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  1. If I read this right... it does NOT say chapter 7 has been lifted. It says measures have been taken... (to aid foreign investment) to lift chapter 7. In other words, they are taking measures to have chapter 7 lifted so it does aid foreign investments. That isn't new. They have been actively petitioning to get out from under chapter 7 for quite some time now. What I want to read (IN THE GAZETTE) is "Iraq's Chapter 7 has been removed." Then I'll be dancing!!!! lol
  2. Back in June when Iraq pleaded at the UN for them to lift chapter 7, I believe I remember something to the effect of, oh well, if you don't lift it now, it expires at the end of the year anyway. Is this what this article is referring to?
  3. Bond Lady, I have always enjoyed reading your posts because they reflected a lot of hard work and a lot of thought on your part. Because of this I went in search of your web site. You have always stressed that negativity was not allowed there. Yet in response to keeps post, you publicly bashed him on your site. I read his post and did not feel it was discourteous to you at all. He was just offering a different opinion. Making fun of him and easy rider is uncalled for and as negative as it comes! It is you who should apologize to Keeps!!!!!
  4. The odds of this chat being totally conjecture---100%
  5. To make your dog feel he is a "BIG DOG" name him GULLIVER!!
  6. Are you assuming this article is saying the HCL is passed by what you have highlighted in Red? It is true the cabinet has approved this copy of the HCL, according to other articles, but when it was presented to parliament for a vote, it was disputed by the Kurds and that dispute has not been appeased yet. Hopefully it will be soon!
  7. About a year ago I had a dream, it wasn't like my normal dreams and I was able to clearly recall it when I awoke. I was traveling down a long dusty rut filled road with a friend from church. We were searching for a specific bank that would allow us to cash in. We were in a convertable with the top down. We kept hitting pot holes and it seemed we were totally lost when we pulled up to a bank and parked across the road. When we inquired in the bank if this is where we cash in, they said no, its across the road under the big tree. So sure enough , under the big tree was what resembled a fruit stand table with two women sitting behind it. I was increduous when I asked if this is where I cash in. They assured me it was. Then one said, "The IQD really shot up last night!" I asked her what it was now. and she replied, "$5.40. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I went to get my dinar from the car. It was in a fruit crate. My friend and I just talked among ourselves as these two women counted our dinar out by hand. I have thought a lot about this dream since then, and I feel the long dusty, pot filled road has been this journey we have been on waiting for the Lord to bless us. The convertable represented the change that will happen. They were at a fruit stand and the IQD was in a fruit box because we are being blessed to bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God. I haven't figured out the rate yet, but it almost seems like it is a second rv or perhaps a float. I had another "stand-out" dream several months before this in which middle eastern men were in big open backed trucks that were backed into an area. The trucks were filled with giant fruit. Lots and lots of people were lined up in front of them. Suddenly they started tossing huge beachball sized fruit down to us that were wrapped in what looked like burlap. The fruit was so large, each person was only able to get one. Again I felt this dream was referring to the fruit we are to bear with the blessing God is giving us.
  8. They are searching for the missing Kuwaitis so they can fulfill the conditions of the UN Chapter 7. They are searching for the missing Kuwaitis so they can fulfill the conditions of the UN Chapter 7.
  9. My guess is, Allawi is a little miffed that an attempt was made to kill his candidate for defense minister, al-Obeidi. by a road side bombing.
  10. She looks so much like you did as a baby! Congratulations son!
  11. I hope the continued cooperation between these two nations shows the UNSC that Iraq has met all the requirements needed to be removed from chapter 7.
  12. I don't imagine Belarus has much to offer in the way of supporting their ruble. For twenty years they have been fighting the effects of Chernobyl. Their soil and water is contaminated, they have an epidemic of thyroid cancer and children are born with birth defects. I imagine that has depleated their treasury. What little they had to begin with.
  13. My guess is this person is from Sri Lanka. "An Island community" Nemaste is a greeting used for hello and goodbye in India. I hope his info is legit!
  14. Kramer dinar- He only has one investment. I talked him and his wife into getting some dinar about a year ago. It was a struggle because he lives on a youth pastors' salary and has 4 daughters. They prayed about it, and finally felt like this was how God was going to bless them. Like all of us, they dream about this investment coming through, but there are times when it seems like a fading hope. It was in one of those low moments that God chose to encourage them with the prophetic words of strangers. One told him to lay hands and pray over what came in the mail,(this man had no clue about the dinar and that their dinar package had come in the mail /UPS) My friend and his wife did this when he returned home from the youth convention. For me, it was a confirmation that God cares about us, our finances, our families, and our service to Him. Why wouldn't God want to bless us in a way that we could in turn be a blessing to so many others?
  15. Thank you THX IRQ for posting this. I'm happy so many could be encouraged by my friend's story. I'm praying that what was prophesied over this investment will come quickly so God can receive all the glory and so many will be blessed by the kindnesses of so many people invested in IQD.
  16. The UNSC is scheduled to review the situation in their June meeting. Perhaps this article is saying Kuwait wishes this to still be on the agenda for this meeting with the possibility of Chapter 7 sanctions being lifted. There has been a lot of positive interaction between the two countries over the past couple months and I believe Iraq has made significant efforts to bring these issues to Kuwait's satisfaction. However if Kuwait feels there are still some significant outstanding issues, that may also be the meaning of this article. I'm hoping they have settled their differences.
  17. Perhaps we should send the "Pumpers" to Iraq to witness first hand what is really happeneing over there so they can finally gets their facts straight!
  18. Thanks for the information. Its nice to know he thinks this is a solid investment. I'm not sure I agree with his assessment of why it won't rv soon. The infrastructure is a mess, but all the contractors they have lined up to fix that mess are on hold because they don't have the funds to pay them. Everything that they have contracted to be done needs the rv to happen first so their buying power goes a lot further. So in my estimation they will RV as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on this massive rebuild. Linda
  19. I can understand your feelings. My dad, also a Korean war veteran, just passed away 3 months ago. I miss him very much also! Linda
  20. Thanks Ron, and have an amazing time in Russia. I would love to go back- and maybe I will after this happens! Linda
  21. My brother graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1976
  22. I met Jim Irwin, who went in search of Noah's Ark after his incredible walk on the moon (Apollo 15) He drove the Lunar rover. Unfortunately space caused his body to create way too much cholesterol and he died 4 days after I met him. He had every intention of going back and making another run for the Ark.
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