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  1. That would bad news for us I'm sure. But don't think it will happen. I believe the UN would step in first. But who knows, this has gone on way to long already.
  2. Eddinar my brother from another mother!! We must be twins, you always say it the same way I think it.. Keep up the great work and positive attitude. We are truly headed to the winners circle. And soon I hope.
  3. racbluto

    ICS & CCS

    Another day and more great news from Viper. Your on a roll bro!! Really appreciate your efforts to keep us up to date on whats really happening behind closed doors. I'm really hopeful for this month.... Bluto
  4. NO SURRENDER!!!!!! I will never give up on my dreams.....
  5. If this is true, it seems like the IMF has no plan for the dinar to RV. Otherwise why would Iraq need this loan. Maybe I am reading this wrong but it doesn't look good for us. Hard to believe that the IMF would be involved in misinformation to provide a smoke screen for the real plan. Or maybe this loan is to better support there foreign currency reserves for revaluation soon to come. Who knows? I would like to hear the opinions of the folks here that know much more than me. Bluto
  6. There has been alot of negative posts and news lately, but I for one don't believe much of it. The facts are still there to support this being a incredible opportunity for us. It has been said that the level of misinformation will increase as we get closer. I would like to see scooter comment on this rumor/information. I will never give up on this it just makes sense that it has to happen. And sooner than later. Keep the faith folks!!!!! Bluto
  7. Problem with holding out for a higher rate is you could see civil war break out and the dinar back in the toilet again. I would cash in 50% at least to hedge against that possibility. Also depends on any time limits and/or if the rate is locked in for a specific time limit. Tough to make that call until we see all the facts when it happens. First thing I will do it seek profession advise then I can make a informed decision.
  8. good luck writing down those arabic numbers... Might be better to photocopy them
  9. You have right to your opinion just like I do. And my opinion is your ignorant!!!!!!!
  10. WOW Thank you for your efforts to find and bring us this news. Could be a epic event is coming soon!!!!!
  11. Great stuff Rudy!!!! Really appreciate your efforts here. Looking forward to the next one.. Thanx Bluto
  12. A corporation gives you the advantage of an off-tax year end. An individual must have a tax year starting January 1 and ending on December 31 of the same year. You, however, can chose the tax year for your corporation. Let's say you have a corporation established and chose a corporate tax year starting on December 1 and ending on November 30 of the next year. This means that you can move investing profits from yourself personally, for a legitimate business reason, into your corporation some time in December. Let's say you could take a personal tax deduction for moving the money out of your name and into the corporation. And your corporation, barring quarterly reporting, won't have to pay taxes on the income until January more than one year later. Instead of having to pay personal taxes by the end of the year, the taxes are delayed an additional year. If you have stocks, real estate or * other investments, you don't have to sell your investments to transfer them to the corporation. You simply sign a transfer form with your broker (or record a quit claim deed for real estate). In addition, during the following year, one can take advantage of the many corporate tax-deduction strategies mentioned above so the corporation may be able to reduce the taxes even further...or avoid taxes on the income all together. It looks to me like this could all be done post RV. Especially good for those of us that don't want to go off shore or don't have the funds to start a corp pre RV Bluto ~~~~~ * dinar
  13. Rudy don't pay any attention to the negitive comments. Every group has some who feel they have to complain, it makes them feel better about them selves. Judging from the comments I've seen you are well recieved here and much appreciated. Thank you for the shared wisdom and information. Bluto~~~~
  14. thanx scooter,, need to digest this a while to understand it,,, really appreciate the info
  15. racbluto

    Why dinar

    When you travel do you exchange millions of dollars? Probly not! This a once in a life time deal in reference to cashing in on a major revaluation. So everyone want a cut of the action. Just shop around for the best rate. And be grateful for the blessing. Bluto~~~~
  16. racbluto

    DD Rumor

    Right it must be the twilight zone... LOL
  17. check this link
  18. In all honesty I will not be here much if at all. My plan is to disappear. While there are very interesting people here and I have enjoyed the ride it will be time to move on. Wish you all well and maybe we will run into each other out in the real world. Bluto~~~~~
  19. Good info about corps and tax advantages
  20. Watched the countdown to nothing,,,, oh well,,, didn't really expect anything anyways,,, so we keep waiting
  21. I just don't understand how they could do a LOP or redenomination. How would it effect the smaller bills or electronic dinar held in accounts. They can not screw the investors out side of Iraq and expect anyone to help them rebuild there economy. Or regain any status in the world markets. Certainly this would be economic suicide for Iraq. But who knows, maybe they would do it. My experiance is that you can't trust them to do anything they say they will do. So we wait for the truth.
  22. Well the gig is done for me in Iraq. With the drawdown in troops, there is major cuts in supporting civilian contractors as well. I have been working as a convoy truck driver for KBR in support of military operations for almost 5 years. And I knew this would come to a close some day. There is a new contract for continued service but when the US goverment doles out the work to the lowest bidders that means the contract companies are forced to replace us with mostly cheap foreign workers that will work for 1/4 the cost of expats.But I'm not bitter, it was a good ride for much longer than anyone expected. Time to start a new life. I am taking 4 weeks off to unwind in the south pacific.(my favorite playground LOL) Will also be doing some internet research on what to do next. Gonna try to go to Afganistan but with the massive layoffs coming out of Iraq it will be tough to get in there. Was really hoping that the dinar would RV/RI before this all came to a close. Would have loved to see the chaos in Iraq when it hit. My personal feeling is that we are closer than ever and I'm sure something will happen soon. The facts are there that this is a great investment and has a huge potential. So we just need to keep the faith that this will someday be a epic event and a blessing to people of Iraq and whole world. ~~~~~ Bluto
  23. How could Iraq ever expect to get the world to invest and help rebuild there economy if they screwed the people who have already invested in them. They maybe hard to understand sometimes and some of this may be smoke and mirrors, but I hope they are not this stupid. I tend to believe the earlier posts of a exchange of the big bills for smaller denominations. Thus removing 000's. A RV/RI as explained by some of our economist is very logical and is a win/win for everyone. And as I remember it explained in one post a 10000 dinar note would in the end cost Iraq about 130 USD by the time it gets back to them. And everyone along the way makes money as well as goverments collecting taxes. While a RV/RI of the value we speculate about would be a epic event never seen before, I still have faith in this investment. ~~~Bluto
  24. This is my thinking exactly, very well put. Thanks for the post.
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