vaccine because it's too new to be trusted and the same for the 737. I disagree with the conclusion on the 737 because I'm not an airplane engineer so I can't tell you what was wrong with the 737 in the first place, therefore it gets lumped in with the rest of "all planes". And I don't get the flu shot (vaccine), so I won't be getting the covid "vaccine" either... but I do agree with of what I think the foundation your logic is. Two posts in a row that I agree with... I think we just became friends!
  19. I'm more worried about the country's mental handicap than Biden's foot or Trump's golf scores.
  20. I don't see anything associated with OSI on your account. I responded to your ticket in the support section
  21. This seems like a great spot to lock the thread. Everyone grab some hot cocoa or whatever it is you drink that puts a smile on your face and oh look! A Black Friday sale on Platinum LIFETIME VIP!
  22. Yes, it was. The post stated "private site, you can join at (site removed).com" That is literally, 100% promoting another site. It's also not your concern, so... perhaps just move along. End of discussion, please and thank you.
  23. When you say "shopping cart", I wonder if you're using an older link - we don't use the "shopping cart" links anymore. You can get a replacement Certificate here.
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