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  1. Perhaps, Greg Hi, you ARE the someone who said the Kurdistan delegation would be there! LOL
  2. That sounds very much like what the HCL would provide them for oil revenues. Is the budget the stepping stone for the HCL being resolved?
  3. “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” ― John Lennon
  4. With Iraq calling for the end of the daily auctions, the activation of the tarriffs, and the budget very close to being passed (with elements of the hydro carbon agreement in it) I also saw a large group of Kurdish leaders were coming to Baghdad today- hopefully to settle HCL disputes) it sure looks like change is in the wind.
  5. Well, Kudos to you Greg! You have sure fanned the flames of hope. It feels good!
  6. It also lines up with when they are saying the Tariffs will be enacted.
  7. It looks like a hairdo from the hunger games- just spray paint it a bright hue and set a new fashion trend!
  8. This sounds like a positive development. The more pressure that is put on them to resolve the HCL the better for us!
  9. It could just be a translation glitch. maybe the deletion of the zeros is the bringing in of smaller denominations and what we all are looking for.. To me the article was encouraging because it means they ARE considering revaluing their currency.
  10. I think it is interesting that she said either delete the zeros OR issue small bank notes. They must perceive it as 2 different options.
  11. My 88 year old WWII vet uncle is there today with an honor flight. He served our country bravely and was wounded for it. Please don't tell me they will spit in the face of the 90 men who are on that flight by not letting them experience this memorial to their bravery.
  12. 1IQD =10 cents exchange rate does not lend itself to dedollarization which is a big priority to them.
  13. hey Cazzzzzzzzz, long time no see!!!!
  14. It will be interesting to see if Myanmar is finally ready to end their isolation and join world commerce. But the beauty of Myanmar is that it is one of the few places on earth you can go to and see a culture that hasn't been corroded by western civilization. I am in no way saying I respect or condone the actions of the military junta as far as human right issues pertain, but it seems they are taking the right steps for a prosperous future.
  15. I met a lady several years ago who had been school aged when the bomb was dropped. Because of a doctor's appt. she hadn't gone with her class to work at the munitions factory like they did every after noon. So she was on her way to rejoin her class when she saw the bomb falling. They had been taught at school if they saw a bomb they were to stick their thumbs in their ears, cover their eyes with their fingers and drop to the ground. So that is what she did. She was a mile from ground zero. Everyone one around her was vaporized. Her entire class died at the factory. She herself was severly burned on her back. But despite all of this she claimed the bomb is what saved Japan. All of Japan's citizens had been given suicide pills and were instructed to take them rather than surrender as a country. The bomb changed the governments mind. This lady later married an American and moved to the USA. Her daughter is a friend of mine. Her grandchildren are her legacy.
  16. If your dealer's name is Roger and is also known as another site, the truth of the matter is he started selling dinar when Ali was out of the country and when he returned he put Roger out of business. So basically he is bankrupt and that is why he doesn't hold IQD any longer.
  17. I have a hard time believing chapter 7 will be lifted this week. From the articles I have read they are still ironing out the border issues and then Kuwait has not given up on recovering the missing bodies, so I'm sure we will see some more mass graves uncovered soon. The Emir of Kuwait is still to visit Iraq in the near future and I can't believe it would be lifted before that point. Historically the UN reviews the issue twice a year-December and June and decide if they will lift it or need more time to resolve issues. So for me Ocrush's timeframe doesn't ring true.
  18. The price of the dollar is high (close to 1170 per dollar). Perhaps they should consider evening it out say 1 to 1 or better yet restoring the dinar's former value. he he he
  19. Maybe Maliki thinks if Alawi is busy with the Arab League, Alawi won't have time to make trouble for him! Maybe Maliki thinks if Alawi is busy with the Arab League, Alawi won't have time to make trouble for him!
  20. How about a where's Waldo type picture contest in which the contestants cleverly( partially) hide a dinar and everyone tries to find it. The more creative the better.
  21. I had a math teacher in college that was very sensitive to noise from the class, so one day I distributed bells to the class and had them tie them to their shoes. When he was writing problems on the chalk board we would take turns ringing our bells. I could see him twitching, but he knew we were playing one on him. So since we got no response that day, the next day we pulled our next stunt. The man could not teach a class without writing everything on the board, so before class I gathered all the chalk from our room and from the room next door. So here we were in class and he was explaining some elaborate problem to us and when he reaches for the chalk it is not there. He couldn't believe his eyes. I'm sure he was thinking there had been plenty of chalk in the last class he had taught. Frustrated he sent a student to the room next door. He he he- I could hardly keep it in. The poor man just couldn't keep it straight the rest of the hour.
  22. The part that doesn't make sense to me in BL's analysis is saying the CBI is buying up all the Iraqi citizen's dinars and replacing it with USD. Iraq has been fighting dollarization and, especially since the troops are now gone, why would they promote using USD with their citizens?
  23. Am I wrong in thinking that if the rv was imminent, the rate would show up in the budget? So thus the budget can't be published (with the rv evident in it) until it has actually revalued. Like I said, correct me if I am wrong in my thinking.
  24. In most third world countries, a dollar a day feeds you, but it doesn't feed your kids. I don't buy the8 tenths explanation.
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