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  1. Thanks for the update.  I think your friends' assessment is probably pretty accurate. I think Baghdad is pretty upset over the low price of oil.

    In the past, many felt with the high price of oil, the huge holdings of gold and other wealth and their liquidity would foster an RV  But now we are seeing a totally different picture. Their budget wont cover their expenses because of low oil prices and it is diminishing their reserves rapidly.  Inflation could skyrocket with the implementation of the tariffs.  Let's just hope they can see a recovery from this slump soon!  Not trying to be negative.  Just try to assess the news articles we have been seeing.

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  2. With Iraq calling for the end of the daily auctions, the activation of the tarriffs, and the budget very close to being passed (with elements of the hydro carbon agreement in it)

    I also saw a large group of Kurdish leaders were coming to Baghdad today- hopefully to settle HCL disputes) it sure looks like change is in the wind.

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  3. It will be interesting to see if Myanmar is finally ready to end their isolation and join world commerce.

    But the beauty of Myanmar is that it is one of the few places on earth you can go to and see a culture

    that hasn't been corroded by western civilization.  I am in no way saying I respect or condone the actions of the military junta

    as far as human right issues pertain, but it seems they are taking the right steps for a prosperous future.

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  4. I met a lady several years ago who had been  school aged when the bomb was dropped.  Because of a doctor's appt. she hadn't gone with her class to work at the munitions factory like they did every after noon.  So she was on her way to rejoin her class when she saw the bomb falling.  They had been taught at school if they saw a bomb they were to stick their thumbs in their ears, cover their eyes with their fingers and drop to the ground.  So that is what she did.  She was a mile from ground zero.  Everyone one around her was vaporized.  Her entire class died at the factory.  She herself was severly burned on her back.  But despite all of this she claimed the bomb is what saved Japan.  All of Japan's citizens had been given suicide pills and were instructed to take them rather than surrender as a country.  The bomb changed the governments mind. This lady later married an American and moved to the USA.  Her daughter is a friend of mine.  Her grandchildren are her legacy.

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  5. I have a hard time believing chapter 7 will be lifted this week.  From the articles I have read they are still ironing out the border issues and then Kuwait has not given up on recovering the missing bodies, so I'm sure we will see some more mass graves uncovered soon.  The Emir of Kuwait is still to visit Iraq in the near future and I can't believe it would be lifted before that point.  Historically the UN reviews the issue twice a year-December and June and decide if they will lift it or need more time to resolve issues. So for me Ocrush's timeframe doesn't ring true.

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