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  1. In my limited experience in forex currency trading, I learned one main principle and that was, you need to know when to enter a trade and more importantly know when to exit a trade and nab the gain. The downfall to that principle are emotional decisions. Don't trade on emotion, trade with critical a financial decision. There are numerous analytical tools to help you make a rational exit. One of my favorites is the Fibonacci tool. If anyone isn't familiar with it, it would be to your benefit to read up on it in the context of forex trading. So I can hear you say - when am you go
  2. The over use of highlighting drives me up the wall and down again. I don't think they ever heard of 'less is more'
  3. Hi Blackrobes, Very nice to make your acquaintance. I cannot find fault with what you have said above. I once travelled to the Philippines on business on my return to the US, I had a few Pilipino notes left over, I approached my local banks to exchange and they refused to exchange it. What I discovered it is the bank's discretion whether it chooses to exchange any particular currency or not. And more so with exotic currencies. Why? Simply exotic currencies are considered high risk due to the possibility of large swings in their exchange rate. The is called forei
  4. Thanks. While new to the board, old to the dinar wait. lol
  5. Walkingstick is allegedly working in Baghdad with the CBI and allegedly happens to be in meetings or knows the content of the meetings. Here's an excerpt of what he is reportedly saying via Frank and my comments are afterwards. 4-14-2021 Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick [via Guru Frank26] Phase three: They (the Fab 4/CBI) will keep a very tight band, a super tight band on this international float. Because they don't want it to move anymore than plus or minus 3%. Then it will reach a and demand will put the dinar on a different international level.
  6. Hold your horses! Wait just one minute! "The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ihssan Shamran, told the National News Center that “the exchange rate of the dollar during the coming years will not change,” indicating that “the central bank did not resort to a gradual change in the exchange rate because it causes a catastrophic collapse in the exchange rate and confuses the market.” How wrong can that blue highlighted statement be? Any gradual change in any exchange rate for any currency doesn't cause a catastrophic collapse and it doesn't confuse the mark
  7. Oh gosh he we go again, if Baghdad fails to send the expected dues to Kurdistan, Kurdistan will hold up any progress on the hydrocarbon law in retaliation. I hope that Baghdad has the good sense to comply with its commitment to Kurdistan ASAP and get things moving. When I see reports such as this, I can't help but believe that's it is public shaming at its best to achieve the compliance needed.
  8. Well this is a very interesting post: " Posted 5 hours ago The currency auction stops for a week as a result of banks ’fear of changing the dollar’s price First off, it's the CBI who decides whether the auctions are a go or not, not the banks. However, it the banks are so fearful, the auctions should still take place showing a zero demand for the dollar. There's always a demand for the dollar esp. in remittance - the purchase of imports into Iraq payable by an international currency the USD. The customer who would demand the USD would give the bank din
  9. In 2019 when I did have access to my account I was able to calculate the interest earned by dividing the interest earned for that 6 month period by the previous balance. For the first half of the year, they credited the account with 0.012 or 1.2% interest. For the second half of the year the bank applied 0.013 or 1.3%.
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