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  1. RON There is a CBI Bank & Trust in Muscatine, IA and it's Central Bancshares, Inc. a community bank holding company I sent a message to this bank just to see if they really are a satellite bank for the CBI. My husband (the CFO for his company) said even though they are a bank operating in the US, certain accounts may not be covered by the FDIC so it might be too risky to entrust your dinar with them.
  2. Are these private Banks available now? That is what I was thinking of doing is depositing in one of these banks as dinar. I just don't know how secure they are if they are new in the US. It would make a lot of sense to do this if the rate initially came out at $0.10 Because you know it won't stay at that rate and they may be in a hurry to grab up all their large denomination bills..
  3. Iraq should build multiple water desalination plants, and then sell salt to the world- new york kevin One of their near neighbors, Israel, has poured a lot into the desalination technology. If only Iraq didn't hate them so much, they might be able to glean some of their wisdom.
  4. I don't imagine Dairy Farms exist in Iraq. Here in the US they are rarely seen below Georgia. So Here in Florida the price of milk goes up when the price of fuel goes up..
  5. I could handle $3.25 if Kuwait insists on Iraq's exchange rate being lower than their's.
  6. I am encouraged by the escalation of these talks with Kurdistan. Go HCL!!! Go RV!!
  7. B Keiller, I don't think I agree with your "flight of fancy". Giving dinar 2 different values is something they said they would not do. They stressed that the lower denoms would have the same value as the upper denoms. Iraq has also talked about creating satellite banks. What is to keep you from depositing your large bills into one of these banks and simply keep it as dinar? This would stay at your 1-1 value (if that is what it is going to be) Dinar Thug posted an article yesterday :The prestige of Iraq: The ultimate goal of Mustafa Al Kazemi" I like that word PRESTIGE. That means
  8. Wasn't there an article that stated they ran out of time to pass the budget this year and needed to switch and start working on the 2021 budget? I guess the goat didn't get that memo.
  9. Kaperoni! Ain't nobody got time for that! Those salaries are not going to pay themselves and the coffers are empty. On top of that, no one is lending. The most logical way to get out of the pickle they are in is to adjust their exchange rate in a favorable way. Its good for them and... good for us!
  10. Yes, they were saying these things 10 years ago, but...the things they said back then needed to fall in place before it could happen, are falling into place now. HCL, completed government, corruption routed, the auction halted, smaller bills ready to go(?) the perfect storm. I'm hopeful that we are finally going to see this finished and money in our pockets.
  11. May 23rd was their go to date if President Trump had not renewed the protection, but since he did the 23rd fizzled.
  12. I am hoping this new government puts an end to the Iranian influence and corruption. I firmly believe they are responsible for Iraq not progressing in the way we would like.
  13. We were in Russia 23 years ago to adopt 2 little girls. When we converted our adoption money into Rubles we were millionaires! Shortly after this Russia lopped off their 3 zeros, but they didn't allow enough time for everyone to cash in for the new currency and many of their citizens lost heavily in this action. When we returned 7 years later, merchants were pawning the old currency on unsuspecting tourists like us!
  14. I really hope I'm wrong. We've been looking for those zeros to go away for such a long time. But maybe we see what we want to see with out accounting for simple mistakes.
  15. I think they are placing too much importance on that coma. I've seen many cases (internationally) that a comma and a decimal point are interchanged freely.
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