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  1. I have often thought that sooner or later someone would hear or find some real intel that was leaked out. Only time will tell if this is the real deal or some how misinformation. I appreciate that you are just the messenger and passing on what you have found. And making clear that this is not anything more or less. I hope and pray this is the blessing we all been waiting for. Thanks again and let us know anything else you can. ~~~~Bluto
  2. Certainly a good number of those released were there for a good reason. So now we can expect the violence to increase as they go back to there terrorist ways. This must be Maliki's revenge for losing the election.............
  3. To turn a 25000 dinar note into a 25 dinar note would be a devaluation of the dinar. As well as suicide for there economy. So I believe any talk about a lop of 3 zeros would have to be after a RV/RI and only meaning to pull those large notes out of circulation. JMO~~~~Bluto
  4. Great post! Very well thought out in my opinion. thx doc
  5. Undecided till I figure it all out. But like most things once you get used to it, you like it.~~~~ Bluto
  6. Hope that is true!!! Maybe they got the good intel contacts. Ask for more info if you can?
  7. At this rate I am wondering if O is gonna even make it to the end of his term. He has lost all respect from the american public , even the vast majority of his supporters are running for cover. I voted for McCain as did most the people I know, but after he won I thought ok show us what you got and was willing to give him a chance to do what right. At this point it is looking like total failure and some very dark days ahead for our country. But the tide will turn and hopefully we can recover from this someday before all is lost. JMO~~~~Bluto
  8. Still here,, at Al Asad, Iraq since oct 05~~~Bluto
  9. Here we go again, this thread should fuel the fire. Let the games begin! LOL
  10. All great news, but why do these news reports never mention a dinar RV/RI and how that could really boost there economy. I believe it would also quell the violence and boost the security situation as well. ~~~~Bluto
  11. It was "23" So maybe only off by one LOL
  12. I don't care what it opens at. Even if only 10 cents. The real ride starts then. Certainly it should sky rocket then , when it hits the open markets.~~~~~Bluto
  13. Some folks here take the jokes to seriously. Must be rough to go threw life with no sense of humor. Go Possom Go.!!!! Laughter IS the best medicine......
  14. I checked out the site and I gotta say it looks pretty far fetched. It appears like a Manifest Destiny of sorts but is so far out there it will never get off the ground. JMO
  15. CBI site still has it at 1170 as well
  16. I been watching the dong as well and it is quite a buy at about 90 usd for a million. But it is hard to see what they could back it with to justify a RV. Don't think they have the resources Iraq does. Also there still a comunist state. Still if I had some extra money I would like to get some, you never know. ~~~Bluto
  17. I feel sorry for people who cash out now. I can't imagine how they will feel if this RV/RI hits. I absolutly believe it will happen, just when and how much is the unknown. Never sell out your hopes and dreams.~~~~Bluto
  18. Now your talkin!! What a dream, I love it..
  19. I think you can still have personal accounts but they have to be reported to the US. Then they will try to tax you on them.
  20. I have been in Iraq for 4 1/2 years and have learned to expect the unexpected. Anything is possible. The people and culture here are so different than the west that you never know whats gonna happen next. Although it is not as dangerous as it used to be, it is still exciting to be living and working in such a extreme place. I have never seen the rumor mill so cranked up as now so maybe an RV/RI is very possible anytime now. Hold on to your hats folks.~~~~~Bluto
  21. Thanks for the great post. It all makes sense. Let the good times roll!!!
  22. A lop would devalue there currency as I understand it. So if it is almost worthless now how would making it totally worthless help there economy or the people. I think it is all a smoke screen and something much better is gonna happen soon. Or that the RV would happen pior to the phase out of the large denomination bills as they get them back.~~~~Bluto
  23. It will be fun to see what the naysayers have to say when it does hit. But they will probly be busy commiting suicide cause they missed out. Having faith in the unknown is a spritual way of life. Pray for Gods will, and for acceptance of what those blessing will be. ~~~~~ Bluto
  24. If it opens at say 0.86 couldn't it sky rocket from there now thats it is on the open world market? Or is it somehow fixed a that level by the CBI?
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