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  1. 12 years holding this cool wall paper , a shocking week , seems like a float decrease 30 points in our favor . deadline , Iraqis trade your dinar for USD . brilliant ! Amazing , good thing !
  2. Interesting , the elections , win or loose . Iraq has already been set in motion . mind of their own , .next . 2021 , hindsight is 2020 . emmhmmm.
  3. All truth , however whoever is elected , we will be paid back for the war !
  4. Genius , cause a local panic (Iraq) trade all your dinar for us , for protection . talk about eliminating the zero's . shags is in on this . could rv a lot higher than I thought , hmmm
  5. Hence the reason countries are buying dinar . a reserve currency , with increasing value . that is why I bought in 11 years ago . thanks Adam
  6. After 11 years I agree with your .10 theory . makes the most sense .
  7. Sept you , Adam , funny I live in Montana ! Straight up ! No dates no rates ! GJ . Not forgotten!
  8. Funny , going on ten year's reading every day today is the day ! Lol . one day , that one will be right ! And forgotten .
  9. A question I have , Is " How much dinar was destroyed in Mosul ? By eliminating the zeros !
  10. Another "Interesting" thing , Maybe lost in translation . LOL . they have 1 more zero to delete (he is on his way to Syria ) that and remove the note count (Isis with dinar, targets ,trillions destroyed ) I see a direct relation to the two, Somatic . After 10 yrs . Finally I understand Aribic !!! ROFL . Just sayin'
  11. After 10 yrs (this investment) It is interesting , How they planed on reducing note count , Makes you wonder , ISIS has been around century's , They have just now , destroyed trillions of dinar (being target's) talk about reducing the note count LOL . Just sayin , Interesting .
  12. Some may remember me I was told 9 yrs ago , Investment is a waist of time , not that it doesn't make sense , but they are a bunch of children , ie budget some 12 yr old changes it before gazette OMG they were so right !! It gives you pause !! Wow !! the anticks of idiots continues . Just reentered after forever !! same thing , many years later . Good to see you Adam It is not you "bUT THE KIDS' LOL .
  13. News flash !!!! If you try to cash in your dinar before internationally trade able , WF will confiscate it and display it to Customers LOL Don't do that ROFL
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