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  1. let's hope, the rate on the budget will be released this week or next week or until the end of march. of course sooner is better.
  2. it is good that you can guarantee social and health security, etc that can improve the lives of iraqi citizens. but, how can you guarantee all of them? by rv'ing your iqd at 1:1 and the lives of iraqi citizens become happy and prosperous.
  3. are you really sure that is what you want it? or are you just feeling angry because of tired of waiting? do you not regret if it really rv one day? don't let anger drive you become a hopeless person? if you really really decide to sell, just sell some and keep some for yourselves just in case if this really rv one day.
  4. solutions? the only solution is rv your iqd at 1:1. problem solved. what are the cbi, goi, and minister of finance thinking in their brains? i already give you the solution which is rv your iqd at 1:1, and what you have to do now is just rv your iqd at 1:1.and never think too long to find the solution. now, it is up to you whether you want to rv your iqd at 1:1 or not.
  5. that means you have to buy more more and more dinars in order to cover the high taxes, so that we can still make a decent profit. it is a good plan. not bad. i guess i will follow what you did.
  6. kuwait rate is over 3 bucks, i like it very much if iraq is pegged to the kuwait rate. if this is truly happening.
  7. exactly right. that's why we hope the rate is at least 1:1 and we can still make a decent profit.
  8. what you just said were correct. that made a lot of sense. is it safe to put million dollars in a bank without fdic insured? how much is covered and insured by fdic?
  9. just out of curiosity. who are " they "? whom are you talking about? you? or the cbi? or the goi? or the minister of finance?
  10. 35%? of course not. i never thought about it. i think i better look for other banks that offer the lowest fess and spread. thanks for remaining me.
  11. me too. and i really want to retire now and desperately, too.
  12. exactly. $1.45 - fees - spread=$1. i don't mind running and cashing all in the bank.
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