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  1. Thank you all for the great advice and kind words. I'm enjoying the DV community so far. Looking forward to traveling down the road with you.
  2. That is helpful Luigi1. I am enjoying the journey so far, but it's not a game to me, so I want to understand the environment as much as I can. I really appreciate your response.
  3. I'm new to Dinar world, so please forgive me if what I am saying is divisive. I'm not a guy that enjoys arguments, so please understand that I am just trying to wrap my head around the reality of what is happening with the Dinar. In my short 2 month stretch here (God bless you guys that have been at this for 18 years!), it seems to me that a large number of people giving details are involved in a LARP, or fantasy type game. Prediction after prediction, and "my sources say", "I'm being told", etc. just continually leads to another claim. My question is the Dinar happenings just a game
  4. there any chance you can post a link to the video you are mentioned? I searched, but I am having trouble finding it. Thank you! I'm still learning my way around.
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