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  1. Kazemi was sounding so familiar to me, so I wracked my brain to figure out why. It turns out our community sponsored some Iranian college students for a weekend and Nazameddin Kazemi was one of them. He was kind of sweet on me, but I didn't want to date someone who didn't share my faith. This was some 45 years ago, before the Persian king was overthrown. I wondered if he might be some relation to this Al Kazemi, but after googling it, it turns out Kazemi is a pretty common name over there.
  2. It really didn't make much sense to me. If this is what is making people sick, why wouldn't it be affecting the animals in the same way??
  3. I get it! April Fool's Day to you, too!
  4. You might need one of these babies if you are going deep!
  5. I met a lady who was a school girl when the bomb dropped in Nagasaki Japan. On the day it was dropped she had to go to the doctor, but was on her way to the munition plant where her classmates worked in the afternoon when she saw the bomb dropping .In school, they were instructed to put their thumbs in their ears, cover their eyes with their fingers and drop to the ground if they should see a bomb, so she did. She was a mile from ground zero. Everyone one around her was vaporized. Her back was seared, but she survived, unlike her classmates. She had to have numerous surgeries for the
  6. I've been in this for 10 years now and mostly lurk. What has struck me as positive lately is the push to free themselves from the Iran influence with (of course) some help from the USA. Many have commented that much of the corruption stems from them, and because of that, the unwillingness of Iran to change Iraq's monetary circumstances. For these past ten years, I've noticed the constant reference to Iran's role in Iraq but didn't understand how deep it was and how it affected things. So for my part, I'm rooting for the protesters, and hoping the USA is invested enough in showing Iran who
  7. It looks like the strongest currencies belong to the countries that export oil and import everything else---just like Iraq.
  8. Kaperoni is the voice of reason over all the malarchy, but sometimes he just fails to see the possibilities.
  9. I was in Israel last year. My husband and I walked down the Mount of Olives to the gates of the Old city of Jerusalem. While we were walking we were exploring what was there. We happened upon an old sign pointing down a narrow walkway that led to a cave dug out of the rock. We entered the cave and discovered it was where the last 3 prophets of the Bible were buried. Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. They wanted to be buried there on the Mount of Olives because Zechariah had prophesied That there would be a resurrection there. So not only were they buried there and their attendants, but tho
  10. I've been to Russia four times. People there want to tell their story. They would tell of being forcefully moved from Poland to the Ural mountains to work the coal mines. They would tell about their father disappearing one day and never seen again for objecting. One lady would spit on the ground every time she referred to Stalin. very sad.
  11. More people were killed under Stalin in the Soviet Union than what were killed by Germans in the concentration camps .It was against their own people. As many as 18,000,000 died in the Gulag camps alone. Mostly it was because they objected to communism. They would load them into cattle cars as many as they could fit where there was no room to do anything but stand. It took 10 days to reach Vladivostok. If they survived that they would load them onto a ship and take them north to Magadon, where they would march them into the mountains to mine the gold. They say every ounce of gold
  12. Hi Caz!! why bother with swamp land, just throw them all to the gators in your moat surrounding Cazland!
  13. Perhaps this is an old guru who has a new name...they do that sometimes.
  14. I had the Tapestry album as a teenager and loved it! California did feel the earth move today 6.4 earth quake
  15. I remember years ago, people said the catch phrase that would trigger the RV was Life on Mars. Ha ha!
  16. My 93 year old uncle was flying home with his wife from Tampa to Chicago this past week and happened to be wearing a cap that said WWII vet on it. The flight attendant noticed it and asked some key questions of my cousin who was also on the flight. Before landing the flight attendant announced that the flight was honored by having a WWII hero on board. The other passengers went wild with applause and cheering. It made my uncle so proud he had served his country in that way.
  17. The third axis is the one that concerns me. Looking at other countries who are in the process of deleting zeros. It seems to me the only countries that have lost 3 zeros are the ones that have lopped.
  18. I agree sq2 Israel's desalination plants are revolutionary. They have reached out to 3rd world countries to help with water shortages around the world.
  19. My husband, Bob, who is a CPA, MBA, CFO of his company feels that this investment definitely falls into capital gains category and should be taxed accordingly.
  20. Are you sure they are referring to the HCL in this consensus among the Kurds? Or are they just in agreement on how the Kurds will form their territorial government?
  21. Is this a law being passed on the 18th that will pave the way for Erbil and Baghdad to then pass the HCL?
  22. Usually these guys don't meet face to face unless its a done deal. Icing on the cake!
  23. Perhaps this article is saying that the HCL has been submitted(passed on ) to parliament with new wording that they hope all sides will agree on.
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