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  1. Good morning all!


    We had a fairly intense software upgrade this morning - sorry for the downtime!


    The security of our system here is always of the highest priority.


    Unfortunately, security updates can sometimes mess with the normal functionality of the system as a whole, so if you notice anything different or something that simply doesn't work the way it used to - please let me know in this topic.


    Have a fantastic day!



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  2. 20 hours ago, Highlanderdinar said:

    Does Platinum send you a paper certificate or is it emailed?

    paper certificate, individually signed and numbered. 


    17 hours ago, markb57 said:

    @Adam Montanahey, I subbed 2 tickets in support system" rel="">support about my VIP!" rel="">VIP certificate. could you please check?



    I’ll take a look :twothumbs:



    2 hours ago, coorslite21 said:

    This offering would also include access to the Crypto section?



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  3. I'm kind of at a loss for words here.


    As the member here who has probably written more words on this site than any other 2 or three members combined (not counting yota, but those aren't all yota's words)...  that's saying a lot :lol: 

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  4. If you did anything with Google recently, you may have a legit action to take, but this does sound fishy.


    When I send out any texts related to the RV or something like that, I will also post here in the Announcements section.


    If you're doing something like verifying your account here at DV, the text will come within 10 minutes or so, and I certainly hope your memory is good for 10 minutes... if not, I'd suggest duct taping a notepad to your arm or something :lol: 

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  5. 5 hours ago, keylime said:

    I have to tell ya, it took many years for me to get into a position to become a Platinum VIP!" rel="">VIP and OSI guy, and I can't tell you how grateful and thankful I am that you continued to offer your sales, and payment schedules, because I could finally take advantage of them. I want this thing to pop yesterday, but until then, I know there are those out there excited for you to offer discounts on what is probably the best plan and service to not only cash in our Dinar but invest beyond the RV. 



    I LOVE it when people who have been here a while, actually STUDIED the material, and years later speak up like you just did.... I just LOVE to see you and so many others benefiting from all of this.


    We don't have an RV yet, but I see so many people learn and grow with us, and it just makes the whole thing so much more amazing and exceptional to me.


    Thanks for the post, and keep on doing what you're doing!



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  6. Just now, wealthhound said:

    Yes Mr. Snarky ( love this word)

    Will be sorry!!

    There's nowhere else to be than DV!!



    The community here is hands down, all around, the best.




    end of story,




    Even if the founder occasionally offers a way to pay for benefits and education. (The nerve of some people 🙄 )



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