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  1. Are you sure you aren't smelling that dead possum? ha ha???
  2. Perhaps it is based on what time it is here- As in UN meeting and announcements from it.
  3. People are probably not lining up for their jobs!
  4. Is it possible to deposit your dinars into a US bank as dinars and wait to exchange it at a later date (withdrauing smaller denominations?)
  5. Steve, you've been up too long! I see what you wrote, but it makes my eyes go crossed! But thanks for all your hard work!
  6. My calendar shows Muhammad's birthday starting at sundown on Thursday.
  7. I have been onthe chat page for a few months now and am saddened by the disrespect I have seen by some in regards to the people of Iraq (lots of name calling). People have complained about everything under the sun about this whole process in regards to how the Iraqui government has done things. It has reminded me of when we adopted several years ago from Russia. We met a couple on the plane over there that were adopting a two year old little boy. They had been in process of adopting 5 short months compared to our almost 4 years. They were very critical about everything. We saw them again in the US embassy and again they couldn't say enough bad things about the Russians and all that they had encountered (which truthfully was not that bad). As we were flying out, again they were on our flight sitting several rows ahead of us. They started bashing the Russians and couldn't say anything positive about the whole affair. There were Russian citizens surrounding us on the flight and i am sure many of them understood English. I was terribly embarrassed, as an American, to have this couple who had just received the most precious gift imaginable in the form of this amazingly wonderful 2 year old little boy, be so rude and disrespectful to the very ones who had allowed them to have this gift. What a kick in the teeth! What I understood about this couple is that they had not done their homework. They had not tried to understand the customs and beliefs of this land they were visiting. They thought everything should be catered to them and Americanized. They did not appreciate the diversity and rich history or sorrows the Russian people had endured. I guess what I am trying to say is: We are about to receive an abundant gift from the Iraqui people, one that will change our lives. Let us please show respect and dignity to the people of Iraq and try to understand where they are coming from. Their customs and beliefs may be different than ours and they may conduct business differently than we do, but they are still human beings and deserve our respect. Just remember, there is a pretty good likelihood that Iraquis visit this site. What will they learn about us?
  8. I've heard several say that the Iraquians put a lot of significance in a full moon which for this month is next Sunday. It would be nice if not only did they rv on a full moon, but that it would carry with it a full rate. One that they could stand tall with and regain their sense of national pride.
  9. Thomas Jefferson was a man of many contradictions. Many of his actions did not stand up to his beliefs and standards. He may have been elequent with speech and pen, but he plotted against John Adams when he was vice-president to him, he had children by his slaves, and he was not that great a president. To be truely great,Possum, you must have noble character, be a guardian of what is true and right, and fight the cause of the weak and powerless.
  10. It was Digital 11's dream that convinced us to invest in Dinar.(last December)
  11. Funny you should mention planting good seed. That's exactly what I plan to do!
  12. For Iraq to line up with the other oil countries, they need to RV at 3+. I hope they do!
  13. I'm pulling for this week! It just makes since that Maliki needs the RV to win the election.
  14. My bank (Sun Trust) had no clue about the Iraqi dinar. I asked about cashing in and he thought it was possible, but didn't know what I was talking about (authentication of the currency)
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