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  1. WOW Thanks so much Frank. Really great ideas and information. I pray for God's will in all that will come. ~~~~ Bluto
  2. In the past hey had coins called fils. At that time 1000 fils = 1 dinar maybe they will bring them back or make new ones. ~~~~Bluto
  3. I have heard that they are making coins called "fils" which are fractions of a dinar. And why would you need them if the dinar was not going to RV.... ~~~~Bluto
  4. Had to get a visa upon entering back into Iraq after my last R&R. Was a bit of a wait (about 3 hours) but it is good till January of next year. I really think it is just a way to get more money out of us. The company I work for payed for it but I am sure they bill the US goverment for it as well. If the Iraqi's are wanting us out all they have to do is RV the dinar and this place will empty out quick~~~~Bluto
  5. Welcome brownc72 There are many of us here who are still in the sand box. Hope you feel as welcome here as I do do. Seems to be a great group here. There is alot of great intel and advice here and we share common goals, so enjoy the ride! Thanx again for your service and welcome aboard..~~~~ Bluto
  6. Perhaps the loan would be reassesed to the market value at the time of the loan. So he would then owe 20 dinars. In that case wouldn't it be lucretive to take out a loan now if you knew the dinar would RV? hmmmmm
  7. How would all this work under a dinar RV? If a borrower takes out a loan of 20000 dinar, now worth about 20 usd. And the Rv hits would he still owe 20000 dinar now worth 20000 usd assuming a 1 to 1 RV? Just curious......
  8. If you think Arizona is bad try Iraq in the summer. Oh My God! LOL
  9. If the US is the biggest investor in Iraqi dinar like I have heard then this might be a hint in whats coming for us all. Keep the faith, Go dinar!!!!
  10. All good news for Iraq. Hope this spurs the RV. Seems like it should happen soon so there economy can take off, and I believe it would much reduce the violence by giving normal Iraqi's hope for the future.
  11. I heard the same thing about capital gains going up at the end of the year. And from 15% to 28% not to 50% Can anyone verify that? Also I agree that Obama is not over here to help us save money on taxes. He is not about that at all.
  12. My reply to capt jack....I am in Iraq now and have been here for 4 1/2 years they are doing all of those things now all be it a bit slow at times. While this is just my opinion from what I see, I see good progress. We will see how it all plays out.....
  13. 23 cents sounds reasonable.. but remember thats just what it could open on the world market at. And I believe it will sky rocket once that happens. Don't really care what it opens at just that it opens. Will be wild ride once that happens so hold on!!!!
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