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  1. I've been on this roller coaster ride since 2003 and I've learned a lot about this whole 'FOREIGN CURRENCY' exchange process over the past seventeen years. When the exciting day FINALLY arrives and we can all exchange our currency notes, the proper terminology to use is that you will be 'exchanging' your foreign currency notes, not 'cashing' them in. It was even more important to use the correct terminology back when I started this journey than it is now because if the revaluation had happened back then (under the fiat system), when I went for my appointment it would have been considered a tax event if I said I'll be 'cashing in'. If I said I'll be 'exchanging foreign currency', then it would not have been considered a 'tax event'. Do you see the difference? However, with that said, I believe now that we are allegedly unleashing NESARA, crashing the 'fiat system', destroying the central banks, returning to gold backed currency, and restoring our legal constitutional republic, there won't be illegal taxes imposed on us with this event (or other taxes as well, income,etc.). All the taxes we've been paying seemingly FOREVER except the sales tax were illegal and fraudulent. If NESARA/GESARA take place, like predicted, none of us will be paying these fraudulent taxes perpetrated on us by these deep state mobsters ANY LONGER!! One thing to keep in mind, if this re-evaluation of foreign currencies takes place and appointments are made, if these exchangers start talking taxes and fees, that would be a HUGE red flag for me. Even when they talk about a 'payment structure' that does not settle well with me. It's our money. Nobody should be dictating what and how we should collect and manage it. If so, it sounds pretty much like the corrupt control system we are under now, doesn't it? If this event takes place under the current illegal fiat system, then I would wager a bet that it is under the GREAT RESET not NESARA. Please use discernment! On the other hand, if NESARA rolls out and is in effect when we go to exchange our foreign currencies, then you can call your currency exchange anything you want !!! It won't matter because won't be taxes imposed. 🤑
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